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x-frame laundry hamper
chrome steel

sku# LT1004

The chrome steel x-frame laundry hamper is built with heavy gauge steel bars so it won't buckle, even when packed with dirty clothes. The canvas/mesh laundry bags have sturdy steel handles that make them easy to remove from the frame and carry to the laundry room. A strong pivot point and wide base keep the laundry hamper stable.
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sturdy, wide base

Heavy-gauge steel frame has a wide base and a strong pivot point for greater stability.

easy to carry

Our x-frame laundry hamper's breathable canvas/mesh bags have steel handles that make them easy to lift and carry to the washing machine.

non-skid base

Non-skid base has rubber pads that are gentle on floors and keep the hamper steady.

compact storage

Frame folds up for compact storage.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

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Function and style

by ShiredR

In keeping withe the simplehuman line of products, this double laundry hamper is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Not cheap, but built to last with quality materials. Very pleased with this purchase!

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Double hamper

by Deanna R

Love it! Very sturdy and looks nice. The only con is the price. But would pay it for this product

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Double X-Frame Laundry Hamper, Chrome Steel

by MarioG

The hamper looks great. I made the mistake of not measuring the available space in my apartment bathroom. A single hamper may work better for smaller bathrooms. Overall Great Tool

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best laundry purchase yet

by ReneeD

I hesitated to purchase this hamper because of sheer price. Instead I bought cheap plastic and wicker laundry baskets and complained when they broke or splintered. The smartest thing I did was purchase this hamper. Its easy to carry down two flights of steps and sturdy enough for my two boys to load their clothes into.

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Easy and well made

by WhitneyZ

Finally a laundry hamper that I know I won't have to trash after a year. Very well made and easy to use, we are happy we bought this, worth the money!

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laundry made easier

by DougK

really cool and modern laundry organizer, that fits in with your decor without it looking like some ordinary laundry hamper or basket. great customer service and speedy delivery well worth the money spent !!! A+++

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by MichaelP

Awesome item. Big miss by the engineers who if used their own product would have caught. A cloth handle is need on the bottom to dump clothes in the machine. No cost addition.

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by RobertR

Easy to use. Easy to keep separate whites from darks. Easy to lift out and carry individual bag to washer. Easy to store whole contraption in bathtub out of sight behind shower curtain in small apartment with a separate shower. Small enough to switch hiding place if I want.

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Great Design

by Maria M

Love this item. Traded it in for the single version. Helps to pre-sort light and dark clothing. Smaller containers make them easy to carry.

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double x frame gets a big check mark

by jeffP

Love it! Exactly what we expected from Simple human

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Looks great and functional too

by ShannonP

I bought this laundry hamper because I was looking for a more grown-up look with a functional design. I was not disappointed. SimpleHuman products are so well-thought out and well, simple! This is the most attractive laundry hamper I have ever seen and it fits in with our more modern design aesthetic. Love it!

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Good solid product

by JessieA

There is no question... this is a very good product. How could it be SUPERB? If there was some type of locking mechanism for the top rods. They should latch in place and not move at all. Sometimes I have to take clothing out of the unit and the rods pop out of the grooves they sit in. That's about the only bad thing to say. The unit is overall built smart and solid.

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Double, x-frame laundry hamper, chrome steel

by LyndaB

I got this hamper to use in my laundry room it looked real strong and steady. I have always been pleased with everything I get from Simple Human. I have never been disappointed.

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Laundry Basket

by BarnabasJ

Worked as Advertised...Thanks Yes I would Recommend to anyone...

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Very Pleased

by DianeM

I couldn't believe I was ordering a clothes hamper that cost nearly a hundred bucks. However, after a recent attempt at reorganizing, I decided to try this double hamper. Love it! I keep it in my bedroom in the spot where my husband had a nasty habit of dropping his clothing. With no lid to pose the least bit of deterrent, it has proved to be a great solution. Not only is it extremely user friendly, it looks good as well. I would not be embarrassed for anyone to walk past my room and see this hamper standing next to the wall. If, however, I wish to put it out of sight, it is light and easy to move into my closet. Love the double bags, which made separating the laundry a cinch. Even at the hefty price, I reccomend it heartily. It's a good, well designed product that lived up to my hopes.

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Love simplehuman

by ValerieN

I'm a simplehuman junkie. Why? Because I trust the quality of their products. I was so excited about the laundry hamper because it's cute, sturdy, fits in my closet and is functional. I grab the appropriate bag and off to the washer I go.

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Krieghoff K80

by Daniel C.R

Pleased so far, however, I believe the product could be improved if you would create some type of retention latch on the hamper rods so that they don't pop off every time you remove clothing or the frame is moved or struck (e.g., by a vacuum cleaner). I like the fact that you can remove each basket for transport to the laundry room but it should require some unlatching to prevent accidental dislodging from the frame.

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by DeeD

Love it! Only wish the hampers bag rods fit tighter. Always coming off when you reach in for clothes to wash.

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Excellent for Small Spaces Too

by RobertK

If you live in smaller spaces, this is an idea and workable solution. This is NOT your typical laundry basket. This fits into our closet just fine and out of the way. Each side holds roughly a washer-load of clothes. The unit is sturdy and stylish (if it needs to be out). For us it was the perfect solution to a laundry dilemma.

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Bag Drag

by DF

Very easy to use on laundry day!! Looks awesome too!!

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Love my hamper!!!

by ColleenM

I love this laundry basket. It is sleek, stylish, durable, and steady! I love that all you have to do is take the bag off the rack and dump it in the washer. I looked for weeks at hampers and for the price this one is the best!!!! I also like that it holds a lot of laundry in it. It is a nice addition to our laundry room and I would buy another one in a second.

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A Functional Looker

by CarolM

We needed a hamper that would be big enough to gather all the clothes that our teen-ager spreads on the floor (...) but, at the same time, a 2-bin hamper that would look cool and would teach her how to separate dark clothes from white or color for her own laundering. Success! Being European, I always look for quality and design: this hamper is sturdy quality, looks great with clean lines --a little bit in the industrial look fashion--, can hide into a bathroom closet if the dimensions allow it, is convenient to use and you can "stuff" a lot in it! We can't wait for other innovations from SimplyHuman!.

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My Ideal Hamper

by SarahP

Sometimes when I need a certain household product I can't locate my "ideal" product, so I settle for something average--an average pillow, an average stool, an average trashcan. But once in a while I find something that is EXACTLY what I want, and this is the case with the simplehuman hamper--it is functional AND aesthetically pleasing. I love how it is divided into two sides, so I can separate the light and dark clothes, and I love how just by looking at it you can tell it is a quality product. It doesn't have a lid, but I like that--don't have to worry about opening or closing a top, and better air flow, too.

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Nice Hamper

by KentL

Well made and very durable. The two hampers make it easy to separate lights from darks and the handles make it easy to carry down to the laundry room.

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Sturdy and sleek

by KarenL

I read great reviews on this product before I purchased it. After using it for about a month now, I have to agree with all those reviews! It was easy to set up and very sturdy. The two bags were easy to remove and put back, very simple and efficient design. Each bag is great for one large load of laundry. It is a bit on the pricy side but I think that it is quite worth it. I suspect that it should last a long time.

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good product

by joe E

Easy to setup and excellent build quality. Brings some elegance to the laundry room.

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Handy Hamper

by MichelleC

This laundry hamper is by far the most sturdy and sleek hamper I've ever owned. It is extremely well made (typical SimpleHuman) and fits well into smaller spaces. The bags lift out of the frame easily for transport and wash nicely as well. I am very pleased with this product purchase.

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Awesome laundry sorter

by KiarraL

My boyfriend and I moved into together and this helped solve a few fights for us. He, like many boys, didn’t understand the reason I needed my clothes to be separated by color; let alone what a delicate cycle was. This has helped us to sort our laundry by color before it gets near the laundry room and I have a small bag on the end that delicate items go in. Now he can help with the washing and I don’t have to be nervous my clothes won’t make it.

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Efficient Hamper

by CarolG

This hamper is so well made and makes sorting laundry easy and efficient.

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The best hamper I've ever had!

by KarenC

Love the capacity of the bags, which are very easy to remove, light to carry to the washer, and even washable! Extremely sturdy. It looks nice, though not "pretty"

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quality product

by PamelaD

Top quality, well made and I expect it to last forever. Size of bags are just right and unlike a previous review, mine seem to stand up ok when separate from stand. My only disappointment was the colour. From the photo it looks like brown and cream/beige which would have been perfect. However, the darker colour is more like grey/taupe (not so perfect) but for the joy of using such a well designed and constructed item I can live with it!

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great hamper

by BruceA

This hamper is very strong and constructed very well,I like the idea of being able to remove and carry the bags right to the washer.Also the bags are washable.Since it is open at the top it is vented very well and won't build up bad smells.Will have it many years to come. Thanks Simplehuman for all of your products!

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Hamper Extraordinaire

by JerryP

Finally somebody made a hamper that's of a sturdy built, a clean, simple & good looking design together with two easily detachable compartments to carry to the washer. Comes highly recommended.

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Perfect hamper

by BenS

My wife and I had looked everywhere for a hamper that was sturdy, easy to take up and down the stairs, and still looks good sitting out in the open in our bedroom. This hamper is perfect for all of that. I'm a guy, and even I am glad that we spent the extra money and got something that wasn't junk. And then I took the time to review it online! You get what you pay for.

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Great Hamper

by MaxwellT

Great hamper. I bought 2 doubles to further separate colors vs hot/warm/cold. Very attractive and both fit nicely in my laundry room. They're not bulky at all but hold a reasonable amount of clothing.

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Love my laundry hamper

by YolandaJ

It's very roomy and very well made. And fits just right in my laundry room!!!!

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by PotterW

It is a nice hamper but larger than we thought. Needs a ton of room, but if you have the space works great and the removeable bags make moving the goodies around easy.

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by DavidV

Best laundry hamper ever!

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laundry - DONE!

by NinaC

I would prefer 3 bags, but these bags are large enough to hold a large load. and easy to carry when full. It fits nicely in the corner of my room so no dirty laundry all over the floor!

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Laundry Bin For Big Items

by TasneemC

I purchased this for the office shower. The shower was installed for employees that cycle in, play sport or run before work, during the lunch hour or after work and employees that have unreliable domestic boilers. The laundry basket is for all the towels we go through. I don't know what 3-5 loads mean but we go through an average of 30 bath towels a month and this double hamper can hold that easily where the previous 40 litre laundry bin only held 8 unless they were neatly folded (which never happens). Emptying the bin is easy, simply pull out the bag and tip out the contents. On a personal level, I think the bags can be slightly bigger to take full advantage of the size of the frame though for this environment, one giant bag would my ideal solution. But hey it does the job, looks good and no one in the office has complained (yet).

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Best Hamper Ever!!!

by DonaldD

This is by far the best hamper I have ever owned. The two different compartments I use one for darks, one for whites which eliminates the need for separating at the end of the week. It's a great size and fits nicely in our wash room. It was easy to put together. Great product!

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great product

by alA

rehabbed our laundry room and decided to finally get rid of the cheap plastic laundry basket. saw this product on line & ordered it even though it has a higher price tag. it arrived quickly and was well worth the higher price. very sturdy,easy to put together and looks great. highly recommend.

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Good quality and looks

by Kevin & KathyM

We love the double hamper, the hampers are very easy to remove, the hampers hold much more clothing than it seems on the site,and it is well made and looks sleek and modern!! We have finally retired the white plastic hamper that we have been using for over 20 years!! Well done to the folks at simple human!!

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Very functional and attractive

by RobertC

Works great. Excellent ventilation. Easy to carry. Attractive and functional.

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Excellent, very high quality hamper!

by AndreB

This looks beautiful and is super functional and well made. I've already recommended it to a couple of friends.

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Works Well Sorting Out Laundry

by BryanP

This double hamper has two regular bags, which are kind of, I use one for colors (laundry), and the other one for all my whites (laundry). It's a really unique laundry hamper, and I love it too!!! So, I bought the single hamper to go with it for towels...e.t.c... because it's a good bit bigger & I seem to use a lot of towels and rags for one person!! lol ;) Really tho, both hampers are great, and both of them together work even better, and are Fantastic together!!! I highly-recommend them both!!! Thanks SH...

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Off floor to stylish hamper

by PurmellD

Item is stylish and really accomadates the space in closet. In addition this item is very sturdy and durable.

thank you for your input

Awesome Hamper!!

by RyanC

Absolutely love it. Stylish and allows me to sort laundry and dry cleaning.

thank you for your input

Great product

by MarkQ

Fantastic quality, really good design and fits in our home well. It has helped our busy family with a big laundary problem, keeping us organised and now we know when to do a wash. A little more expensive than other options but after research it seemed to be the best option and now know it was. I do not regret it for one moment and would recommend to anyone.

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Sturdy and Functional

by JennyH

I love that I will be able to wash the hamper bins when necessary. Very sturdy and functional product. The only reason for deducting a star is that the bin handles at the top come out very easily, which can be a little annoying.

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nice looking

by MargaretF

very durable - wished they came in 3's

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Well pleased !

by RoystonS

As usual a perfect product.

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Well Built, Stylish & Beyond Practical

by GlennP

I love it! Excellent job in design and it has a weight to it that will make it a very durable addition. Quality was better than expected and my expectations are always high.

thank you for your input

Great Laundry Hamper

by BruceK

This hamper looks great in your house...very stylish, yet functional. The open design allows the clothes to air out, it's easy to maintain and wash, and the baskets lift out for easy transportability.

thank you for your input

Very Pleased!

by LaurenV

I am very happy with this product! I absolutely love the ability to take the different laundry bags out of the frame, it makes laundry time much more efficient and convenient! The frame is also very sturdy and sleek-looking. This was a great purchase!

thank you for your input

If only it came in set of 3

by AllisonG

It fits perfectly in our master closet - one bag is for drycleaning (makes it easy to carry there) and other for clothes for laundry. What would be great would be to have option of three bags:darks, lights, colors for sorting into in laundry room. Extremely sturdy and bags are strong.

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Great structure, but really needs 3 slots

by KenB

The sorter is very functional and nicely designed, however a 3 slot option would make it truly superior. Only 2 slots requires use of a plastic basket for the third load. Buying both Simplehuman double and single units is far too much $$$. So I have to use a Walmart white plastic basket next to your beautiful stucture. So what's the point?

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Darks and Lights Separated at the Beginning

by PeterB

The product is extremely well designed and constructed. Prior to purchasing it, I had to paw through the laundry to separate lights and darks. Now, they can be separated at the very beginning. This may sound like a minor point, but having to separate darks and lights from a pile of laundry is a nuisance.

thank you for your input

Top Rating


Arrived quickly, already assembled, as pictured, solid, holds A LOT in a small space. Get it!

thank you for your input

Best laudry hamper out there!!

by TheresaH

We owned many simplehuman products. This is yet another extremely well-built product. We love how the hamper looks and the great quality. There is nothing to complain about the hamper. Oh, perhaps it is abit on the expensive side, but it is worth every single penny :)

thank you for your input

Sleek and modern!

by DominiqueN

I have been looking for a hamper that not only fits my style, but the beautiful bedroom furniture that I have. This hamper fits well with my decor. The stainless steel frame makes it look expensive and modern. I would like to see the actual laundry bag in different collors. Other than that, there's nothing negative that I have to say about it.

thank you for your input

Sturdy & stylish

by MarieG

This is a great hamper that is sturdy and still looks stylish.

thank you for your input

Sturdy and practical!

by MelissaD

I was surprised at how sturdy this laundry hamper is. Also, the picture doesn't do it justice as far as good looks. It doesn't take up a lot of space yet there's lots of room for even towels and sheets in the two compartments. I have mine in my laundry room but if you need it to sit somewhere else, it's easy to remove the two compartments and carry them to the laundry room. Well worth the money. Typical Simplehuman quality.

thank you for your input

Pragmatic & Beautiful

by Jean ChristopheB

This product is built well from the high quality chromed legs to the sturdy laundry bags. Just the right amount of laundry fits in the bags to fill my front loader and it is incredibly convenient to be able to remove and carry the handled bag to and from the laundry room. Really a simple, well thought out, and minimalistically beautiful product.

thank you for your input

What you see is EXACTLY what you get

by JoanneM

Well made, easy to set up, each bag easily holds 2-3 loads of laudry, looks good. Nothing negative to say about it.

thank you for your input

Well made!

by GordonI

What can I say, fantastic. This is the third product I have bought from simple human, everything they build just works. It does exactly what they say it does and it is really good quality. Many thanks.

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Sturdy and attractive... LIKE ME!

by JayE

Solidly constructed, good looking hamper. I like that the removable baskets allow you to carry the clothes to the washer. Wheels on a hamper sound like a good idea, but after two hampers that broke while I was wheeling them around, ehh.... not such a novel thing. Plus, the simplehuman people are really nice and helpful, because I initially screwed up the address on my order. Oops!

thank you for your input

almost perfect

by JoanneC

use daily. Sturdy. Needs accessory small basked for delicates. two color choices needed: brown range and blue/white range.

thank you for your input

awesome hamper

by timothyH

This hamper is stylish & durable. I definitely recommend the double instead of the single.

thank you for your input

Well Made Product

by LanD

Just like BMW and Apple products, simplehuman products are well made and functional. I enjoy using them everyday.

thank you for your input

Best laudry bags

by LouM

Real convenient. Holds a couple of weeks of laundry. I have a small condo so space is important. Great as you can carry it to the machine when you are ready to clean the clothes.

thank you for your input

simple & strong!

by anneB

such a great hamper...easy to use, looks great! very happy customer!

thank you for your input

Almost perfect

by PatriciaB

I have been on a search for a perfect hamper now that I have a real utility room. Wheels would have been nice, but not worth the price. These are just the right size if you fold clean clothes immediately. My only quibble is that the individual bags don't always stay in place - the same design that makes them easy to remove prevents them from staying in the frame easily. The hamper seemed slightly pricey, given its simplicity, but it's the best design I've found to date.

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Sturdily built, versatile hamper

by GailM

Durably constructed, looks nice, bags are removable to take to the washer and are themselves washable, good size.

thank you for your input

Simply Great

by JaneT

As silly as it may seem, this is the first hamper that makes separating lights from darks truly simple for us. The bags are always where they should be and because they hang right together, there's no question which is holding what. I have to carry our laundry from upstairs down to the first floor. The bags are strong yet light-weight and make both trips easy. I'm just sorry I put so many other kinds of baskets and systems in the landfill before I found this one. Forever!

thank you for your input

The elite of laundry hampers

by BrendaH

This is the best designed hamper and looks great. I saw the hamper in a store while I was vacationing in CA. As soon as I got home, I ordered it. I really like the way it has made my laundry room look neater and cleaner.

thank you for your input

wish it was triple

by LouiseW

Very sturdy and I use it everyday. Wish it was three bins but it was made very well

thank you for your input

coolest ever

by TammyR

i have two of these, they organize my laundry loads so i don't have to do it on piles on the floor !!! lovely to carry to the washer in too, i have them in the bathroom. my children have even cralwed in them , and they did'nt break !!! i'd say that's a pretty good test !!! They look real sharp as all their stuff does !!thanks simple human for another great product.

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Nearly there...

by SteveH

Nice idea and, like most Simple Human stuff, well designed and built – although fairly pricey. Looks good in chrome but to match modern interiors perhaps a stainless steel frame option would be nice. Could there also be a choice of bag colours?

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thank you for your input

Entropy Control

by AmyS

I purchased two of these for my children's rooms so that they can learn to sort their colors and whites to same me time in the laundry room. So far the hampers are holding up well. As far as the children's sorting....that is a "work in progress". I like the sturdiness of these hampers. I sprayed the bags with Scotchguard before use. The bags are washable. The kids can lift the bags off the stand and haul to the laundry themselves which is a big plus. The size of the bags is good for a medium load in the machine. I can combine 2 bags for my front loader 4.0 cu/feet. I would buy these again. The kids even like them!

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

thank you for your input

Best L;aundry hamper I Found


This hamper looks nice anywhere in your house or apartment. I have mine located in my bedroom. When you get ready to do your washing just grab the two handles and take all your clothes at once. I use mine every day the bags will never wear out.

thank you for your input

Best Hamper EVER

by BobM

Finest clothes hamper I ever bought. Strong, durable and easy to get bags “in and out”. Great product!

thank you for your input

Primo Hamper

by StevenS

This hamper is sturdy, attractive, separates the whites/colors, and is the perfect accent to the laundry room. Have not seen one that is made as well and functions like this; the parts come apart to carry a load or whatever you want to do with no tools required.

thank you for your input

Great Hamper

by LukeW

This Hamper is very solidly built and great for what I need it for. Highly recommended!

thank you for your input

I only wish it were a triple!

by H. L.W

A laundry basket does not need to be a luxury item, and this is definitely a luxury item, but it honestly gives me pleasure to have it. It is beautiful and it works. Both the fabric and the frame are attractive but tough. The handles of the bag are comfortable in my hand--not cutting into the palm the way string bags or the edge of plastic baskets do. My only complaint is that there is no triple-bag option.

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Love It!!!!

by KristinC

Each side holds a generous amount of laundry. The bags lift out (even full) very easily. Fairly compact for what it is. Strong & Sturdy! Locks into place but easily folds up as well.

thank you for your input

Love It

by AnnP

Well made product. Love the look and it is exactly what I was looking for. Fits nicely in my laundry room

thank you for your input

Love it!

by TeresaB

The double frame hamper is a good weight (even full of laundry) and good size! It is a perfect solution to sorting and moving the clothes out to the washer. We have had the single one for a long time so it was nice when this finally became available it matched!

thank you for your input


by LisaC

I've been looking for simple sleek user-friendly bins for about 5 years. Thanks to simplehuman for making things for all of us simple humans out here!

thank you for your input

Perfect Space Saver

by SarahT

The simplehuman hamper is perfect for small spaces and has a clean look that will match any decor. It has also been very durable as we take the bags out everytime we do laundry. We're 100% pleased with our purchase!

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thank you for your input

Great product!

by DonnaW

This is an excellent hamper. Very impressed with the quality and practical design. Worth the price, but would be nice if it were more affordable.

thank you for your input


by ChrisC

I really like this hamper. It holds a good amount of laundry and has sturdy metal handles. I wish they had a three unit model.

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Laundry hamper

by HermolyR

This is a great item. It's very practical, useful, very well made. It looks really cool and it's made of a great material. I know this will last me for a very long time.

thank you for your input

Excellent and Efficient Laundry Hamper

by RolandP

First of all, it is easy to assemble. This is important because, to me, the two most dreadful words in the English language are "assembly required." I use my hamper all the time;one side is allocated for colors, and the other for whites. The canvas sacks are just the right size, and they are easy to unhook and replace. This is convenient for me, because my hamper is on the upper floor of my townehouse, while my laundry room is in the garage area. Finally, like all Simplehuman products, the hamper is chic and adds a touch of class to my place. Simplehuman, another great product - you rock!

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Best Laundry Hamper I've Used...

by sarahH

I have tried MANY versions of this laundry hamper, always other brands. Even though they were not cheap, they inevitably fell apart: all had containers that tore or fell off the frames whenever too much laundry was placed inside, or had faulty means of holding the canvas containers on the handles (snaps that came open, velcro that wouldnt hold, etc.). When I ordered this hamper from SimpleHuman, I was so thrilled, that I promptly ordered another. It is by far the sturdiest and most well-designed hamper I have ever tried of this style. The bags are very well-sewn, and are in the same sturdy, good condition as they were the day they arrived (and I use them frequently and hard). I have a lot of laundry and I need hampers that can keep up - these do perfectly! I have owned them for many months now, and am still as thrilled with their durability, strong canvas bags, and the fact that they hold much more than any other hamper of this style I have tried. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has tried this style of hamper before and has come up short - this SimpleHuman version is the best out there and I am completely thrilled with it.

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