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microfiber mitt

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Keep stainless steel clean without harsh damaging chemicals. Simply dampen one side of the mitt with water to clean, and flip over to buff and polish with the dry side. Machine washable.
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Microfiber technology cleans and polishes stainless steel with just water.

comfortable fabric

Comfortable fabric mitt is easy to use.

clean and polish

Dampen one side for cleaning, then use the dry side to buff and polish.

machine washable

Just toss it in the wash after heavy use.


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Get The Mitt

by RandyB

This little helper is awesome. I have finally found an instant stainless appliance cleaner that is "simple."

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Works Like a Charm

by M.A

The mitt is quick and easy to use on all my stainless steel appliances and the outdoor grill. No streaks and gets all the fingerprints and dog nose prints off the surfaces. Found out this product washes easily in the washing machine but shrinks in the dryer. Using the shrunk one on the outdoor grill. Wash it and hang it up to dry and it will last a long time.

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by DebiG

I have been struggling with my stainless steel appliances for a long time to make them look nice. The more stainless steel cleaner I put on the worse it looked. My daughter-in law had purchased one of these mitts from you and she recommended it so I ordered a couple of mitts. I am not sorry I did. The more I use it the better it is looking because it is taking all the layers of the cleaner I have on there that is making it look so bad. I bottom line is I LOVE MY MITT AND WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Simple Human for making my life more simple! Debi

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Great microfiber Mitt

by KarenS

This is the only microfiber cloth that I use. Truly absorbent--no streaking. I use it everyday on the shower door and it's the only thing I use on mirrors--no more glass cleaners, just some tap water and this cloth. Durable (I wash it once a week in the machine and have had this for 3 years already.) I've probably bought six or so as gifts.

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not as convenient as pretreated wipes

by GlyndaT

Worked ok, but prefer the convenience and results of pretreated wipes

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Simply Cleans

by BryanP

Haven't had it too long, but it seems to clean my stainless steel refrigerator & garbage can pretty well... I still haven't figured out what to do about the scratches on them tho...?? lol I would recommend this...

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best stainless cleaner

by PeterO

this is a life saver for the stainless refrigerator. streaks disappear and you can spot clean without showing a mark. i have actually bought it for friends

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can liners/filters

by KathrynG

Purchase was for the simplehuman "electric trash can." One of the best purchases I have ever made!

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Easiest wayvto maintain stainless steel

by LoriM

After trying a variety of stainless products that were disappointing and expensive, I ordered this microfiber mitt. It works so effectively simply using soap and water and only takes a few minutes to do. Easy clean up in the washer. This is the only way to clean stainless. Have bought for friends.

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Great Item!!

by RobL

My family is very rough on everything. They ruin everything they try to clean with sponges, or any other cleaning tool. With this it adds a nice soft cusion for the heavy users and it has been great so far...

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quick & efficient cleaner mitt

by DebbieG

Perfect hand mitt for a quick clean up on any stainless steel product. I use it everyday. All it needs is a little water, and a quick wipe from both sides for a nice, dry, clean steaks.

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Not so good

by WarrenL

Did not really work. Only works with stainless steel cleaner on it

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It does work

by joaquinM

It is well made.

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Easy clean

by AnnM

Glove is perfect for cleaning the can and other stainless.

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Awesome cleaning mitt

by SherreT

It is so simple to use and effective. I use it almost daily. It fits your hand well and seems quite durable. It looks nice.

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Fast and easy way to clean stainless steel

by BethD

I bought this mitt to clean our stainless steel finished kitchen appliances. Our refrigerator in particular collects fingerprints like crazy and is almost impossible to keep clean and presentable. This mitt does a great job with just plain water or maybe a little Windex. One side to wipe and the second side to dry and the drips and fingerprints are gone!

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sponge mitt

by wS

Easily hung from a hook, easily fits hand, quickly absorbs liquid and shines up stainless steel fixtures. Unfortunately, spotty discolorations remain after use, but don't interfere w/function.

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Absolutely bestway to clean stainless

by JanW

Like everything about it; nothing works as well. Bed bath and. Beyond stopped carrying them - panicked until I found them on line.

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by ChiH

I was amazed at the efficacy of this product - it really performs well. And, it worked exactly as described which shocked me even more. If you have stainless steel appliances you need this mitt!

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Works well if items not too dirty

by MariaH

I tried to use this on appliances that had not been cleaned for quite awhile. I don't think it was a fair test - the item did not do a good job, and it took stainless steel cleaner used with it to get the job done. I'm hopeful that now that I've done a thorough cleaning this mitt will be more useful.

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total clear stainless

by PeterO

although i use it with windex sometimes it cleans my stainless appliances totally clear and smudge free. also great for spot cleaning well worth the money and I have tried many micro cloths and cleaning solutions

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Great Product

by TamaraD

Great on all stainless steel

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The Best "GREEN: Stainless Cleaner EVER

by MichelleB

I own a house cleaning company and we are always looking for products that will help us reduce our carbon footprint. Finding reusable products while reducing our chemical cleaners is always a concern. This product doesn't need any cleaners; only hot water and some elbow grease. It removes the gunk, finger prints and streaks on stainless steel almost effortlessly.

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What a Work Horse on Stainless Steel!

by PeggyB

This microfiber mitt is the greatest cleaning tool if you have lots of stainless steel in your kitchen. I purchased it when we were updating our kitchen, knowing that we would be going to all stainless steel appliances. I was a skeptic, at first, that anything could clean with just plain water. I was proven quite wrong, happily, and I LOVE this mitt! I use it every day to clean the fronts of all my appliances, and then just toss it in the wash to clean it. I have multiple chemical sensitivities, so the idea of cleaning with water only is perfect for me.

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Amazing Results

by SandraT

My husband is a stickler for streaks, especially on the fridge, since it is the largest stainless surface in the kitchen. I was forever trying to wipe at just the right angle to make it look good. With this, it is one wipe, no streaks and I am done. It is awesome.

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best sponge mitt ever

by AnneH

The mitt is the only thing that works on my new ss appliances. It is so good, I ordered two more as gift for my sister and niece to use on their new ss appliances.

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by DonnaM

Works great, does everything it's supposed to.

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by donnaT

Save your money. A damp paper towel with or without a surface cleaner will work equally as well.

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Stainless Steel Friend

by AC

Does good duty against all of the little fingerprints on our stainless kitchen appliances. Good, convenient way to handle quick cleanup when in a hurry.

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Not very effective

by JerryB

I've purchased many wonderful things from simplehuman but this cleaning mitt is not one of them...I purchased two mitts because we have a lot of stainless steel to clean and have tried both of them with the same result, and that is that they just are not able to effectively clean the stainless steel surface. I get better results from using a sponge and dry towel then using these mitts.

note from simplehuman

Thanks for your feedback of this product. We've tested the mitt on various types of stainless steel and found that it does outperform other standard cleaning methods, and is also more environmentally friendly. Our customer service team has contacted you to further identify the problem.

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by LisF

This works great on stainless steel appliances. I use a water/vinegar/dish soap combo on this cloth on one side and wipe streak free with the other. This works better than any commercial product I have tried for stainless steel. .

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Buffy the shiner

by CarolM

My favorite thing is the ability to shine stainless just using soap & water. I use it once a week. The size is fine, but I sometimes wish it was made like a glove. As far as durability, it appears to be durable, but I haven't washed it yet, so time will tell. I like the look for the purpose it serves,but compared to what? a cleaning rag? then it looks great. lol

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no prints, period

by JillG

This little sponge mitt from Simplehuman for cleaning stainless appliances is, quite simply, just perfect. All of my appliances, everything from the big fridge to the small soap dispenser, shine easily every day. No worry about elbow grease or streak freak. The mitt fits well into big hands or small and a simple wash (don't use fabric softener) makes it just like new! I love it so much, I wish that I needed more than one.

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not really...

by someC

used it once and now it's collecting dust, seemed to work decently. all in all, not really doing it for me.

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by AnneL

I have been searching for the perfect trash can for a long time. I'd buy something, think it was perfect then over time, toss that out with the trash and start looking all over again. The big thing is cleanliness and containing the smell of garbage...With other trash cans, I'd scrub and scrub and could not get the smell out plastic or otherwise. Finally, I've found nirvana! Really, the Simple Human trash can is nice to look at, easy to clean. I have the medium size trash semi-circular shaped trash can. It doesn't draw attention to works perfectly for us. The Simple Human trash bags work equally perfect. A weeks worth of trash fit more neatly in our 30 gallon bin so on trash pick-up day they're not popping the cover like before. I also purchased the kitchen soap dispenser...another great product. I wish all things in life were as simple! Thank you!

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by SondraT

I could do the same thing with a rag. Didn't need this fancy cloth

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Makes cleaning stainless steel a breeze!

by LisaH

Love this little mitt ... easy to use when you need to do clean your stainless steel appliances in a hurry.

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Useful for granite, too

by MargitR

No chemicals needed when cleaning stainless steel, granite or other counter tops. Just water on one side, dry with other, or even better, use two mitts, one moist, one dry.

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easiest mitt ever

by CindiG

I wasn't sure about this mitt being everything it advertised to be, but to my amazement it was even better than the product info mentioned. It took 3 or so times to really get my stove and dishwasher front panels as streak free and clean as I wanted, but after that I only need to use it lightly and both my appliances shine beautifully!!!! This is a must by product.

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by cR

This is the best cleaning tool you can have for your stainless appliances. Quick, easy and does a great shiny job

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Stainless Steel Cleaner

by GeneB

Just follow the directions and it does a great job.

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Shiny Stainless

by TerriD

I couldn't believe how well this mitt cleaned my stainless steel appliances. No smears or smudges. Super product.

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It Really Works

by PatZ

It really does work! It easily cleans and shines stainless steel & chrome. Was finally able to actually clean my computer flat screen monitor too. I will be ordering more to use myself as well as gifts to friends.

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Not bad but not so good

by StephenN

I ordered this mitt on top of a larger order just to try it out. It's not terrible but if I'm working on my stainless steel sink or pots I'd rather just take some steel wool. Also the mitt soaks all the way through (no inner liner to keep your hand dry) so just beware of that. It's not bad at all for light duty.

note from simplehuman

Thanks for contacting us. As a result of your feedback, we are developing a use guide to help illustrate how to best use the mitt. Ideally it is better for getting rid of streaks and smudges on stainless surfaces than it is for heavy duty pot cleaning. That said, we'll post a link to the use guide for the mitts as soon as it’s up. Thanks for alerting us! SH

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Great mitt!

by KerstinM

I like not having to use chemicals to make my stainless steel look very clean. I especially like how it cleans the handles on my stainless steel fridge. Great product!

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