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I'm effortless

When you’re busy in the kitchen, there’s usually a lot of pacing back and forth between the counter and the stepcan. Let our sensor can cut down on the footwork. It opens immediately and automatically from any angle with just a wave of your hand. No need to move in front of a stepcan to operate the pedal. Just wave the sensor can open from anywhere within reach. It’s a smarter, easier way to throw trash away.

I've got multisense

ready mode: When the can is not in use, the trigger zone is focused directly above the lid — easy to reach but precise enough to avoid false triggers.

task mode: Once the lid is open, the trigger zone extends to become more sensitive to activity, so the lid won’t close before you’ve finished your task.

stay-open mode: After 3 seconds of continued activity, the lid automatically switches to a 30-second stay-open mode — great for longer chores.

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