wall mount pumps
stainless steel
15 fl. oz. each

sku# BT1029

Our wall mount pumps eliminate bottle clutter from your shower and help keep everything you need within easy reach. The ergonomic t-bar lever works with your natural grip for precise, one-handed dispensing. Hooks hold a razor, loofah, or other accessories. Simply install with silicone glue or screw into the wall for a more secure installation.
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I'm ergonomic

Our durable die-cast t-bar lever makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of soap, shampoo, or conditioner.

easy to install

Installs easily with adhesive strips and silicone glue (included), or screw into the wall for a more secure installation.

storage hooks

Hold a razor, loofah, or other accessories.

no messy spills

Wide opening makes refills fast, easy, and spill-free.

easy to clean

Dispenser lifts off wall plate for easy cleaning or refill.

rust-proof materials

Durable, long-lasting materials won't rust or discolor.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

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Great addition to my shower!

by MelanieW

I recently purchased this quality unit to replace a 10 year old cheap plastic push unit. The simplehuman dispenser is all that it is advertised to be. Easy to mount. I suggest using screws. Easy to fill, clean, and convenient. Makes the various bottles used disappear.

thank you for your input


by alejandroM

Firts we had a dissapoitment but now is perfect ..... works pretty good...we love it

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Awesome! LOVE IT!

by JonathanA

This is the best thing ever. I love having no mess soap and it looks amazing in my shower

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Easy to put up, clears clutter

by MC

Love these. I hate clutter and I hate the scum that forms around plastic bottles. This makes the shower look nice and stay cleaner. Worth the money.

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Triple wall mount

by BryanP

We just installed the triple mount pump and are very happy with the purchase. Solid construction and looks great in our walk in shower...will order a double mount for quest bath room.

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by VanessaM

It is a wonderful piece to have in your bathroom. The down side is that the plastic container is very cheap. It's broke very easily. The company needs to replace it for something more durable.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback.  We stand behind our products, that's why your product carries a 5-year warranty.  A product specialist will contact you shortly to assist you.

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Can't quite give it 5 stars

by JenniferF

The reason I bought this product in the first place is because I love the idea! You don't have to have ugly plastic bottles lying all over your shower anymore! However, there is room for improvement. The "shampoo","conditioner" and "soap" labels are transparent and once you actually start using the dispensers they are nearly impossible to read. Forcing you to have to give your guests instructions on where everything is (taking that "simple" convenience away) It kind of annoys me that my guests can read the "Simple Human" logo clearly but have to worry if they are washing their hair with body soap instead of shampoo. Second is the product's durability, I am ordering a single wall mount today because over all, I do love the product. But most of all, because the pump broke, and I've had the product for less than a year.

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I enjoy a different soap every day of the week.

by Joe W

Thanks to your product and Axe. I have a total of 10 wall mount pumps in my shower. For my shampoo/conditoner, and scrubs. The other 7 are for monday thru sunday soaps of Axe so I can enjoy a different smell a day. I enjoy taking a shower so much every morning now that I have bought your soap pumps. I feel like I am at a day spa every morning. I am now going to do the same for my mom for a christmas gift this year. Thank you Simple Human for allowing me at the time in lowest in my life. Probaly the simpliest enjoyment that allowed me to keep going every morning to do even beter.

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Sleak, Clean Look for any Bathroom

by MattH

This product is great. It looks great and works great. This product will fit well with any bathroom decor. Now there isnt any clutter on the shelf of the tub and it dispenses just the right amount of shampoo. I am thinking about purchasing another for body washes as well.

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Elegant and efficient

by NancyM

It takes away the shampoo and product clutter. Looks great. Works great. Easy to refill. Huge capacity. I like it.

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Awesome pumps

by KristinR

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are functional and I am SURE my family washes and lotions more than we did before. We use one of the pumps at our sink for disinfectant gel. Only two comments... People may not use the pumps for shampoo, conditioner, and lotion only, so maybe the caps shouldn,t be labeled (the labels are easy to completely hide though). Also, it seems as if one of the pumps MAY leak a drop or two, but I suspect this could be my family not pulling the lever for a full dose of the soap (which would drip out then, common sense says). We were worried about them staying up on shower wall, but they were easy to put in and strong as can be. If you don't read the directions and clean the area first and prep it as suggested, I would imagine they could fall off the wall (as some reviews say). So read the directions! Highly, highly recommended.

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Easy to install!

by LoriT

Well made, easy to install by following directions. Also looks great!

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Excellent for Shower!

by PaulC

What's your favorite thing about this product? - Works great, looks great! How often do you use it? - Daily use Do you like its size? - Big enough to hold full bottles Is it well made? (durably constructed)- Feels very sturdy, well constructed Does it look nice? - Fantastic!

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Simply Marvelous!

by JB

Use it everyday, makes for a clutter free shower. Placed at a height easily accessable for me without the need to bend over for soap or shampoos. I have the three container model so I have shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Works flawlessly and no leaks. By far the best product of its kind on the market. Makes the little things in life better.

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Great product!

by BillG

Sturdy, works excellent, looks great!

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great product

by SusanW

I followed the mounting instructions carefully hoping to ensure that it stays mounted. So far, so good! It's been about a month since installed. Really helped de-clutter our shower. Very attractive. I'd have given it 5 stars if all the metal looking parts were actually metal, not plastic.

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by Mark L

The first set of three that you send me leaked so i had to ask for a replacement. You guys sent it right away with no problems...but it would have been nice if they worked the first time.

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great product - but install with screws

by VincentC

We've bought many Simple Human products before and appreciate the quality and how they last. However, with this dispenser I highly recommend installing the base plate with screws. It will require drilling into the tile but I found it was required. I had initially installed it with the provided silicone glue (as I've done with many other dispensers like this), but after letting it dry for 24 hrs., installing the dispensers, and filling all 3 the whole thing came crashing down 5 hrs. later. I truly believe there is too much weight concentrated on the relatively small base that needs to hold these. The next day I called customer service, explained what happened, and they quickly sent replacements for all the broken pieces under warranty (which is why the price for these products is worth it!). I then installed the plate with screws and setup the whole thing again. A month later it all works great and it still fits very tightly and securely.

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won't stay mounted

by AishaM

My wife bought this for me and it looks like a really awesome pump, but it won't stay mounted using the silicone and tape provided. I followed the instructions, but about a day later it peeled right off the wall. I just sent an email to simplehuman to notify them of this, so hopefully this is just a fluke and we'll get it resolved.

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by KatayounS

This is a 5 star product.

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A great shower dispenser

by JimD

This is a geat unit to clean up your shower shelfs and flowers. It is a high end unit witch performs very well. I have been using mine for over a year. I do wish they would include a second razor holder as my wife uses a mans razor for her leg( thankfully not mine)

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The best for your shower!

by DonnaR

Easy to install. We use it daily. It's very well made. It looks great in our bathroom and I'm thinking about getting a single one to put near the bathroom sink.

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Best soap dispenser

by PeggyK

It looks great in the shower. It is vert east to refill. It is easy to see the amount of product left.

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Stylish Soap Dispenser

by DebS

I love the look and the quality construction.

thank you for your input

simply awesome

by christineN

This is a very high quality product and is well worth the money. I was very satisfied with the purchase and plan to continue to by your amazing products.

thank you for your input

Great product

by KimberlyN

I love that this product dispenses a more soap per pump than others I've had like this. It was easy to install and looks nice too.

thank you for your input

Great product

by LindaR

A quality product that is everything I had hoped for. Easy to install, simple to use, looks really great, very well made.

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Shower wall pumps

by JonW

After years of using the hanging shower caddies, suction caddies that fall off in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of you I tried simplehuman triple wall mount pumps. Easy install, everything included. Looks fantastic. Works great. Cleaned up the junky shower area. And so easy to get a shot of shampoo or shower gel, just pull the handle and get a measured dose every time. Great purchase. Great gift idea.

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Looks and works well

by AnhN

These dispensers look nice and are well made. Don't plan on glueing the rack to a tile wall, it won't hold. I screwed the rack in the grout (between tiles) and that did the trick. My teenage children love using this over the old method. I didn't know squeezing shampoo or body soap from a bottle was so difficult, but apparently it is.

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well made

by LaurelB

This item is well constructed if you can overlook the fact that the gray plastic backing shows when you mount it, and does not go with every bathroom color/tile scheme. I bought a different brand that is less well constructed (materials are more lightweight), but I ended up choosing the other brand to install for the sole reason I didn't want the gray backing to show. Simple Human could easily redesign this so the gray backing does not show (on the ends), or give it a chrome finish instead, and it would be perfect.

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Suction fail broke

by HungT

Gave it 3 star for look and it work well. But suction failed and it fell 3 feet to bath tub and broke.

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tip top

by JoeyG

simple installation. I use it every day. Perfect amount of fluids can be used in the bottles. Sturdy like a rock. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well.

thank you for your input

Great convenience and space saver

by MikeD

This dispenser cleared out all the clutter in the tub. No more bottles to spill, and no more gooey messes under those bottles. Actually saves time by streamlining your showering, and you can easily see when any item is running low.

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soap pump for shower

by BobB

This wall mount pump is the best in our history of similar items we've purchased in the past. It was easy to install. It clean and elegant looking. The levers have feel more sturdy than expected. We recommend this product.

thank you for your input

best dispenser ever

by harkishanS

This product is excellent for daily usage. It is well made and good looking.

thank you for your input


by bettyG

I like it only I wish both sides had hooks for haning stuff.

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Clean look, easy to use soap, shampoo dispenser

by DonnaS

Love, love, love this dispenser. I wanted a clean, uniform look that provided easy use of three products (shampoo, conditioner, and body wash). It looks fantastic, takes just two quick pumps, and there are no bottles falling off shelves, or that are difficult to open while showering. Perfect product! I also had a faulty pump, and was shipped a replacement in two days. Their customer service is great!

thank you for your input

Triple Pump Review

by DavidC

I love the pump soap dispenser. I've always wanted them in my shower and now I actually use 2 sets of 3: one in the shower for soap, shampoo and conditioner; and one at my bathroom sink for pre shave, after shave, and body lotion. It has made my morning routine so streamlined it saves me enough time in the morning that I never feel rushed. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the clear lids come pre made with soap, shampoo, conditioner on them... which is good, but it might limit the creativity of how many different things you can actually use. Theres a lot of different face washes, shaving creams/gels, lotions, etc., Just make sure there are no microbeads or any exfoliating type scrub additives because the instructions indicate they can clog the pump. I hope this helps!

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thank you for your input

love it

by lauraS

My simplehuman wall mount pump is perfect. We just had a new master bath shower put in and we had the tile man to make an inset in the shower designed just to hold the pump. It looks great, but best of all it works fantastic!

thank you for your input

right on

by SaraK

easy to install, holds a generous volume of product. Only wish it had better labels for each container.

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Eliminates clutter

by AlanB

Easy to read instructions and simple to install. Even those with minimal handyman experience will find installation useful. This item has by far removed almost all clutter. I just wished Simplehuman also made a wall mounted soap bar holder.

thank you for your input

shower wall product pumps

by BarbT

pump unit looks great, just starting to use it.

thank you for your input

clutter free

by aC

best buy for clutter-free freaks like me!!!

thank you for your input

Needed 3 Pumps

by JanW

3 pumps are hard to find in other brands, but I definitely need shampoo, condition and body wash. It is easy to install and hasn’t budged. Love the way the pumps work, easy to fill.

thank you for your input

Keeps things organized

by SonnaS

This product makes my shower look really organized. It is easy to use.

thank you for your input

Triple Wall Mount Pumps

by MychaelA

Absolutely love it! Quality is very good. Don't know what I did before I got it.

thank you for your input

Nice wall mount pumps

by DaleA

They are really nice due to the cleaing up of all containers in shower look nice and work very nice, and are used every day. Built very nice only one suggestion is the lever that releases liquids be made of stainless steel instead of plastic,

thank you for your input


by virginiaS

very well constructed. we use it in our RV. works good in the shower area, does not use much room, everything is there that you need.

thank you for your input

Impressed With the Product

by GaryA

I'm very happy with the quality and functionality of the pumps. The mounting instructions were good. Only two minor problems: The tops can be difficult to remove from the cylinders, which can be fixed by removing the O-ring from the top. Also, the mounting glue supplied with the product had hardened a bit at the top of the tube, which made it very difficult to squeeze enough glue out. I'd suggest you cut off the bottom of the tube and squeeze out the glue from there.

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by JeromeS

its the best pump out there stop looking!!!

thank you for your input

simplehuman star

by maryL

These bathroom dispensers are indispensable! They are very attractive, efficient & beautifully made. Each of the three bottles hold a good amount of shampoo, conditioning and liquid soap. No more clutter of separate items crashing down on me whilst I shower. The whole bath/shower now looks sleek and clean. Thank you for such a great addition to my bathroom. I have had several friends who have asked where I purchased the pumps and I have directed them to you.

thank you for your input

great product

by nancyL

I installed this in my pre-fab shower unit and love it. It is so nice to get rid of all the clutter of bottles and even has a hook to hang the razor. Make sure you follow the directions and do not use the shower for the time they say. They are also very good on customer service, sending me new tubes of glue and a new top when I needed it after not following directions. I highly recommend this product.

thank you for your input

Make Life Simple!

by SusanC

We provide lodging for our students during their week-long class. Since we installed the 3-pump wall unit our shower area is tidy. The only drawback is that it is very hard for folks to read what is placed in each pump (soap, shampoo, conditioner) without their glasses on.

thank you for your input

Great soap/shampoo dispenser

by GeneK

Extremely easy to install. Use it every shower and easy to refill. Well constructed and looks great.

thank you for your input

Great Product

by NormanJ

Clean looking easy on your eyes. I use it every day. It's just the right size not to big not to small and very well made. another great product.

thank you for your input

shower soap dispenser

by CarolH

This is my second purchase from Simple Human and this soap dispenser is good, but one of the dispensers leaks making a mess of my shower.

thank you for your input

Totally awesome dispensers

by JoeyW

The absolute best dispensers for the shower! No more bottles to deal with. Very easy to install. No drilling holes necessary. They look great! Very easy to use. Dispenses the perfect amount. Very easy to refill. Quality is great, especially with the warranty. Have purchased 3 of them for our showers. Have given them as gifts to family.

thank you for your input

Very nice addition to the shower!

by StevenH

Cleared up a lot of bottles in the shower, we use it everyday and it helps control the amount of soap, shampoo, etc we use. We have been using it for 5 months with no problems at all. The unit is made well and seems much more durable compared to the competitive products we checked out before purchasing it, and it blends in to the shower very well. Highly recommend this product!

thank you for your input

best shower dispr

by joeR

clean, every day,perfect size,well made,perfect design

thank you for your input


by BillE

Easy to mount, Looks Good, Holds plenty of soap so lasts several days; easy to see when needs refilled. Finally, got rid of the bottle clutter in the shower.

thank you for your input

great-no more bottles

by IdaN

The three container item is wonderful. It keeps my shower area's clean. Not shampoo, conditioner or body wash bottles all over. It's wonderful. I have two of these and they are used daily. I have one problem. The labeling is not seen clearly. For example, shampoo, conditioner etc. It is very hard to read. When we have guests we have to tell them about this. If you could correct this problem, your item could be called "simply perfect".

thank you for your input

a Real Life Saver!

by FaithS

My husband is wheelchair bound and I've put this in our accessible shower. This allows me to wash his hair and shower him without juggling bottles of shampoo,conditioner and soap.

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thank you for your input

As good as it gets

by JohnA

I have had several others an this is simply the best. Wish they made it in different metal textures. Nothing wrong with this one, but my shower has Kohler brushed bronze fixtures.

thank you for your input

Easy shower organization

by BarbaraW

Use it daily, sized right, eliminates messy bottles in shower and is "smartly simple".

thank you for your input

very contemporary/expensive looking

by JanW

I use everyday in our master shower. It dispenses thicker cream rinse better than competitive brands I have tried in the past. It is very nice looking and people who see it always want to know where to get it.

thank you for your input

use less, save more!

by MaryK

I love this triple dispenser! When I bought it I thought it was a little pricey. Now, since seeing it and using it I feel it is fairly priced. It is well made of top quality materials. It installed easily and is very easy to use. What I like best is the measured amounts it dispenses. I have used far less soap, shampoo and conditioner than before and now realize how wasteful I was before I starting using the dispenser. I would and have recommended this product to others!

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thank you for your input

Triple Shampoo and Soap Dispenser

by SusanH

It has a very nice sleek style. I use it daily and it is easy to refill. I had a cracked lid on one of the dispensers and you replaced it for free, no questions asked. I like the way you stand behind your products. I mounted it on a tile wall in the shower with the glue provided and it has remained in place. Very attractive

thank you for your input

easier and safer

by LynneP

This is one of my favorite helpers of all time. I keep two different shampoos and a cream rinse in mine but they could hold anything you use in your shower. The unit fits well and looks classy. It is also very easy to refill. I feel it makes me safer because I don't have to grab for bottles at various places around the tub, nor move to reach it. I am completely satisfied and then some.

thank you for your input

Simply awesome!

by TaraH

My favorite thing about this product is the sleek style. I also like the ease of refilling the containers. My family use it at least 4 times a week. It's located in our basement bathroom shower. I like the size as well. It's perfect. The quality in the way it is manufacturered shows in the design and durability. It blends so well with the tile on the shower walls. It really looks nice. I wish the wording on the containers were more visible somehow as it is difficult to see what the label says. I must also say that my nephew accidently cracked one of the caps but Simply Human was more than fantastic in replacing it at no charge when I called! I have to say I was truly amazed and wrote an e-mail thanking the representative. Now that's customer service and standing behind your product! I will always buy this manufacturer's products due to the customer service I received. I have their garbage cans too. They are awesome as well as stylish. Thank you.

thank you for your input

First and only reliable dispeser for consumer marked I have seen!

by AlekseyM

Most common problem of soap dispensers - they are not reliable. If they do not break in pieces, they get clogged or otherwise stop dispensing the soap. I have 3 triple and 3 single dipenser units from SimpleHuman - some of them for half a year, others for more than year and a half - and they work. I use them for any kind of soap, shampoo, conditioner - all is fine. Amount dispensed is about right - if it is too much or too little, it is very easy to press half-way or press twice. When mounted on the wall with screws, they are very sturdy - I did not try glue mount. Cleaning is easy as well - but in fact, they do not need much cleaning. Yes, they can be broken - my wife dropped one of the canisters on the tile floor and it cracked - it is made of stiff plastic, almost like a glass, so some caution is advisable. Overall, product really stands out - even taking higher price into consideration.

thank you for your input

Love the dispenser

by RhondaW

We use it daily and love it. It looks great and puts our soap and shampoos readily available to us without opening lids and standing bottles on tops, etc.

thank you for your input

Excelent Soap Dispenser

by RobertW

It's Simple, and as a result it works

thank you for your input

3 soap dispensers

by JH

Not having bottles all over the tub is great. The dispensers are easy to load and clean, and they dispense the amount you need. I only wish they had 4 or 5 dispensers for families that use more than 1 shampoo or conditioner.

thank you for your input

Very Good dispenser

by shP

The shampoo/soap dispenser is very good, easy to fill, easy to dispense.

thank you for your input

Love this item

by AmyH

I love this product. It delights me every time I even see it hanging in my shower - keeping my tiny bathroom free from giant containers of soaps and hair products.

thank you for your input

Very nice product

by VG

Looks great, works well, and was easy to install. So far do good. Wish it had cost less.

thank you for your input

AT Home only

by AlainB

The look of the product great. I place the product in my SPA but I think it not made for it, but for sure at home will be the perfect items for the shower.

thank you for your input

Great product

by francesC

Love It, my favorite thing is you can fill each one independent of the others. Use it every day in the shower, wish they made a four unit one. Made well and looks great.

thank you for your input

Handicap Accessible

by LeeL

This item is great! Awhile back I broke my hand/wrist and had major surgeries. Since the recovery I still have limited use of my hand. simplehuman has given me a great product for use in my shower. No longer do I drop the bottles, the handles on the product and it's overall construction is A number one in my mind. Plan on buying more simplehuman products that will make my life easier.

thank you for your input

love, Love, LOVE it!

by annM

This product has permanently de-cluttered my shower! It makes it so easy to keep my shower messy bottles. Also keeps everything right at my fingertips with no dropping stuff on the floor. Dispensers are easy to fill and easy to use. Where have you been all my life?

thank you for your input

Best Dispenser Ever

by JacquelineS

This dispenser has been so helpful for my 14 year old son who has a minor disability with his left hand. This has been able to let him shower with ease. It's good to know that there are designs out there with the handicap in mind! I will be ordering another one for his shower in our second home!!

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

thank you for your input

Super Shampoo Dispenser

by NormanW

I now have 3 different products from Simplehuman and each and every one is perfect! This is my 3rd or 4th shampoo dispenser and it is far and away the best one that I have ever had! The design and construction are better than any of the ones that I have previously owned. I have been in the plastics business for over 30 years and the quality of the parts is simply perfect! I use this every day in the shower and it never fails to dispense the exact amount each and every time. I'm sold on everything Simplehuman!

thank you for your input

Overall Happy

by CaraF

We really like the stream lined design of the dispenser. My husband and I have been saving a lot of shampoo and conditioner due to the measured amounts. The installation was a cinch also. Finally, the only thing that is a bit unfortunate is that we use a liquid castile soap which is thinner than conventional shampoos, conditioners and body soaps. So it leaks a bit an then dries in a small pile on the tub edge. The clutter free look of our bathtub area is worth this small inconvenience.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

thank you for your input

shampoo and soap dispenser

by MaryD

A great way to cut down the clutter in your shower. My daughter is disabled and this product makes it a lot easier for her to get her shower done(no shampoo bottles falling on the floor). It looks good and is easy to re-fill. The only thing we don't like is that the containers come off the wall too easy if you're not gentle with the dispensing. It could be built a little more sturdier.

note from simplehuman

Thanks for the positive review, however the containers shouldn't be coming off the wall. We apologize for the issue that's occurring. Since this product carries a 5 year warranty, we'd be happy to replace the unit or part at our expense. Please contact our customer service team or visit the troubleshooting section of our website more information. Thank you.

thank you for your input

Highly recommend

by MatthewK

Highly recommend. My grandmother always said,"You get what you pay for!" She was right. This product meets and exceeds my expectations. I wish they had a four despensing unit and then all my needs would be met.

thank you for your input

Great - I really like it

by SandieP

This product looks very nice in the shower. It is practical and my husband and I use it daily. It is quite durable and well-made. Thanks for making a practical, quality product we enjoy using. I love your products!

thank you for your input

best soap dispenser

by DianeM

You need to make the soap, shampoo, and conditioner in bigger bolder print could not read them at all. Holds enough of the products stays well on my shower looks nice. I hit the tube with my arm and broke the lid can you tell me if I can buy a new lid?

thank you for your input

I love this dispenser

by PriscillaP

I love this stainless steel dispenser which has three containers. Bed Bath & Beyond also had this dispenser but that store only had the one that held two containers. Most women need three containers for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. It is very well constructed and I love the stainless steel (not plastic to look like stainless steel) like so many other products.

thank you for your input

space saving clean shower dispenser

by nenetteA

Simple to install and secures to wall very well. Works well and easy to refill.

thank you for your input

Best soap dispenser

by CarlZ

I use this every day. It is very sturdy.

thank you for your input

helps to declutter shower

by mB

this item is very helpful to declutter the shower, would be even better if the containers were deeper

thank you for your input

nice design

by RachelS

This soap dispenser works great, looks good, is easy to refill, and never gets the yucky stuff inside it.

thank you for your input

works and looks great!

by SharonH

We installed the dispenser in our shower to get rid of bottle clutter-it looks great and works wonderful

thank you for your input

No more bottles

by LaurelH

This dispenser was easy to install and is easy to use. Very convenient with no messy bottles.

thank you for your input

Bought it as a present

by MichaelS

for someone who was challenged squeezing shampoo bottles. This works perfectly. Easy to use, extremely easy to install. And looks great.

thank you for your input

shower dispenser

by catherineF

Very good for getting the clutter out of your shower. Would have given it a higher rating if it had hooks on both side - one is just not enough.

thank you for your input

No more loose bottles!

by JoelW

I like this because it keeps the whole shower clean and organized. Pumps work well and the whole dispenser looks classy.

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Love my soap dispensers!

by BethC

I bought four dispensers - two singles for hand soap and two triples for the shower. I love them all. They were easy to install, easy to use, and the end result has been two much more tidy bathrooms. The dispensers don't drip - a worry of mine before I purchased - and are easy to fill and use. I love them!

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Almost perfect

by ChrisJ

A great item, functional and attractive. The only thing I'd change is I'd add to or otherwise modify the top of each soap vessel such that open bottles of soap/shampoo could be upended within the top of each soap vessel, thus allowing gravity refilling.

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Inhumanly Oversized

by DebraY

I bought this three container unit from Simple Human because I am familiar with the brand and like the quality of their products. I like the clean lines and looked forward to having these dispensers in my new shower, to contain my three commonly used grooming products. When it arrived, I was surprised and disappointed. Each individual unit is so large that I could not imagine living with three of them in close quarters! I expected something much less intrusive into the available space. While they appear to be well-made, I could not overcome my aversion to the size. So I have donated them to my local Re-Store ( operated by Habitat for Humanity ).

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clean and organized

by BerthaL

Sturdy construction, easy to install, this soap dispenser is elegant and easy to maintain.

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Functional and attractive

by GradyB

well built, no leaking, solid construction and easy to install.

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Best soap dispenser ever!

by ErnestP

Best soap dispenser that I ever had! It doesn't gum up or messing... very clean. Easy to keep clean. Very Beautiful finish (brush Nickael)

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Mama's Happy

by Albin J.O

there are no bottles in the Shower Daily Size is fine.Very well made and looks Good.

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3 product dispenser

by AnnL

Easy to install and looks great. No more bottles of everything in the shower. Size (amount of products) fine for 2 people., need to fill about 1x per month. Tiny bit of leakage of products from the spout on occasion, otherwise a wonderful item! Also, I broke the first one I had not paying attention to method for filling (so easy a 5 yr old could do it) They replaced it FREE including shipping, Unreal! Great company to work with !!!!!

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by LaneM

I could probably go on and on about how great this thing is... but suffice it to say - PERFECT in every way!!

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Perfect Solution!

by RobynS

I bought this shampoo/soap dispenser several months ago and I ABSOLUTELY love it! Our walk-in shower only has a tiny shelf, so I needed a dispensing solution. After a lot of shopping around, I came across this product. I was hesitant because of the price, but I am so glad I bought it! It dispenses the perfect amount of shampoo/soap/etc and it is so easy to use. No more 2-handed pumps! And the design is so sleek... it looks like something from a fancy spa! We've been using it for several months and it seems very durable. We used the epoxy to mount it (figuring we could screw it into the tile if the epoxy didn't hold up), but so far the glue has a firm hold on it and it doesn't wiggle at all. One great thing about the dispenser is that it has the little hook on the side to hold your mesh sponge. That definitely is handy! But if you have multiple sponges that need hanging (as we do) you can easily hang them from the dispenser pulls. Another tip... it is easier to fill the bottles when they are in the dispenser (because there isn't a flat bottom to set them on a counter). If you're like me and like to get every last bit out of your bottles, you can't exactly balance the bottle upside-down on top because the mouth is too wide. I easily fixed this by cutting a donut-shaped piece of cardboard to set on top of the dispenser so that the mouth of the bottle fits through the donut hole and the cardboard gives it support. It has worked so well, that I might actually make one from plastic. I really can't say enough good things about this dispenser. If I have one complaint, it would be that it didn't come in a 4-bottle model. My husband and I use different body washes, so having a pump for the shampoo, conditional, his body wash, and my body wash would have been nice. I highly recommend this product!

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by CharleneM

Simplehumans triple shampoo and soap dispenser is an outstanding product. It is classy and clean looking in my shower. It is so well made and the size is perfect. The ease and glide of dispensing my products just makes showering that much more enjoyable. My husband thinks it is the nicest dispenser he has ever seen or used. Installing the dispenser was so easy that I did not have to wait for my husband to install it, I did it myself! Thank you for such a well made and sharp looking product.

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Great shampoo dispenser!

by AlgirdasG

Bought this several months ago. Looks great, works flawlessly, one of the best bathroom accessories. I was worried about all the water stain that would be seen on the metal parts of the dispenser, but it's really not that obvious, somehow the stain visually disappears in the metallic pattern. Removal, cleaning, refill are all very straightforward. Mounting instructions are clear, with pictures and even words of caution, where needed. Would definitely buy again - only much sooner :)

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by RobinG

Neat appearance. Use it every day. Size is just right. It is well constructed.

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Picky Consumer

by DonnaE

Clean, sleek, smart looking and so easy to use!!

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Delightful Dispenser

by ReidF

Well made, durable and reasonably priced the dispenser proved a neat way to store and use liquid shower products. Levels are always visible and mounting is easy.

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dispenser review

by petrM

Looks very good, I use it every day, only small complaint is the size of letters designating the content. It's unreadable in shower light and with water droplets on the containers. It's very well made and simplehuman's customer care is excellent.

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great dispenser

by AlessandraR

It's great looking, easy to install and to clean. The only concern is a little rust that is forming close to the plastic in the bottom of the dispenser.

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