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compact dishrack

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Our compact dishrack is small enough to fit perfectly in most standard sinks, completely freeing up counterspace, but still has the capacity to handle full-size plates. For countertop use, it has a swivel spout that rotates in any direction to drain water directly into the sink.
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you wash, I'll dry

Our compact dishrack has an innovative drainage system with a moveable spout that keeps water flowing into the sink, not onto the countertop.

versatile placement

Fits perfectly in the sink or on the countertop.

360º pivoting spout

Spout rotates 360º to drain water into the sink from any direction.

integrated handles

Large, convenient handles make moving the dishrack easy.

easy to clean

Interior wire tray lifts out for easy cleaning. Clean all parts in warm, soapy water.

coated steel wire

Soft, coated steel wire protects dishes against chips and scratches.

rust-proof materials

Durable, long-lasting materials won't rust or discolor.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

  • compact plastic


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Slides everywhere on counter

by BarbaraG

This item looked good but did not have any rubber footing to hold the dishrack in place on my counter, a big flaw. Sent back for a replacement of another dishrack. Like the one I have now.

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Great Product!

by KellyB

I bought this dishrack to fit into the sink but like the fact that if I need to set this on the counter I can. It's easy to clean & matches the white appliances.

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by CarlB

Looks Great! Works Well!

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Just the right size for a small apartment

by VS

I got this for my mother who moved into a small retirement apartment with a tiny sink and not much counter space. It doesn't take up much space and is just the right size to hold the few dishes she has to wash. And because it sits up on legs it doesn't get wet underneath. So far she loves it.

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small but handy

by salad9

it's a bit small, but we don't have much counter space, it's perfect size for us. we especially like the fact that it fits in the sink, so when it comes to clean time, we can just hose down the thing. also, it drains directly to the sink, no drainboard and stuff like that. we've been using it for about 9 months now, and there's stain, guess it's the way with everything after heavy using.

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Great Product

by TinaL

Fits perfectly and stylish! It is well made and I use it everyday.

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Wish I'd bought this years ago!!

by KathleenB

I am so happy I found this dish drainer! I've gone through more plastic drainers with the rubber mats than I can count and decided to do a little research and find something better. And I surely did find it! It is the perfect size for my small kitchen and counter space. It is super easy to clean; never gets that "slimy" goop I'd get with the dish drainers I've bought in the past. The durability of this dish drainer is obvious. It will be the last one I'll ever have to purchase. For as small and compact as it is, it holds an amazing amount of dishes and very nicely accommodates cutting boards as well as plates and platters. It also, amazingly, fits in my double sink if I need to have more counter space. Well Done!! Can't really say enough good about this product that I use every single day.

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Better than any dishrack I've ever used

by AksanaM

Even though it’s a compact model, it’s very functional and spacious. I like its modern look (I’ve got a white one). The tray itself can be easily cleaned. The only thing I don’t like is that the grey spout is getting covered with the hard water stains which cannot be easily removed. Overall it’s a good product and I would recommend it to a friend.

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well-designed, good size

by DonnaM

This is just the right size if you use a dishwasher and only need a compact dishrack on the counter. It pushes up to the backsplash and still drains properly into the sink, unlike any competitor's racks. Also, most dishracks are designed only for bowls & plates, but I put those in the dishwasher! I want the rack to hold pots, cutting board, etc. This one can hold a cutting board upright, unlike other racks. It hides the dishes too. Sweet.

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Very Cool Compact Dishrack

by SandyR

Love this little compact dishrack. It may look small, but it really holds a lot of dishes. Looks great on the counter top. Very stylish and up to date. Very well constructed. It is used everyday.

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by ZhenyaO

I had a dishrack from Hold Everything for at least 7 years, and loved it. However after we've remodeled the kitchen it did not work anymore, it was simply too big for the space, so I launched a search for a very compact and highly functional dishrack. It took me almost two months -- lots of trials and returns. I'm glad I found this one, it's the best. It's made well -- love the spout! -- sturdy and easy to clean; it looks very nice on my white Caesar stone countertop, it takes all the glasses and cups and cereal bowls from breakfast for the four of us, great for setting in the pot leads and drying cutting boards too. The silverware compartment holds all the forks and spoons we use at dinner (I wash mine by hand). It looks very modern and streamlined (I can never understand why people come up with unnecessarily elaborate designs for simple things), and most importantly does not crowd the counter. For me it's the best dishrack, I'm glad I bought it, worth every penny. Thank you SimpleHuman!

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