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One size does not fit all! Our liners are designed to fit each of our cans perfectly so there is no messy bag overhang or bunching — and they never slip. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears. Strong drawstring handles make the liners easy to lift, tie, and carry.

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perfect fit

Our custom fit liners are tailored to fit our cans perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay neatly hidden when the lid is closed.

thick double seams

Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears.

convenient drawstring handles

Easy to lift, tie, and carry.

one at a time

Dispenser pack opening makes it easy to grab one liner at a time — no perforations or unraveling.

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Great but a bit pricey!

by VickieL

Great product, but a bit pricey. Nice to have bags that fit and don't leak!

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Great bags

by MadisonS

Once you use these bags, you will never go back to the old garbage bags. These fit perfectly and I don't worry about spills, tears, punctures,etc...they are great!!

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Code Q liners

by SueL

The last order I received fit better than any others I had ordered. You must have made changes and I thank you for it.

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Garbage Cans and Liners; Shower Shampoo Dispensers

by DavidT

We could not be more pleased with the attractiveness, convenience and efficient utility of Simple Human's garbage cans and liners. They offer the perfect disposal system. Similarly, the shower shampoo dispensers ideal for convenient storage and use.

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Huge bags

by SharonN

Nice bags. Holds alot of trash. A little expensive but normal trash bags purchased from the market will not fit!! That's a problem!!

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The best system ever!

by MelissaT

I would highly recommend the garbage can and the custom liners! No more pulling a half full bag out of the can and having it sit on the kitchen floor until it is full! These custom liners are awesome and when you pull it out, it is full. We are very, very happy.

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custom liners

by dT

The product is solid, and the 50 pack very efficient and well packaged, however shortly after buying bins, the liners disappear from store shelves where i purchased or most anywhere I've looked and I live in NYC.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. As a friendly reminder, we have a retail locator feature on our site that allows you to search for stores that carry our products near you. Please note, we always recommend calling ahead to ensure that the specific item you are looking for is in stock.

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Trash bag liners

by LouP

They are the perfect fit for the trashcan. They really hold up well and are deep enough to hold a good capacity of trash.

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Best Bags Ever!

by MadisonS

I didn't know how much a trash bag would make a difference! It's incredible: ample space, liner fits perfectly in the SIMPLEHUMAN trash can! Easy to change out and is incredibly durable. It holds so much more than the regular store liners and the price difference is worth it. Everyone should try these won't go back!

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Last Trash Can

by Robert W

This will be the last trash can I'll ever buy. The bags fit perfectly, the shape of the can and the capacity Is great. No smudges, looks great and a breeze to clean. The price was high but well worth it.

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Bargain Hunt Trashcan

by CarlG

Fits trashcan right everytime and is out of view when installed.

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Great Trash Can Liner

by RosemaryC

I like how it fits exactly into the trash can!

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best fitted can liner

by ManaW

The liner fits perfectly in the can and takes out easily from the can. It is durable, never breaks, we have been using it for about 2 years on daily basis. Good product.

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trash can

by LindaF

it is well made and fits the can perfectly

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large bags very strong

by RitaR

these bags are strong bags

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I have never had a trash bag that hasn't been a pain in the rear until now. It seems that old bags once they were half way full would always inch down and down and then you have to pull the edges back out of the nasty garbage. You do not have any unsightly excess bag hanging out of the lid of the can either. It just sits there and looks like a great trashcan that I do not have to wrestle with anymore! I have always lived by the idea that you pay good money for something and you get what you pay for! These trashcan liners are no exception.

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super strong liner - holds up to most anything

by JudiM

We love our Simply Human trash container. It's just the right size, fits conveniently in the kitchen, and the liners are strong enough to take lots of abuse. (Although they haven't seen a lot of abuse since we added a Simply Human recycle container!)

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Worth the money

by Anne MarieL

Changing the trash can liner was always a battle between me and my husband since I used to hate tucking the generic liners in and he minded the messy look. So he would complain and redo it himself. I thought I would give a try to these custom fit liners when I purchased the simplehuman 50 litre rectangular step can. What a difference! They fit perfectly, neatly and easily. I do not mind putting them in at all. They are also functional and strong. I plan to purchase them again in the future.

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Great Liners

by DarriusJ

These trash can liners are the best. I haven't had a liner burst or the handle break in the 14 months I've been using them. For my money way better than Glad or Hefty, and they fit my can perfectly.

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Love these bags!

by CD

These bags fit my canister great. They are quality bags. No problems with them at all!

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Beat Liners

by DennisP

These are the top end of trash can liners.

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great purchase

by JuanC

we have been extremely pleased since purchasing our trash can; no regrets at all

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they fit

by DardenG

The can liners fit because they are made to fit and I buy a years supply at the time so I don't run out and get free shipping.

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Love these products!

by DanielleH

I ordered the rectangular 30 liter can a while back and i love this thing! it is so beautiful, if a trash can can be beautiful. It is finger-print proof just like it says, its easy to clean and holds a ton of trash! I wish I could have all of these products. The next one on my list is the dog food can.

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Great Trash Can Liners

by JosephR

The product is very durable and reliable.

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Never buying bargain bags again

by AudreyR

I know they are more expensive than the 200 cheapo drawstring bags you can get from Costco, but they a totally worth it in my opinion. These bags fit my trash can perfectly so I don't have to work really hard to stretch the bag over the lip of the can or get all the air out from between the bag and the trash can. These just slip right on, the drawstring works really well and overall the bags seem to be really heavy duty and well made. I'll still use cheap trash bags for other things but these are the only bags I ever plan to use in my trash can.

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Love it easy to keep clean

by MickL

Love them..have matching one to use for receycle. Use them frequently during the day, clean lines, well constructed able to easily kept clean.

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Trash can liners

by PhillipM

The plastic trash can liners fit perfectly in the removable bin. They have draw string tops so I can close them up before putting them in our trash receptacle. They're strong and durable and always dependable. You have a quality product.

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Excellent Trash Liners

by JosephR

I found the product to be very strong and durable. I would highly recommend this product to anyone using a simplehuman trash appliance of this size and volume.

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Wonderful Products!

by CatherineW

We use our trash can Everyday! Its Size is perfect for our kitchen. It is durable and certainly looks nice against our black floor. And we also love the no hands soap dispenser we just purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond. We are currently looking for a stainless holder to use for drying the dishes.

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