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reinventing efficiency

For the last two decades, we've continued to reinvent and refine our trash cans using solid materials, meticulous engineering, and innovative design — all in the pursuit of making them one of the most efficient tools in your home.

why choose sensor?

Sensor cans offer touch-free technology that automatically opens the lid at the wave of your hand — and now at the sound of your voice — so throwing trash away is quicker, cleaner and more effortless

sensor can
liner rim step can

liner rim step cans

Our very latest step can design. Liner rim holds and hides the custom fit liners for a neater, cleaner look. Innovative liner pocket stores and dispenses liners inside the can (not available on all models). Available in a variety of color options.

composting made simpler

Our compost caddy conveniently docks on the side of simplehuman trash cans encouraging you to separate organics from trash, making waste management even more efficient.

dual compartment can

recycling made easier

small can

the ultimate small can

a perfect fit

Our custom fit liners are tailored to fit our cans perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay neatly hidden when the lid is closed.

custom fit liners
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