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pet food can
fingerprint-proof stainless steel

sku# CW1887

Our pet food can has a robust lock-tight handle that keeps food in and pets out. A silicone gasket forms an airtight seal so food stays fresh. The can includes a convenient scoop that attaches magnetically under the lid. The storage container's large capacity (25-29 lb/11-13 kg) is ideal for storing dog or pet food or other bulk items like flour, rice, sugar or charcoal.
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airtight seal

When you clamp the lid shut, a silicone gasket ensures an airtight seal so dog and pet food stays fresh.

magnetic, lid-mounted scoop

The lid-mounted measuring scoop magnetically attaches under the lid, so there's no fumbling around at feeding time.

fits bulk items

Convenient storage for dog or pet food or other bulk items like flour, rice, sugar or charcoal.

lock-tight handle

The large ergonomic handle clamps the lid closed with one smooth motion and locks it shut to prevent pets from opening the lid.

space-saving shape

Designed to make the most of tight spaces.

food-safe bucket

Removable, BPA-free inner bucket.

built-in wheels

Built-in rear wheels make the can easy to move.


Fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

  • medium - 25 litre

  • large - 30 litre

  • x-large - 35 litre


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Pet food bin

by ST

The pet food bin is great! The only thing that I wish simple human would consider is to make one in a small size because the medium is a bit too big. Also, I was disappointed that I received it with a dent in it. The packaging for shipping from simple human in the UK was pretty dismal. Otherwise the product itself is quite nice and useful.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your review, a member of our customer service team has contacted you directly.

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by StephenB

Having a very small kitchen we need something which was both stylish , practical and of course kept the food fresh and secure and this fitted the bill perfectly. Sits unobtrusively in our dinning room . With longevity also in mind I think this bin is well worth the investment.

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Medium pet food bin

by KayG

This is a really good product. Very sleek, a good locking system to deter inquisitive dogs and a great scoop held on magnetically to the inside of the lid. The size of the bin means that you can purchase a larger quantity of food without the concern of how to store it. I would really recommend thisroduct

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Medium pet food can

by LouD

Great product thanks

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works like a charm

by KristenN

The dog has no idea her food is even inside and hasn't once tried to chew it open. I agree that the wheels are ineffective, but I don't roll mine around and there is a 10 year warranty so if they become problematic I'll just deal with it then.

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by SharonW

I love it! Easy to open. Looks great in the pantry, and takes up little room due to its' slim design. Just what we needed to keep the mid-sized bags of dog food fresh. I would love it if you made a small size for smaller bags. We got the medium size and there is still a lot of room left over. Especially like the liner. Very easy to keep clean. The built-in scoop is also very handy; everything right there for ease of feeding. A bit "spendy" but well worth it. I have recommended it to all friends and relatives.

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Great Product, Could Make a Small Size

by CarrieN

Good looking item for a home that lacks storage...looks good left out in the kitchen. My only complaint is that I would have bought a small if available, as I have one cat and the medium is quite a bit larger than what I need for a large bag of cat food.

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Beautiful Storage

by DeborahW

I am so pleased with the pet food storage can; it blends in so well and is completely unobtrusive. A great find and the magnetic scoop is a big plus!!!

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by LisaL

Absolutely LOVE it! My pups appreciate it just as much as I am very pleased with the way it looks in my home.

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Capacity not correct for lbs

by CindyS

If you are purchasing this item, go by the kg weight, not the pounds. The corresponding pound volume is incorrect. I purchased two medium based on the 27lbs. However, the medium barely held a 17lb bag of dog food. When I did the conversion, 10kg is approximately 22lbs, a 5lb difference. I ultimately had to purchase the x-large which really equates to 33lbs not 40, in order to accomodate the 26lb bag of dog food. I brought this to the attention of customer service when I re-ordered but I see it hasn't changed on the item description. Other than that, the item is great. Neat looking, the wheels help and the scoop is convenient. Seems to seal well.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. Please note, kibble size tends to vary, therefore, the pounds that are indicated can be slightly different depending on the type of kibble being used. We've tested our measurements to make sure that our lb/kg conversions are accurate. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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i give it five stars.

by RosemaryM

It is very beautiful and allows me to order dog food on line in large quantities.

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Stylish and practical

by ChristineB

A well designed pet food store. I especially like the locking mechanism-always a bonus when you own an intelligent dog. The mechanism also provides a good seal which prevents dog food odour escaping. The magnetic scoop which fits against the inside of the lid is a good idea. The only drawback is that I can only fit 10 kg of dry dog food (GSD Royal Canin) in the bin and therefore have 2 kg left over. Hopefully a bigger bin can be produced by Simplehuman in the future. I would still recommend the product tthough.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback on our stainless steel pet food bin. We will introduce a plastic pet food bin in early 2013 that will be able to hold up to 18kg of dry dog food. To make sure you receive an update when this new bin arrives, please add your email to our mailing list:

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Love this ...

by EmmaA

It looks good and is easy to clean and keeps the dog food fresh thank you for making a posh dog food bin the everything else on the market is so cheap!

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by SandyP

Love it. I can now keep pet food in kitchen area for easy access, no need to hide away in closet anymore. Very attractive container, easy open, love the magnetic scoop.

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Love It

by TinaM

I was tried of the cats not eating the last third of their expensive prescription food, so I thought I would try this storage container. I love it so much I bought a second one for their regular cat food.

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Nice Bin

by NickG

Very well made, good looking bin, the built in scoop is excellent.

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More than for dog food !

by TB

I use this "Pet Food Container" as a kitchen trash can because it fits under the kitchen counter and it is both trim and beautiful. The construction is superb. There is nothing that I don't like about it!

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So Glad I Purchased This!

by SusanW

After struggling for years with big bulky dog food bags and trying to make sure they were tightly closed to keep fresh...I finally decided on this container. It is easy to move on the wheels and closes VERY tightly to keep my expensive organic dog food fresh and crispy.

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Better than expected

by MarcelaM

As the owner of a picky dog I have to say that this food can is worth every penny. I used to throw the last pound of food ot of every bag because my dog refuse to eat it. I knew it was not fresh enough for him, and smaller bags ...way too expensive. He has to eat a prescription food only so it's expensive. This container holds the 18 pound bag beautifully and keeps it fresh long enough for Albert to finish it and the quality is exceptional. Its sturdy enough to look good and perform for years to come. I expected good quality but this surpassed my expectations. I waited untill all the food was gone to write the review. That was the real test.

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Pet Food Can Review - Five Stars!

by PatrickM

This product is perfect for us. I hesitated in regard to what size of pet food can I should purchase, but this one fits PERFECTLY underneath our washroom sink (easily holds a 16 lb bag of dog food). It is easy to open and close, and contains a handy feeder scoop on the underside of the lid. Although the product was expensive, it is ten times better than what I would have gotten with a more economical purchase. I look forward to having this pet food holder for many decades to come.

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Best pet food holder

by JodyS

perfect to allow us to keep pet near at hand and still look good in the kitchen

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Love that pet food can!!

by RobynR

We carefully shopped for the right pet food container. We wanted one that is durable, attractive, easy to use, and airtight. We could not be happier! I should mention that I had some concerns when I read a review from a man who frequently pinches his knuckles on the latch. In my wildest imagination, I cannot figure out how anyone could hit their knuckles. The can has a wonderful design.

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Great food stash!

by LenR

I am very please with this product. The medium size holds a 26 pound bag of dry food and keeps its own 1 cup scoop attached magnetically under the lid which keeps the scoop handle clean. Nice locking mechanism keeps food secure from over-active four legged friends! Very nice appearance so it doesn't have to be hidden out of sight

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by SherrieS

It looks so nice & is made well. It closes unlike anything else I have purchased so it keeps the food fresher.

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Love the convenience of scooping .

by FrancesL

I bought the large one for dog food and then the medium for cat food.They keep the food secure and is so simple to scoop.The appearance is nice enough to leave right in the kitchen.

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Clever and dog proof (even for our clever dog!)

by DianeH

We have a lab who THINKS she is hungry all the time. Our previous food container had a foot pedal on it--which she got into once, but decided it was not worth the effort so just knocked the whole container over and ate enough food for 3 days! That's when we ordered this Simplehuman container with the locking lid. She has NOT even tried to outsmart this container--it is great. The magnet holding the scoop in place is very strong, so we just leave the scoop in the dry dog food.

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Best Pet Food Container

by BrendaW

I hesitated buying this because of the price but I tell you it was well worth the money. We use it every day and my children have no problems using it. It looks great and it is fingerprint proof. However, it is not standard schnauzer proof. She often has a wet beard and puts her beard all over it. Other than that, I have no complaints.

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Pet food container

by JeanW

I was using a plastic container that originally contained Kenel ration, after 20 years it was showing signs of wear. I wanted something that was a little nicer looking, wow I sure found it, looks so nice in my kitchen, easy to get the food out. One person thought it was my trash can. The smaller one was right for my pet.

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Very nice product

by BrendaH

I bought two of the smallest size. They are pricey but I had no regrets once they arrived. They hold a lot, work great, and are compact, attractive, and well-sealed. I leave them out all the time. Closing takes a little practice but it's not difficult once you learn how. To open you lift the silver handle until the catch falls away from the lip, then lift the lid from the lip. To close, lift the silver handle until the catch rises above the lip, tap the catch forward to rest against the lip, then push the silver handle down to lock in place.

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The best Pet Food Can in the World!

by LarryS

Constructed well, airproof, attractive to the eye, food is always fresh, love the scoop in the lid feature, don't know why we waited so long to buy one!

thank you for your input

Awesome, but BIG

by CourtneyD

I bought the smaller canister, but it was way too big. I have a smaller, 20lb dog. This canister would have held almost two 20# bags of his food (~30lbs of small kernel dog food). I was really, really excited about this canister. I LOVE SimpleHuman. I'll be keeping my eyes open for when/if they start selling a smaller version. *fingers crossed*

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Pet food container

by IrisM

I have two of the pet food containers, the smaller size for the cat food the medium size for the dog food. I am very pleased with the lock and seal top. It really keeps the food smell inside and the food stays fresh. I like the magnet in the lid for easy storage of the scoop. The design is nice and fits nicely with my other simplehuman cans.

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Top Dog -Bin

by LornaM

Great size, bin holds large size food packs yet is sleek and slim. Easy to use with scoop fitting neatly in to lid with a magnetic clip to hold it in place. Very stylish - you don't need to hide this bin away in an awkward to reach corner!

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by NancyM

I have waited years to find a product like this. I live in a small condo and have a small pantry with limited floor space. This pet food container is perfect because it is slim and deep - the size of my pantry floor space. I also like that it has wheels so that I can easily wheel it from the back of the pantry when I need to feed my pup. it is large enough to hold 28lbs of dog food. I feed my dog only 1cup of food a day but like to save by buying a large 28lb bag of dog food. This works fine because the storage container is airtight. I also like the scoop in the lid feature. This product is pricey but worth it to me...I am very satisfied with this product.

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Pet food can

by DebraM

Excellent pet food holder. Works well & is also very attractive. Seals well so there is no odor of the food.

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Classy and functional

by StephenN

This elegant and simple pet food container works great and looks wonderful! The seal on the container is ideal - you can't smell any of the pet food once it is closed (if that is an issue for you, that is). The handy scoop in the lid (attached by magnet) is sturdy and a welcome feature. We haven't had much reason to roll it around but it works well there too.

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pet food bin

by MoiraP

I was desperate for a practical and airtight pet food container after finding meal moths hopping around in my 15kg bag of dry cat food, which meant throwing away around £30 of feed. Although the Simple Human bin was the most expensive I found, it was clear to me just from seeing the pictures and reading the specification that it seemed the best of what was available. This was confirmed when the item arrived just a couple of days after ordering it. It is a fantastically stylish item which I am happy to have on show in the kitchen and it is great to have a stainless steel container which stays free of finger prints. Most importantly, it has a snap lock which prevents any insects getting into it and the food is kept completely fresh. The little shovel in the lid is very handy for dishing out the food and the container has wheels at the back so that it moves easily. A fantastic investment that will last for years. I'm glad I didn't go for one of the cheaper alternatives on the market.

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SimpleHumanPet Can

by alanM

Great compact locking storage container. easy clean and no fingerprint stainless are awesome.

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Great Product

by SonniS

Love that it is airtight & the wheels are good for me. The scoop "attaches" to the lid so it's never lost. It is a little big for me though. I use it for cat food. An 8.5 lb. bag only about half fills it. It would be nice if there was a smaller version.

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classy look, no smell

by JamieW

keeps the dog and cat food handy in a great-looking, sealed container. Keeps the mice out (they used to nibble through the bags). Easier to open than a rubbermaid bin. Easy to move with the little wheeled feet. Scoop sticks on the inside of the lid with a magnet. The Magnetic attachment for the scoop is a little strong--hard to detach.

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