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compact steel frame dishrack
fingerprint-proof stainless steel - grey

sku# KT1168

Our compact steel frame dishrack has a solid stainless steel frame that is space-efficient, but still has the capacity to handle full-size plates. It has a swivel spout that pivots so you can drain water directly into the sink and an anti-residue coating that prevents residue buildup and water spots. The wine glass holder hangs up to 3 wine glasses — even a couple of those extra-large Bordeaux glasses. A fingerprint-proof coating helps protect against smudges.
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you wash, I'll dry

Our compact steel frame dishrack has an innovative drainage system that includes an integrated drip tray with a swivel spout that pivots to keep water flowing directly into the sink, not onto the countertop.

anti-residue coating

Hydrophillic coating on plastic tray causes water to spread so that it dries more quickly and prevents residue buildup. Very clean and efficient.

wine glass holder

Integrated wine glass rack safely hangs up to 2 extra-large Bordeaux wine glasses so they dry quickly and efficiently.

pivoting swivel spout

Spout pivots in all directions to drain water directly into the sink so you can position the dishrack any way on the countertop.

extendable drip tray

Pulls out below the cup holders to catch drips.

utensil holder

Separate compartments keep utensils neat and organized.

coated steel wire

Soft, coated steel wire protects dishes against chips and scratches.

easy to clean

Interior wire tray lifts out for easy cleaning. Clean all parts in warm, soapy water.

optional feet

Add the optional feet to raise the dishrack spout over high sinks.


Fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

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Every simplehuman product is a work of art

by MW

In the perfect Mies van der Rohe way: form follows function. So exquisitely that you're proud to have it sitting out publicly. Utilitarian home goods were never so sexy...

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by MarciaP

This is the best dish rack I have ever found! It has several great features: The water drains underneath through a little spout that you can aim any direction you want. There is a wine glass holder to keep your wine glasses safe as you let them dry. It can also be used to hang your dishrag or towel on. There are two sizes. I bought the large for myself and sent the small one to my daughter and my Mom. I highly recommend it! It's seems a little crazy to get so excited about a dish rack but here I am!!

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dish drainer

by MarciaP

I really love this drainer! It drains excess water back into the sink. It is very roomy and has sides that help to keep the dishes in the rack. The glass drainer is on the side and it also has a drainer you can attach for wine glasses. It is also very attractive to look at. I bought my daughter and my mother one of the smaller size and they love them as well.

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good product

by JanetJ

Arrived well packaged. Expensive but looks good and does the job well.

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by ConnieC

No issues with this item. Very convenient! Wish I could say more but haven't had a chance to use as much because I travel a lot. But I wish I could. Makes dishes so great to stack

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smart design

by MarthaH

I just love the compact style and the fact that water doesn't leave spots

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It Rocks!

by MM

Searched long and hard for a dishrack that functioned well. All found were less than optimal for a varity of reasons - until we found this one. I'm pretty hard to please when it comes to gadgets, but this one exceeded my expectations. The drain spout that drains into your sink is genius - no need for a drain mat or the need to dry counters counters after you do dishes as all the water drains into your sink. The fab wine glass holder for spot free drying is the bomb. Pricey but worth it. Hats off to the designers of this one!

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