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slim sink caddy
stainless steel

sku# KT1134

Our slim sink caddy keeps your sink area neat and everything you need within easy reach. Four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger provide a secure, non-slip grip on your sink. An elevated sponge compartment and numerous venting holes at the bottom of the caddy maximize airflow to help sponges dry quickly minimizing bacteria growth.
43 reviews
year warranty

secure fit

Four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger form a secure, no-slip grip.

faster drying

Numerous ventilation holes and an elevated sponge compartment help maximize airflow so sponges dry quickly, minimizing bacteria growth.

save sink space

Neatly store sponges off the countertop.

rust-proof materials

Durable, long-lasting materials won't rust or discolor.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

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Great caddy

by MarieM

After purchasing multiple plastic caddies that collect mold and mildew with suction cups that don't stick, I gave up until I found the Simple Human stainless steel caddy. It's exactly what I was searching for - a sleek, clean caddy for dishwashing items with suction cups that actually stay in place!!!

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Slim Sink Caddy

by VeronicaB

This caddy fits perfectly on my sink and give it a clean look. I love it!

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Sink Caddy

by SteveC

I purchased the Sink Caddy as an addition to a substantial order with Simplehuman. And, I find it to be an excellent product of the highest quality. The Sink Caddy allows me to store both my “sink sponge” and “sink stopper” (plug) away from the top of my sink, which before its use could easily cause contamination in many cooking scenarios. It serves a wonderful, thankless, service in my kitchen. Excellent, smart buy!

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pleasing product

by BibiC

Great for sponges, scrubbers, etc. Also doubles as a drying space if hand washing silverware. No problem with the suction cups on my stainless steel sink (some folks could try wetting them first) & was pleased that extras were included.

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Best sink caddy

by TeriS

I bought so many sink caddy or tray, this is a first one I enjoy. . This is the best of best, nice'n slim, looks smart, easy to clean. I love it!!

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by AndreaM

We remodeled our kitchen with stainless steel appliances and this has been a great little addition. It is very convenient and saves space. I am able to fit 2 sponges and a bottle brush in it. It fits inside of the sink which helps to reduce clutter around the sink.

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Suction cups do not stick to sink

by John V

The suction cups do not stick to my sink. I have a normal stainless steel sink. How could you design a product that wont work on most sinks. It looks nice and I was excited to have a place to put the sponge other than the counter-top but it looks like it's staying there because this thing is garbage. It is also priced just low enough for me to not want to go through the hassle of returning it. Well played SimpleHuman.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. A customer service agent will be in contact with you shortly to gather a little more information to further assist you.

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Slim Sink Caddy

by LindaP

A good purchase. Fits my single, large deep sink well and keeps the sponge and sink stopper out of the way until needed. Looks nice, like it belongs on the stainless steel sink. Stays put.

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Neat, attractive solution for wet sponges

by VeronicaD

I am very pleased with the appearance and design of this sink caddy. Looks neat and modern. As others have noted it could have a tendency to fall down. This happened a couple of times but I have not had a problem with it for the last few weeks. (Who cat may have been "playing" with it while I was at work :) You also might want to measure your sink before ordering it. If your sink is on the shallow side (like mine) it will be a bit large; I wish I had measured first. All in all, I am happy with this product and would recommend it to others.

note from simplehuman

Hi Veronica. Thank you for your feedback and we're glad you're sink caddy.  Since you have a shallow sink, you're able to adjust the height of the sink caddy by simply locking the steel wire at the lower position.

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Simply Mold

by JoyceM

I've had this product for a year & even after routinely cleaning it in the dishwasher there is always mold on the bottom - I just removed the rubber band & threw it out - very gunky & moldy! I'm hoping this solves the problem - if not the whole thing goes in the garbage - you need to come up with a better solution for cleaning - invent something that can be taken apart for proper cleaning!

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback.  A product specialist will contact you shortly to assist you.

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Great design and utility, impossible to clean

by PeterB

Initially, I was very happy with this item in terms of design, utility and performance. After a couple of months, however, I noticed mold growing on the inside where the metal sides meet the plastic base. The narrow opening made it impossible for me to properly clean the piece and a spin through the dishwasher did nothing either. SimpleHuman offered to send me another one, but that didn't seem like much of a solution. I think they need to make it possible to detach the base from the rest of the unit to clean it throroughly once in a while.

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by CynthiaD

I had used a similar stainless steel caddy from another company for 3 years, but the suction cups finally had been used for so long that they became completely flat and didn't suction anymore. Since the suction cups were permanently attached to the caddy I had no way of changing them out for new ones. I was becoming really annoyed that it kept falling into the sink and hated the idea of purchasing a new one just because of the worn-out suction cups. Then I happened to spot the Simple Human Caddy in a store a couple of weeks ago. I'd like to shake the hand of the person who thought of this design. Imagine! It's made so that you can replace the suction cups when they wear out. I LOVE IT!

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Works Perfectly.

by DerekC

Just what one needs to get rid of sink clutter. Beautifully designed as one would expect from the company.

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sink caddy

by CharlesB

1. keeps sponges out of the way 2. everyday 3. good size holds two sponges 4. well made and sticks to side of sink well 5. looks decent

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Such a difference

by AnasB

I love it, looks great and does the job.

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Could have been designed better

by JennyM

I misjudged the size of this product. I am disappointed that it does not hold the dish soap also.

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Sink Caddy

by KS

Very useful since it holds more than one sponge.

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works well

by lisaH

it's perfect!

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Sleek and Functional

by wendyP

Just re-did our contemporary kitchen. This fits right in with our decor. We put it on the wall tile. It's nice and roomy and looks great. I love stainless steel. Nice and durable.

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Not meant for stainless steel sinks.

by GregP

It wouldn't stick to the stainless steel sink, but it did stick to the granite back splash below the window over the sink. I use it constantly. It's the right size for my dish washing stuff. It's well made. It looks good.

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Just what I needed

by JackP

Works great..No more sponges laying around

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Nice design!

by MargaretG

I definitely needed to add the separate stickers for the suction cups -- without them it just didn't stay in place. With the added stickers, it works really well. Nice amount of space and it doesn't show above my sink which is great because my kitchen counter with double sink is near and clearly visible from both my living and dining rooms. I gave it 4 stars because I think the stickers should be included!

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by KimB

This is a very well designed product and quality materials. I have a horrible ancient dual sink, with and odd indentation, this fits and holds perfectly. I also have the sink mat and stainless dishdrain; and it really makes a huge esthetic improvement.

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Excellent Sink Caddy

by ronB

Before purchasing this product, after using the sponge we used to squeeze out the water and lean it against the faucet on the counter-top so it could dry out. Now I simply place it into the caddy and not only does it dry just as well, it drains and into the sink and it is out of sight in an attractive stainless steel holder that coordinates with the sink. Since attaching the caddy to the inside wall of our stainless steel sink it has not moved at all; so to those reviewers that stated that the suction cups do not work on stainless steel, try cleaning the sink and the cups and reattaching the unit. The model we bought has room for a sponge and a scouring pad and fits into the sink without interfering with washing large items. Overall, I’m happy with the quality and look of the unit and feel good about this purchase.

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Excellent Like All Simple Human

by ScottD

Keep the sponge and scrub brush dry and clean. Self draining. Excellent

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Nice sink caddy

by GeorgeW

I wish I knew how dep it went into the sink!

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very nice

by JimM

Works just as advertised, sticks perfectly to sink, nice little product.

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Love this caddy.

by JuliaF

I use this everyday, it is perfect for holding 2 sponges, and allows them to air dry. It matches my kitchen perfectly.

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by roaeL

i like it.

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Compact + Clean

by KimW

This product adheres tightly to our sink and does not take up too much space. It drains all on its own and remains clean without any additional scrubbing.

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Very Convenient sink caddy

by MiriamM

Cleans up the space around my sink, and looks neat and tidy. It really solved a messy problem for me.

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Poor Design

by ScottB

The angle of the hangers likely wont work for a rounded sink. The suction cups are cheap and dont really work. I didnt feel like going through the hassle of returning it or I would have. Maybe I can hang it in my garage and put pencils or something in it.

note from simplehuman

We’re sorry to hear about your problem. The hanger is for secondary support to prevent sliding and can be extended to work on rounded sink. We stand behind our products 100% and your product carries a 5 year warranty. A Customer Service Representative will contact you shortly to assist you with your problem.

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Could have been better

by BetteN

Thought the item was made of stainless steel but after purchase was told it was made of aluminum -therefore there are water stains on the surface. Otherwise excellent product.

note from simplehuman

The slim sink caddy is made of stainless steel. There is no aluminum in the product.

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Great trash liners

by SusanH

Stays on the sink - matches my kitchen perfectly

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Best sink caddy!

by MariaS

Excellent sink caddy, sturdy and suction cups are strong! Only caveat is this is good for large sinks, as it is larger than most sink caddies.

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Stylish sink holder

by HelenS

Slim, doesn't take up much room in the sink. Holds just what I want it to. A permate ficture on the sink.

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streamlined efficiency

by CatherineP

Very good little caddy, works well in our sink.

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Bad Sink Caddy

by EverettL

This item would not hang properly or stay attached to my sink. I have thrown it away. I do not recommend purchasing this product.

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Slim Sink Caddy

by MikeM

We use it every day. It helps to keep us organized!

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Best Sink Caddy

by PattiV

This is the first sink caddy to actually stay put in my sink! Sturdy and looks great, too! I love it!

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really useful

by AlbertO

This is really a great way to organize sponges and brushes at the sink. It would be even better if it were just a little bit deeper (front to back), so that the sponges don't have to be jammed into it.

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