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code R
custom fit liners
12 refill packs (240 liners)

sku# CW0253MC

One size does not fit all! Our liners are designed to fit each of our cans perfectly so there is no messy bag overhang or bunching — and they never slip. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears. Strong drawstring handles make the liners easy to lift, tie, and carry.

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perfect fit

Our custom fit liners are tailored to fit our cans perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay neatly hidden when the lid is closed.

thick double seams

Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears.

convenient drawstring handles

Easy to lift, tie, and carry.

one at a time

Dispenser pack opening makes it easy to grab one liner at a time — no perforations or unraveling.


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great bags R

by shuwanG

R code bags are easy to put on and easy to take off. No slipping and spilling from these bags. The carry straps make taking out the trash simple human.

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Liner for compost collection

by MarciaW

I use the Simplehuman trash container that is installed on the cabinet door below the sink for composting fruits & vegetables. I can empty everything in my compositor & reuse the liners several times before putting them out with the recyclables. They don't leak and fit perfectly. I haven't found any equivalent in the stores, so I bought the bulk 240 pack, which should last quite awhile. Thank you, Simplehuman, for keeping the price reasonable.

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Slim Can Liners

by Anne-Marie W

Love them... Heavy duty and fit perfect!

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smallsize trash can with brown cover

by maxineS

fits perfectly under my sink and thecode r bags fir just perfect. love it! 5*

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"R" trash bags

by SusanB

I love them, the bag is strong and holds a lot of trash. Will hold up and not fall apart like other brands.

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bad fit

by MarilynD

I bought these because they are made for small step can. However, they are extremely difficult to get over the can. They seem to be too small.

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Nice fit

by SteveW

Normally I just used the generic whatever is around trash bags for any of my cans in the house. But, for some reason, I decided to go ahead and buy the right bag for the new can I just got from Simplehuman®. The bags are fine. They are nice and sturdy and have draw pulls to carry to the garbage can when full. I will say, with the bags being nice, the only real feature gained from bags you can buy at the store, is the fact they fit perfectly in the can they were made for. If you are like me and do not like sloppy bag hangover in a visible location then get them.

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make-do size

by patA

The quality of this bag is 5 stars. Dropped a star, because the top is so tight, it's difficult to get the bag on and off the insert. Bed Bath and Beyond, where I bought the can, and Amazon both show size C is the bag for my new can. That is incorrect. Only size R works, but it's a tight fit at the top. The rest of the bag is plenty generous, though. The ties are sturdy, as is the thick plastic. I'm also glad to be able to get a large supply, so I don't have to order more than once a year.

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Great Compost Bag

by LarryR

I've got a small Simple Human pedal bin that I use for compost materials. These bags fit perfectly and are incredibly durable. I've tried using plastic shopping bags, but they almost always leak and leave a smelly mess. My only complaint is that I can't find a store in this area that still carries the bags.

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Controls even diaper odor!

by kimberlyA

We've got these trash bags in the cans next to the changing tables throughout our house, and they do a great job of controlling the odors. Definitely worth paying a little bit more for that feature!

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