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simplehuman pet food can

Our fingerprint-proof pet food can provides a neat and efficient pet food storage solution that keeps food in and pets out. The ergonomic lock-tight handle forms an airtight seal to keep food fresh. The can includes a convenient scoop that attaches neatly under the lid. Its large capacity is also ideal for storing other types of bulk food items such as flour, rice, sugar, charcoal or bird seed.

  • airtight seal: to keep food fresh, we engineered a robust closure with an airtight seal
  • lock-tight handle: the large, ergonomic handle clamps the lid closed with one smooth motion and locks it shut to prevent pets from opening the lid
  • food-safe bucket: removable, BPA-free inner bucket
  • magnetic, lid-mounted scoop: convenient scoop with integrated measurements attaches neatly under the lid, so there's no fumbling around at feeding time

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simplehuman pet food can

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