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code M - 3 refill packs
custom fit liners
20 per pack/60 total

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One size does not fit all! Our liners are designed to fit each of our cans perfectly so there is no messy bag overhang or bunching — and they never slip. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears. Strong drawstring handles make the liners easy to lift, tie, and carry.

Refill packs dispense liners one at a time — no perforations or unraveling — and are designed to fit perfectly inside cans with our built-in 'liner pocket' system.

Learn more about our liner pocket feature.
72 reviews
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perfect fit

Our custom fit liners are tailored to fit our cans perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay neatly hidden when the lid is closed.

liner pocket refill pack

Stores perfectly in cans with liner pockets and dispenses them one at a time — no perforations or unraveling — from inside the can for a faster liner change.

Learn more about our liner pocket feature.

thick double seams

Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears.

convenient drawstring handles

Easy to lift, tie, and carry.

one at a time

Dispenser pack opening makes it easy to grab one liner at a time — no perforations or unraveling.

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Best bags on the market

by DonaldR

Strong, a perfect fit. Never fall in and strong tie straps when it's time to dispose of them. Plus a reasonable price for such a high quality garbage bag.

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can liners from last shipment

by SherryM

I opened my package as usual and the first batch I pulled out was defective. I admit I should have called you before now, but have been busy. One side is not attached so the string pulls out and does not close at the top. I love these liners and hope this is the last batch like that. Otherwise, I really like this product and will continue to order it.

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. A customer support representative has contacted you to provide further assistance.

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Great value!

by ChrisG

This is an excellent product.

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Durable Liner

by TinaR

I really like this trash can liner stays in place and is durable. It does not puncture when pulling out of trash can.

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Great product

by JP

We have been ordering these liners for years. They are very strong and fit the can perfectly. We will continue to keep these stocked at our house.

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awesome product

by AnnaI

I have been using this product for 2 years now and NEVER had a problem with leaks and feel totally comfident with it's strength when using them.

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Tough Bags! I love it!

by CarolF

Other than the stainless steel can, the bags are, by far, my most favorite. They are durable and easy to handle when they are full and tied.

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Best trash bags

by KarenI

Very strong trash bags and fit the trash can nicely.

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Can liners just perfect

by KathleenC

It's helpful to have sturdy can liners that fit perfectly and aren't flopping all over. The handy ties mean you don't have to search for a twist tie or tie a knot in the bag. Very convienient

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Perfect Fit!

by ColbyB

This is the only bag that fits for the simplhuman type M trash liner bags. Any other brand from the store will not work! It is a perfect fit. The only area that needs improvement is the drawstring tying area still has a lot of looseness to it. It does not close tightly, which can be a concern for odor.

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trash bags

by PatriciaB

this fits perfectly in the trash can I purchased years ago and purchasing in bulk makes it affordable. It holds up great with out leakage or tears. Thanks Great product

thank you for your input

well fitting trash bags

by KathyP

The trash bags fit very well. They are durable and strong.

thank you for your input


by RobertE

It is a great custom fit for our trash can.

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I love this stylish trash can

by JanaM

Great looking and very well made. Nice and sleek.Love the self-closing feature. A great purchase and the bags fit great.

thank you for your input

Simple Human Trash Can and Liners

by CW

Good design, convient to locate flush with island in kitchen area. Liners are tougher than any that you can purchase retail.

thank you for your input

amazing trash bags

by simonS

wonderful product, stands up to anything and everything.

thank you for your input

best trash can

by DonnaS

very happy with trash can and liners.

thank you for your input

Liners in Bulk

by LarkinT

The liners simply fit perfectly! And in bulk are quite a deal. (Simplehuman site is easy to use and has the best prices).

thank you for your input

great bag!

by BA

Great bag - it fits can well, doesn't tear, and is easy to handle.

thank you for your input

Tough Old Bag

by PeggyN

One of the best things about these bags is that they fit perfectly in the trash can. No more sloppy looking trash cans. They are stronger than regular bags and I recommend them.

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Trash bags

by JamesP

We use these bags every day. They fit the Simple Human trash can and have always held up without tearing.

thank you for your input

better than human

by SusanG

it fits perfectly and is easy to use....I use at least two a day...looks great in my trash can....

thank you for your input

Garbage bags

by MaryV

Nice constructed but a little expensive

thank you for your input

LOVE this trash can!

by NancyS

Have had this trash can for 2 years - love it, it fits at the end of my kitchen island - I always buy the bags that fit this model, they are excellant quality and fit great.

thank you for your input

Bags that work

by WarrenL

Perfect fit. Very strong bag with no hassle. No air in the can either.

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No one compares to Simple Human products

by SandiL

I love the trash liners because they fit perfectly, don't show on the outside and also easy to remove. Keep it up!

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We love this trash can!!

by BrendaB

We have been enjoying our simple human trash can for a while now and I have been ordering the liners from superhuman. This is the best way to handle trash in your home. The lid closes softly on its own. We recently redid out kitchen and the can goes so well with our other stainless appliances. Of course, you step on the pedal because hands are full. We are totally pleased with superhuman products. They are the best!! My husband primarily empties and he likes the can and liners very much.

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garbage you dont need to worry about

by LindaJ

It's a garbage bag folks we don't care about looks. I only use the simple human bags in my simple human can because: They fit great! They are heavy enough and well constructed. I have had the can for over 2 years and only once have i discovered a leak. It happened because someone put broken glass in the can without first wrapping it. Thus a hole. I appreciate that I can order replacement bags on line and it only take a few days for them to arrive. I always order enough so I don't have to pay shipping.

thank you for your input


by SharonA

I really love the way the trash bags do not show when the lid is down. All you see is the stainless can. I also love the amount of trash that they hold. I have the semi round can and just love it. No more rubber trash cans for me. Thank you.

thank you for your input

I love the can

by RickD

I really like the look! I have had mine for over two years and never had a problem with any part of the trash can, which is a first. I have tried others and the Simpehuman is by far the most durable.

thank you for your input

unique trash can

by RonaldR

Great fit for bags, large & spacious, pleasing to the eye, very sturdy, & something I use on a daily basis.

thank you for your input


by HeatherE

I know it seems crazy to spend $100 on trash bags (particularly in this economy) but they fit perfectly and even my husband is able to put them in without leaving gaps for trash to fall down the side of the can. Will definitely buy more when these 400 run out!

thank you for your input

Fits the SH can perfectly

by Eva LeeK

It is made for the SH can. Daily use. Yes Yes Yes

thank you for your input

Strong Bags

by JenniferM

I bought a large amount of these bags so I wouldn't have to think about garbage bags for awhile. They are really strong bags so I can pack them well and don't have to worry about leaks. They fit my garbage can perfectly! I do like them - they are more expensive than many garbage liners that you can buy - and I wish they had an odor control choice bag but I would buy them again and would recommend them to people who can pay the extra coin.

thank you for your input

None Better

by NeilP

Of all the kitchen trash cans and liners I've ever owned, Simple Human is simply the best. No other can has ever worked as smoothly, and no other liner has ever fit so well, and been so extra strong. Simple Human; more like Super Human!

thank you for your input

The liners no longer fit

by JudithD

I've had my wonderful simplehuman trashcan for more then 5 years and love it. Unfortunately, there must have been a change in the manufacturing process for the liners, because they no longer fit. I've been buying the same code M liners for years and have never had a problem. Now the tops are so tight that even a very strong friend of mine can't get the top band over the rim of the can liner. It's very frustrating because I bought 2 cases of the bags at one time. I'm going to be struggling with them for the next year.

note from simplehuman

We’re sorry to hear about your problem. A Customer Service Representative will contact you shortly to assist you with your problem.

thank you for your input

Fantastic liners

by MichaelT

These are simply the best trash can liners made. After 6+ months of using them, there have been no leaks or tears. And they fit perfectly!

thank you for your input

Top Notch Product

by JulianaN

We are very satisfied with the pedal operated trash bin that we purchased from Simple Human last year. We use this product every day. The bin is appealing in design, and easy to clean with it's special exterior stainless steel finish. The designed to fit trash bags are also excellent, and are of a good size, and they are strong, holding up well when full. We also are appreciative that we can order a large supply of the perfectly fitted trash bag liners from Simple Human, and receive polite and prompt service.

thank you for your input

Best trash bags - ever!!

by EricW

They don't leak and very durable.

thank you for your input

Bad Bags

by JimmyG

Besides the can I bought 400 bags to fit it. I have opened ten packages of bags and have found bad bags melted together in most. Can you contact me or replace approx. 50 bags that were not usable. Quality control on these should be checked. Otherwise I am very pleased with your products. Phone is 940 733-1547. Thanks.

note from simplehuman

We're sorry for your experience; a Customer Service Representative has contacted you to assist you with your issue.

thank you for your input

Perfect fit & strong

by ClaudineG

No complaints. Drawstring strong & never tears plastic. Durable and never leaks. A perfect fit in my trash can.

thank you for your input

The best bags

by JuanL

This is by far the best bags I ever used. Excellent.

thank you for your input

Love my Can!

by CandyL

This is the only place I buy my bags. They are strong and worth the money. Love my can!

thank you for your input

I love it!

by KimV

This trash can has lasted longer than any I've ever owned. The bags fit nicely, and lift right out as long as you don't overstuff. The stainless steel cleans up nice and looks new after each cleaning. The foot pedal works great, too!

thank you for your input

Great Quality Liners!

by StephanieK

When we bought our simple Human Trash Can, it came with a few liners and my husband and I liked them so much, we bought a bunch. They fit perfect, very strong and keeps odors from stinking up the can. Will definitely buy again!

thank you for your input


by TomH

These are the best trash bags, and containers, that I've ever had. Never a rip or tear. Sturdy and strong. Blows away all other brands.

thank you for your input


by beckyL

We love the size,it is perfect...the bags seem to be pretty durable, no complaints.

thank you for your input

They please me every day

by AliceR

I could sell these bags as there is nothing that is not superior quality. I have told so many people about them The stainless steel is much better than my refrigerator. Cleans easy. 5 stars all the way!

thank you for your input

simplehuman bag replacement

by ArtZ

Great trash bags, strong and biodegradeable. Can't find them at the local stores that carry the trash can, so I had to order them online. i bought enough for 1 year so this isn't a major issue at all.

thank you for your input

Home and Office


Love the bulk price...I buy the 400 count and use them at home an at the office, thus changing them everyday. Size works great, but they fit a little tighter than they used to making them prone to splitting if I pull the liner onto the can seam side first. I avoid this problem by pulling them on tab/handle side first.

note from simplehuman

Thanks for your review. The liners are built with extra thick construction, so they shouldn't be splitting. Our customer service team has contacted you to gather more information and propose a solution.

thank you for your input

Best Trash Liners

by DawnQ

The trash liners are heavy duty, have built in ties, and the size fits perfectly into the waste container. You do not even see the trash liner - just a nice stainless steel trash can!!!

thank you for your input

Simply the Best

by MichaelK

These bags fit perfectly into the container. They also are designed to fill well and stay in place inside the can.

thank you for your input

Great Product/s

by GaryK

Perfect fit and strong materials for use with SH half-moon trash receptacle.

thank you for your input

Super Trash liners

by JamesB

They fit the can perfectly. They are very strong. AND very easy to use.

thank you for your input

Garbage Bags

by JonM

I like the bags. I wish they had a biodegradable version.

thank you for your input

Great supplies!!

by JennaJ

Excellent quality for trashcan refills, great size and perfectly made.

thank you for your input

They are the only ones that fit

by PerryK

These bags fit our can best and it is very good to have a year's supply without having to go buy more. There is no comparable product in local stores.

thank you for your input

poor fit for a poor product

by julieS

I purchased the EXPENSIVE bags to use with my simplehuman trash can, because the generic trash can liners did not fit. Surprise! Neither do the simplehuman ones made for the size can I own. I use one daily and it is a struggle to install it. It very often pops off a corner, resulting in trash falling into the container, rather than the can. Very poor design and at a rather elevated price point as well! While I'm at it, I would like to comment about the trash can as well. It weighs a ton! I have a similar Brabantia in another home and it is a far, far better design. The simplehuman can requires brute strength to move the [empty] can across the kitchen floor. Oh, and by the way, the lid doesn't open/close easily to the touch as it should (not at all like the Brabantia one). But the bags are strong.

0 of 1 people found this review helpful

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great value

by PeterR

Great product for price--very value positive!!!! no store carries this size--so a great opportunity.

thank you for your input

Love the black top

by BellaT

This trash can is easy to clean, looks sleek and is very durable. I particularly like the black top instead of stainless since it doesn't show fingerprints.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

thank you for your input

great liner

by joohnM

Really good product

thank you for your input

Love this Trash Can!

by DonnaW

Had this trash can for two years now and I love it. The bags I order thru simplehuman and they are easy to install in the can and they hold a lot of trash. It's sleek looking, easy, keeps odors in and I wouldn't use any other can.

thank you for your input

More than you promised!

by RichardS

I am on my second order of simplehuman liners. They are a perfect fit and a really durable liner. Time between ordering and receiving was exceptional!

thank you for your input

Excellent quality and fit

by CindyG

I purchase the liners for my trash can directly from simplehuman because of the fit and quality. I haven't had a liner leak yet!

thank you for your input

liner review

by WV

These liners make them easy to replace and fit the trash can perfectly. I recommend this type of trash can for kitchen use. You don't have to smell the trash when using this system.

thank you for your input


by BarbaraH

We have a Luxury Bed and Breakfast (Legacy Suite on Main )and the trash can is the right size and attractive enough to leave out next to our mini bar. The liners are such a perfect fit. Great Job !!!

thank you for your input

45 liter bags are the best

by LMF

These bags fit the can great, stay up no matter how full they get, come out and close easily. What more can one want in a trash can bag?

thank you for your input


by johnM

Superb liner, better than any I have tried.

thank you for your input

strongest trash can liners ever

by LisetteR

I bought a new trash can at the Container Store to replace my old one which was still in good condition except for the white paint. I also ordered the liners which are excellent, leak-proof completely.

thank you for your input


by alinB

love the bags. perfect fit for just a little more.

thank you for your input

Best Trash Can Ever

by JoanneG

Love this trash can

thank you for your input

Garbage bags

by LesanneF

These garbage bags fit my half-round can very well. They are sturdy and can handle big loads!

thank you for your input

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