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Technology that’s in Sync with Your Needs


LOS ANGELES – simplehuman®, known for their sleek and innovative designs, has a new addition to their sensor can collection. Today they announced the release of their butterfly sensor can. Equipped with notable features such as the patented bag tuck® and fingerprint-proof stainless steel, the sensor activated can embodies the company’s mission of efficient living. 

Patented Technology

With this mission in mind, the company created an innovative multi-sense™  technology to cater to everyday chores.  The can is responsive to specific actions and changes its behavior mode depending on the task.

• ready mode: The trigger zone is extremely precise and avoids false triggers.
• task mode: Once the lid is open, the sensor becomes more sensitive to activity and won’t close before you’re finished.
• stay-open mode: After 3 seconds of continued activity, the lid automatically opens wider and switches to a 30-second stay-open mode — great for longer chores.


simplehuman® starts with intuitive design and solid engineering, then subject products to rigorous testing. That's why the products will last in tough, busy environments like your home—for years.

• robust mechanism: Engineered with a durable mechanism that prevents damage to the lid even with rough handling.
• 5 year warranty: The longest warranty for any automated trash can on the market. 

Efficient Living

The butterfly sensor can includes features designed to make everyday tasks easier.

• energy efficient: Get the most out of your batteries – lasts up to 12 months with 6 alkaline C batteries or plug the can in with the power adapter
• odorsorb™ filters: Natural charcoal filter is integrated into the lid to neutralize odors without harmful chemicals
• butterfly lid: Split doors open from the center for maximum clearance under low countertops.
• easy to move: Nylon discs under the can make it easy to slide and gentle on floors.
• custom-fit liners: For a perfect fit, use simplehuman code N liner with extra strong double seams and convenient drawstring handles.

The 48 liter can sits 11.4”W x 24.8”H, leaving enough space to get around in the kitchen. While its size makes it space-saving and efficient, the stainless steel finish and sleek design makes it aesthetically appealing as well. The can will retail online for $275 at and will also be offered at local retail stores.