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simplehuman butterfly sensor can

Our fingerprint-proof butterfly sensor can has multi-sense™ technology that reacts and adapts to your behavior so it won't open unexpectedly or close before you've finished your task. The slim, space-saving shape makes the most of tight spaces and the butterfly lid design opens from the center for maximum efficiency and clearance under low countertops.

  • multi-sense™: Our touch-free sensor can is the most effortless and hygienic way to throw trash out, and our advanced multi-sense technology actually adapts to your tasks. It’s touch-free technology that’s in sync with your needs.
  • butterfly lid: Split doors open from the center for maximum clearance under low countertops.
  • ready mode: The trigger zone is a focused space directly above the lid — easy to reach, but precise enough to avoid false triggers.
  • task mode: Once the lid is open, the trigger zone extends to become more sensitive to activity, so the lid won’t close before you’re finished.

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simplehuman butterfly sensor can

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