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8 oz. sensor pump
brushed nickel

sku# ST1034

Our sensor pump is the most efficient way to wash your hands — no germs or smudges left behind. Its high-efficiency pump dispenses soap instantly in just 0.2 seconds, and the silicone valve prevents messy drips and clogs. A wide opening makes refills fast and easy. It is rechargeable — one charge lasts up to 4 months. This more compact size is perfect for bathrooms.

Use simplehuman soap for optimum pump performance.
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year warranty


no-drip valve

When dispensing, the flexible silicone valve springs open for a quick, steady flow, then snaps shut to create a seal preventing messy drips.

speed dispense

The unique gear design in our high-efficiency pump is engineered to maximize forward flow and minimize backflow for faster, more consistent dispensing — in just 0.2 seconds.


Lasts up to 4 months on one charge.

precise sensing

The sensor has a precise trigger zone for accurate, high-speed activation.

volume control

Easy-access control buttons allow for instant volume adjustment.

no messy spills

Wide opening makes refills fast, easy, and spill-free.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

simplehuman soap

Designed to be the optimum consistency for our sensor pumps, our soap comes in convenient 34 fl. oz. refill pouches.

  • 11 fl. oz.

  • 8 fl. oz.


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superb product

by JohnL

Superb product

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Greatest invention since electricity...

by PatriceW

I do LOVE this soap dispenser! This is the second one for us, this one is in a bathroom and we have the 11 fl.oz. model for the kitchen. It works precisely as described, charges easily, and holds the charge for months! Your wet, dirty hands NEVER touch the pump when using, and it helps to keep me and my sinks clean. This will be my go-to gift for the holidays for friends and family. Every home should have at least one! Thanks.

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by IselaS

I love it

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Love it

by DebbieM

I have two battery operated sensor pumps that I have used for a few years. One in the kitchen is perfect, keeping hands clean while dealing with raw meats and anything sticky. The other is in the half bath as you come in from the garage. This works great for my husband when he is working on messy projects. So when we decided to remodel our master bath, I started to look for another sensor pump. I was thrilled to find this rechargeable sensor pump. The ONLY thing I didn't care for on my older sensor pumps, was having to change the batteries...I don't have to worry about that anymore. This soap pump is BEAUTIFUL and it matches the new faucets. I do recommend buying the SimpleHuman hand soap. It works great with these pumps, last a long time and a great price.

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great product

by pI

great product!

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Love the dispenser, hate the instructions

by CherylR

For such a great product, the instructions about how to use it are abysmal. Once I got there, I was happy.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. I apologize if there was any confusion with the instructions. Feel free to call us at 877-988-7770 8am-5pm PST M-F should you ever need help with any of our products!

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Great product

by Annamaria G

My first rechargeable sensor soap pump was given as a gift. I loved it so much that I purchased two more. I love that it recharges so quickly. They are a bit pricey but well made. Would recommend.

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by MaryS

My husband and I are in love with soap dispenser. I don't know why we didn't get them sooner

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by KathyM

We love our rechargeable sensor pump and are planning on buying three more.

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Great pump

by tom C

works great, rarely ever have to charge it.

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Good so far

by VickiH

I got this to replace an old model Simplehuman soap dispenser. I hope it is as good ... although I bought six for gifts that year and mine was the last one working ... so I probably hope it is better. At least I won't go through so dang many batteries.

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Love it

by SharonC

I love my soap pump. I use to have a hand pump that got nasty from use with dirty hands. This eliminates touching and gives the perfect amount of soap each time I put my hand under it. It always looks looks right and shiny

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Sensor soap pump


So far so good. Have purchased two other pumps that were much cheaper, but neither has lasted longer than a couple of months. Invested more to get this pump after reading the positive reviews. The 2 year replacement guarantee is the reason I went with this pump. Plan on keeping an eye on this product to see if it does in fact meet it's prior reviews.

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by LeeM

I bought two of these for my kitchen, a brushed nickel model and a white model. I like the product a lot but had some trouble with the white model. The sensor quit working. The pump still worked if pushed the button. I sent it back an it was replaced with no problem. The replacement works but the battery life is shorter and it needs frequent recharging.

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Five pumps broke in a row...

by LorraineS

Each pump worked only a few weeks to a month. Electrical area gets affected by moisture and stops pumping.

note from simplehuman

We're so sorry to hear this. A customer support manager has been in touch to provide further assistance.

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Excellent product

by MarkW

Very well designed, engineered, and executed. Makes for a reliable dependable product. We own seven! (four nickel, three white.

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Simple and Useful

by MattD

I received the sensor pump as a gift and it instantly became my main soap dispenser in the kitchen, used multiple times daily. It is very nice, very simple, and very useful. It puts out enough soap for each use. I did have an issue with it, it seemed that the seal around the USB recharging connector was bad and soap and water leaked into it corroding the connector. A very easy call to Simple Human's customer support to do a warranty replacement is all it took. However, instead of just sending me a replacement, they needed to evaluate it for a week. Once they determined it was defective, they immediately sent me a new unit which works great, no issues so far! I'll definitely buy additional units for around the house.

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Nice looking and does the job

by BarbaraH

I have two of these one 8 oz and one 11 oz. Have had the 11 oz for around a year. They are easy to fill with the pop up opening at the top, easy to change the amount of soap that comes out with the +/- buttons on the top. Much better placement than the last Simplehuman sensor soap dispenser I owned. Stainless steel is finger print resistant too. Bulb at top flashes red when charging is needed and takes around an hour on my charging station -- much easier than turning the thing over to change batteries like my previous model. I use the 8 oz in my powder room with the Simplehuman moisturizing liquid soap, and the 11 oz in my kitchen with Greenworks liquid soap. Have never had a clog using the Greenworks soap.

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Rechargeable dispenser

by WilliamS

The best soap dispenser on the market PLUS the best customer service

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8 oz. rechargeable sensor pump

by pamelaR

This is the second pump I have owned. The first one stopped working and had to be returned. Simplehuman staff were courteous and very responsive, and after determining the problem with the original pump could not be corrected a replacement was sent. No problems so far with the new one, although the pump makes a little grinding noise when activated, whereas the first one did not (hopefully not a defect). That said, I LOVE this product. It is hands-free (great for public places), keeps a charge for months, and recharges through your computer with the usb cord provided in no time at all. The size of the "squirt" is adjustable -- a very useful feature. It´s perfect for the kitchen, which is where I have it. I´ll probably be getting another for the bathroom vanity.

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Great - at first

by DennisS

Love the finish. Love the way it worked for the first 6 months. Then clogged up. Cleaned nozzle per instructions and it then started leaking. Simple human replaced under warranty :-) but, from what I read in other reviews, this is a common problem. Haven't used the new one yet but have low expectations.

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Love it!

by CherylB

The rechargeable sensor pump is an excellent product. It works well each and every time, doling out the correct amount of soap. I use it for both dishes and hands. It's very convenient during food prep because I wash my hands several times and I don't worry that I'm leaving "stuff" on the soap pump. Another great simplehuman product.

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Fantastic product and improvement

by ToddM

We used the previous model of these pumps in our office. These new ones were such a great improvement we replaced all our old ones and added them to our home. The batteries last quite a long time and the overall design is much improved. If I could just keep customers from using the "+" button to activate it not knowing it is hands free. Love it!

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Adore this

by CynthiaF

This pump hasn't actually transformed my life, but it has certainly led to improvements. It's just right in every way.The first one went in the kitchen for hand soap. The second went to my best friend. The third--the compact version--went in my bathroom. A fourth is on the horizon to dispense kitchen dish detergent. No more soap pumps tipping over, getting germy hands on the pump. This is just right for me in every way.

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Wish I had this years ago!

by DolfD

I just love this sensor soap pump. It is the right size for the kitchen sink and it works so effortlessly. Great product.

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Rechargeable Sensor Soap Pump

by SteveC

Excellent product, excellent quality. No messes, at all! Small, space saving, elegant design. So much better than plastic dispenser soap bottles. I liked my first pump so much that I bought two more. Excellent value for top of the line product.

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Rechargeable Sensor Soap Pump

by RichardC

I don't provide reviews unless something blows my socks off. All Simplehuman products are exceptionally engineered and best of class. We own almost all of the Simplehuman sensor products including mirror, trash can, and others like squeege, etc... Why, because they are the finest engineered products out there. The small Soap sensor pump is beautifully designed and engineered. It is a stunning looking product that doesn't dribble soap. The see through back with the lavender soap is a stunning and beautiful design.

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Much improved

by ToddM

We use these in our office. They are so much improved over their AA battery counterparts. We love that they are smaller and provide a much more accurate and reliable distribution of soap. The charge time is much better than the older models. Hopefully it will be the same after two or so years. Hand detection is also much better. Soap is a little pricy compared to the Sam's Club soap we could be using but it does seem to perform better in the pumps.

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