day to day life has room for improvement

That was our basic thinking when we founded simplehuman in 2000. Our mission is to bring high-performance innovation to basic but essential tasks in our daily routine. We call our products tools for efficient living.

high performance in the every day

We bring performance-driven innovation to the everyday routine. Through new technologies, meticulous engineering and an obsession for improvement, we find new and better ways to achieve basic but important daily tasks.

performance-driven innovation

We apply the latest innovations in technology and materials to achieve new levels of performance. And we are never satisfied, constantly improving, refining and reinventing.

obsessive about quality

We are meticulous about every material and every fit and finish detail. We put our product through rigorous testing to make sure it will look and perform like new through years of daily use.

we are minimalists

The core of any tool is its function. We strip away the unnecessary for a simpler, more intuitive and satisfying experience. We refine our products until we arrive at a minimal form that perfectly complements its function.

sustainable by design

Everything we make has an ecological impact, which is why we only make products that people truly need and appreciate everyday for years of use. Our goal is to enhance lives — not feed landfills.

built to last

A product that lasts longer is better for the earth (and your wallet). Our products are not just made to endure, they are designed to perform like new throughout their long lifespan.

high performance, low impact

Our goal is to maximize performance while minimizing waste. We are constantly looking for ways to use less resources without compromising quality or usability.

made to
be recycled

By making recycling, composting and refill-reuse products that reduce stress and hassle, we make positive eco-habits a natural extension of product use.