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code N
custom fit liners
3 refill packs (60 liners)

sku# CW0262

One size does not fit all! Our liners are designed to fit each of our cans perfectly so there is no messy bag overhang or bunching — and they never slip. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears. Strong drawstring handles make the liners easy to lift, tie, and carry.
47 reviews
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perfect fit

Our custom fit liners are tailored to fit our cans perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay neatly hidden when the lid is closed.

thick double seams

Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears.

convenient drawstring handles

Easy to lift, tie, and carry.

one at a time

Dispenser pack opening makes it easy to grab one liner at a time — no perforations or unraveling.

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Trash can liners N

by JohnR

Like them a lot. Fits their can perfectly. Great quality. They hold a lot. I have never had a bag to tear. Price is good for the product.

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They work.

by EmanuelQ

What can I say, they fit perfectly, they hold up nicely even with heavy loads and the help keep smells from escaping the can. I'll definitely be getting more once this pack runs out.

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Gram of 9

by GaylaW

These trashbags fit the can perfectly and are not that expensive if you purchase a large quantity.

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Worth every penny

by RonaldS

The Code N trash bag liners are the best trash bags I have found by any brand. They are the perfect size and are tough. I hate to waste money on other brands of trash bags. The Simplehuman trash bags may cost slightly more, but are worth every penny.

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great bags

by MarkN

These bags look great and fits perfectly for my simple human can. we are very happy with this product.

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So far so good

by EstelleB

Really, I love the trash can that I purchased. It could have been annoying to have to buy special trash bags for it but so far things have been working out pretty well. My shipment came within a reasonable time. I ordered them in bulk. I've been using the bags for about a month and have had no problems with tears or anything. They are easy to open, durable, easy to take out of the can and tie.

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Clean and Awesome

by DanaM

Contemplated spending the money. Finally broke done and didi it. It's so awesome and cute. The simple human trash bags r good to get too.

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Perfect Fit

by DiannaM

I was hesitant to purchase “standardized” trash bags, but once I saw how well they fit and how nicely the bag was hidden I was hooked. I ended up purchasing a year’s supply and don’t believe it cost any more than regular trash bags, which didn’t fit as nice. Very Happy

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Nice Trash Bags

by AdamS

I really appreciate the way these trash bags fit my simplehuman sensor trash can. No bag hanging over the side...nice, professional look for my office.

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Nice bags!

by JB

What I really like about these Type N trash bags is that they fit perfectly into my SimpleHuman Type N trash can. Also, they keep the trash on the inside and the can on the outside, which, let's face it, a lot of inferior trash bags just don't do. --Oscar T. Grouch

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A really great trash Can

by TheresaR

I purchased the trash can for our kitchen based on it size. It fits perfectly and get used quite a lot. The liners make it easy to empty and do a great job of keeping it looking clean and attractive.

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Just a trash bag

by JohnW

Well, normally I wouldn't have purchased an item like this, but I had a coupon for trash bags with my trash can so...what the heck

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strong bags

by sherrieR

the bags are very strong and hold a lot. i received the garbage can for xmas and it is great.

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Best Bags!

by EdB

These bags fit perfectly. We buy them by the box once a year and the price is comparable to buying bags in the store, but the fit is outstanding.

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Great Trash Bags

by BoydS

A very practical and high quality product that has no flaws. We have used them for a number of years with pleasure.

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bags that fit

by ArdenD

After reading some guys review of the trash receptacle stating he couldn't find bags that fit at his local shopping venue, thereby giving the receptacle a less than great review... my response is go back to the source. They're available from the manufacturer and thereby fit perfectly. Go figure. End of story.

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durable trash bags

by OctavineP

Very satisfied with the trash bags. They are sturdy and amply sized.

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by KathyF

The liner fits the can I purchased perfectly and is the only one that does. It doesn't allow the liner to slip down (from not fitting correctly) where the garbage gets in the can and the liner becomes useless.

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Dependable trash liners

by BarbaraM

This trash liner is durable and holds quite a bit of rubbish. Even when you take the liner out of the trash bin there is additional room to add more rubbish.

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Great Can

by JenniferR

The Top Spring Broke & Simple Human sent me another one, which was great considering it was a $100 garbage can. Had it 5 years now, no other problems other than I have to order the liners as the stores no longer carry that size

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Best Dishdrainer I have owned

by CathyM

I really like this product and use it daily. It's size holds all the dishes that I have used. I use it mostly for pots and pans and it holds them all and I don't have to dry a couple to fit them all in. It looks really nice and is very sturdy. I have been very pleased with all the Simplehuman products that I have ordered. I would highly recommend it to family and friends.

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Fabulous Trash bags

by JenniferS

These bags are super sturdy--never rip or leak. They easily slide out of the trash can even when stuffed, and the handles are strong! Very good value!!!!

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Great product in a more user friendly dispenser

by JonetteE

A great liner and perfect fit for my soft touch trash can. These liners have handles that do not rip out of the bag. The bag also has a much larger capacity than you would expect. I love the new dispenser bag. It is now easier to remove an individual bag. Also a great price when purchased on the web site.

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perfect fit but where's the can?

by StevenM

This review is for the bags but I have to say I am at a loss as to why the bullet style trash can which these bags fit was discontinued. I went to the store to purchase 2 more but they told me they were discontinued. Nor could I find them on the SH site. As for the bags, the sample bags that came w/ the can was style N, so when I went to purchase more bags it was a bit confusing that my style can wasn't listed as an option for that bag??? Anyways I think it's worth the extra $ to have a bag that fits a specific can so you don't have bags the continuously fall into the can. Very strong bags that fit my style can.

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simplehuman liners

by melvinD

great liners with a great fit to the trash container.

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worth every penny

by SusanM

Have been using these bags for years. Never have had one break or leak. They fit perfectly in the simple human waste can. I order once a year, they come in a tidy little package and take up little space. Because of these bags, the wastebasket never ever smells or gets messy.

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great trash can

by jenniferR

Best Trash can ever purchased; only problem is that Bed Bath & Beyond quit stocking the bags to fit it. Bags hold more and leak less than any store brand

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Best Trash Bags EVER

by FrancisB

These liners are strong and most importantly, they fit the simplehuman trash can that I purchased. Excellent products all the way!

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Captive Liners

by JohnM

Though available only from simplehuman, the can liners are worth the expense and effort. They fit snugly the inner plastic container, don't leak, and the ties don't tear through when the bag is fully loaded.

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Best liners for trash can

by RebeccaS

I love how these replacement bags fit the trash can perfectly with no ugly overhang.

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trash bags that work

by VirginiaM

It fits the trash can perfectly. We change bags about twice a week. The size is ample and the bag durable. Sometimes the ties are weak and break but the bag has never broken no matter how full it gets.

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great bags!

by MichaelS

These bags fit perfectly & they're strong enough to be stuffed without breaking!

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Awesome trash container

by CharlesM

Purchased the trash container a few years ago, had a couple of tops break, contacted simplehuman, no questions asked, they shipped a new one out ASAP. Outstanding customer service, will only purchase my liners or \

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Best trash can liner

by LisaL

I have a Simplehuman Soft Touch trash can that uses code N liners. The Simplehuman liners are the best liners you can buy for your Simplehuman trash cans. The liners fit nicely and the quality of the plastic handles a full load of garbage. I think the 100 pack is the best buy.

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Best Bags Ever

by JenniferS

Strong, efficient, easy to remove from trash can

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Custom Trash Bags

by BobO

I saved a lot of money buying in bulk. The new 45l bags fit better than the old ones, too.

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by DianeA

These trash bags work very well, and they are made especially for my SimpleHuman slim trash can. No other bags fit as well--and these are substantial is plastic weight and holding capacity.

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A perfect fit

by SherrieB

I bought liners for our Simple Human trash can and they are a perfect fit. You can fill them full while they're still in the can, eliminating wasted space. They fit in easily, too.

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durable trash bags

by OctavineP

I find these trash bags to be very durable and of great capacity. The price of the bags is also reasonable.

thank you for your input

great trash bags

by cherylH

i am so glad i was able to find the exact bags for my simple human trash can. i had bout the can about 3 years ago and recently, my Bed Bath & Beyond stopped carrying the "N"code bags and i started using the "M"code bags. they were a little tight, but worked ok. i thought simple human had simply stopped making the original bags, but i was happy to find them on their site. the fit is much better.

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Great bags

by pJ

These are awesome bags. They fit perfectly, and although thay cost more they actually hold more, and actualy cost less because there is no waste.

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The Perfect Fit

by MichaelB

The trash can that I bought the liners for is still working great after 3.5 years.

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Buy the right trash bag

by JaniceC

I love my simplehuman trash can, especially the plastic liner which is so easy to remove and empty. From the start I bought the bags made especially for that can, and while mail ordering trash bags might seem a little extreme, it is worth the effort. The bags fit the liner perfectly, with no bunching up or stretching at the lip, and are a good thick plastic not susceptible to rips and perforations. I order six months' worth at a time, store them in the pantry, and never run out of bags. Since my bags are packaged in a flat plastic pouch, I lay the opened pouch of bags in bottom of the plastic liner under the trash bag. Since it's flat, it doesn't take up much room. Then, on garbage pickup day, the new trash bag is right at hand.

thank you for your input

Great trash bag for simple human can

by MichaelG

I tried other bags for my simple human trash can and none of them fit as well as these. Strong and easy to line the can. I "simply" place the container under the liner and always have one ready to go when needed. I purchased the case and I am glad I did!

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45 l liners

by BN

Simple human clearly continues to provide backup for their products long after retail outlets refuse to handle the supporting item. This marks a company that cares about MY satisfaction.

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Great trash bags!

by AmyS

These bags are very heavy duty. They fit the cans well & you can squish lots into them without them ripping. They are easy to tie closed, but, at the same time, can be easily re-opend if you forget to add something.

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Can Liners

by CharlesH

I have used this trash can liner (bag) for several years. It is not available locally from Bed, Bath & Beyond any longer. I Purchased online from Simplehuman. The new liners from Simplehuman appear to be a thinner mil plastic and the price was higher than when purchased from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Why does Bed, Bath & Beyond not carry this particular liner any longer? This liner is an adequate liner and fits the trash can perefectly.

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