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medium (2.6 liter)
slim canister
fingerprint-proof stainless steel

sku# KT1090

Our medium slim canister is perfect for storing up to 24 oz. of coffee or 2 pounds of beans. When the lid is closed, a silicone gasket forms an airtight seal to keep food fresh. And a push-button release allows quick access to food with just one hand.
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year warranty

airtight seal

When the canister's lid is closed, a silicone gasket ensures an airtight seal that keeps food fresh.

food-safe liner

BPA-free inner liner stores food safely. Removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

easy open

Push-button at the top of the canister makes it easy to open with one hand.

smooth and quiet

Opening the canister is a smooth and quiet operation with our patented lid shox technology.

label window

Integrated window lets you insert customizable tabs for easy labeling of contents.

slim, space-saving shape

Takes up less room on the counter.


Fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

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Great Product

by JackS

I use these canisters to keep unused coffee grounds. They are the best product for this purpose that I've been able to find, and they are beautiful as well. Highly recommended!

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by MarcyL

I bought the 3-piece canister set and liked it so well that I bought another of the medium slim canisters to add more storage. Now I have a large one for sugar, 2 medium ones for brown sugar and powdered sugar and a small one for coffee. They look great on the counter!

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by TekariS

I am useing it for dog food keeper. The size is just right and top quality.

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by JackW

Love these units. Bought some last year to try and have been extremely pleased with them. Great seal and lid design. Super finish and crisp latch. Looks great in kitchen where 8 units are in line on dry sink. Just wish the other sizes were still available from last year.

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Great Product!

by DebbieB

These canisters are very nice. Wish I would have gotten one larger and one smaller for other items.

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Great container

by JerryB

My wife and I have the smaller containers but decided this time to order two of the next size up, the medium sized containers. As everything else we get from simplehuman its fantastic!

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Excellent Product

by StacelandG

Looks great! Very durable so far. Seals complete and tight. Space saving design.

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It keeps my coffee fresh!

by DonnaR

I used to keep my coffee in the freezer. Now I can keep it on the counter with easy access each morning. It's very well made and QUIET!! It goes with my decor in the kitchen very well. Your company should be named superhuman!

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Practical easy to clean canister

by MitsukoT

The canister can open by one push of button. It is light weight, not breakable, well made and easy to clean. Only thing I do not like is the canister does not close by one easy push of the lid, which is on the contrary to opening it. I wish it click to close by one easy push of the lid.

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Great Container

by RockyB

This is A Great Container For Coffee

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I like it

by BarbaraL

The brushed metal doesn't fingerprint. That's nice! I bought this for coffee. I could have used a smaller one because this is a bit larger than expected. I really have to push hard to get that "click" letting me know it's closed. That disappointed me. I can open it very easily. One light thumb press and it opens with no problem. Overall I like it, I just don't like closing it.

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by BiancaR

Finally a canister that does what it promises. An excellent product. Sugar doesn't clump!! Love it.

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love it

by EvelynT

I like the fact it has a nice handle to hold close tightly. Love the product

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Love it & it Looks Great

by LizS

Adds a sleek and clean look to our kitchen. Goes wonderfully with our new stainless steel appliances. Love the size of the med container. Easy to handle and opens/closes well. Love the labeling system. I have 3 of them and am thinking about ordering another for coffee. I use the medium size for various sugars.

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Holds the sugar

by BrendaS

I bought this size to hold sugar and the large to hold flour both are execellent and will hold family size bags of flour (5lb) and sugar(a little less than 4LB). Sleek, beautiful, functional and so very, very happy to have them in my kitchen. Hugh capacity, small footprint, easy to clean internally and no ring around the collar problems like with typical canister sets.Excellent seal. I'm a small granny..yep, and I do not have a problem opening or closing.

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faithful customer

by normanV

typical simply human great engineering. I use it everyday for a coffee container. Size is perfect for a 1lb bag of ground coffee. It looks beautiful and I really love the slow dampened open/close mechanism,

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Great composter but plastic container began cracking within 2 weeks

by AlexS

We use our canister as a compost container for our kitchen. It works well, looks nice and takes up minimal space on our counter. We really like it...except for the fact that the plastic liner began cracking within two weeks of receiving it. We had already recycled the box with the barcode and there seems to be no way to purchase just the liner online.

note from simplehuman

We’re sorry to hear about your problem. We stand behind our products 100% and your product carries a 5 year warranty. A Customer Service Representative will contact you shortly to assist you with your problem.

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Capsule Encapsulator

by SusanP

This canister is the perfect mate for my Coffee machine.... it's good looking and just the right size to sit out on the counter next to my Nespresso. I just pop out the spent coffee pods and dump them into the canister. The plastic liner makes clean up super easy!

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by BarbaraC

I love my canisters... looks great, and very well made! I purchased all the sizes. The canisters leaves no fingerprints.

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Almost Perfect

by MarcK

Excellent and beautiful product. Only shortcoming is the lack of something like a spout on the inside liner. I use it for coffee beans and its a bit difficult to pour without spilling from the canister to my grinder. Overall, a worthwhile purchase. I bought a second recently!

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Nice look

by NormanJ

Well made and cover seals when closed, not like Jars..Also looks great and easy to keep clean..Look ma no finger prints

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Keeps Coffee Fresh!

by SandraD

After purchasing several "vacuum-type" coffee containers and being very displeased with their loss of vacuum so necessary to keep coffee fresh, I purchased SH's canister and to date it's been a gem. The canister keeps coffee fresh with just a simple pull of a handle. It has an inner plastic container that's easy to clean. I knew the product would be A+ quality as we own a SH trashcan and it's also been a gem. SH products look nice, are durable and they do the job. Keep up the good work.

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Great canister!

by DouglasC

We use this for keeping coffee and it is easy to use and much simpler than a regular canister that has a separate top to remove. We liked this one so much we purchased two more.

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perfect coffee container

by thomasB

seals tight, looks great, functions well, well constructed, perfect size, I use it daily

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Best canister ever

by JimmyD

Easy to open,easy to clean, easy to close, & easy on the eyes. Great product! We love it

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Check Size Carefully

by KentW

I like the look and feel to this canister. I looked at the dimensions but not carefully enough. It is a bit smaller than I anticipated. That is my fault, not of the device or simplehuman. I was a simple human and didn't measure correctly. My only complaint is that it doesn't close as easily as I would like. Sometimes you really have to press hard to get the latch to close. Otherwise, it looks good and the removable insert is great as I use it for kitchen waste (vegetable clippings) and it makes it easy to remove, dump in the compose bin across the yard and then rinse it out. I would buy again but I would get the next size larger.

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Best thing since sliced bread!

by PatK

I'm a canister snob! There, I said it.... Seems I've been looking for the perfect one for 50 years. My search is over... The sleek lines, design, removable plastic liner, LABELS, one handed use? How can one even pick a favorite? It's the complete package... Thank you.... ;0))

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