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custom fit liner
400 liners

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One size does not fit all! Our liners are designed to fit each of our cans perfectly so there is no messy bag overhang or bunching — and they never slip. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears. Strong drawstring handles make the liners easy to lift, tie, and carry.
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perfect fit

Our liners are tailored to fit our cans perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay neatly hidden when the lid is closed.

thick double seams

Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears.

convenient drawstring handles

Easy to lift, tie, and carry.

handy dispenser packs

Perforated opening for easy dispensing one at a time.

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code J, custom fit can liner bulk pack, 400

by PeggyJ

If you have purchased a Simple Human container, then you should do yourself a favor and purchase the custom fit liners. I tried other liners and they either drop down inside the can or stick out under the lid. These fit perfectly, are thicker than others I've tried and still cost effective. And what a nice surprise it was to open the box of 400 and find that they come in convenient 20 count packages so you don't have to mess with a giant roll every time. I will buy these again!

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Can liner trash bags

by SusanP

Fits very nicely around the trash barrel. Never have a problem with the bags collapsing.

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Custom Fit "J" Liners

by BonnieM

Recently bought a new trash can for our kitchen. It came with several custom fit "J" liners from Loved the fact that they fit the trash can perfectly so there's no liner slippage resulting in garbage falling between the liner and the can. However, when I went to reorder replacement liners, I found them to be rather pricey. Can't find them in any of the stores nearby so if I want custom fit bags, I pretty much have to order via internet.

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by LindaP

These are the best bags ever!

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Custom fit liner bags, code J

by Barbara H

Good quality; strong; I even use these on non-Simple Human trash cans. Appreciate the opportunity to buy in bulk. Five star

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Fitted can liner

by JerryM

I buy the liners for a year at a time. They fit easily and snuggly. I love them. They are stronger than the store bought.

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Good Stuff

by EllenA

We have had our trash can for seven years...this is the second order of bags since. They are strong and it's awesome they fit perfectly! My mother is jealous as she went the inexpensive route and they waste a ton of space in each bag. I know my husband thought I was nuts the first order, but when were running low this time, he immediately asked me to order more! They are great outside the can too for storage or dirty clothes on trips.

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Custom Fit Can Liner Bulk Pack

by A.J

Once a year. . .I buy a supply of these liners for my garbage can. Love them! They fit the trash can perfectly. Would absolutely recommend them!

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I Love My Garbage Can.

by JackieB

Received the garbage can for Mother's Day. Love this garbage can. Never thought I would appreciate a garbage can but I do. Quality made and a perfect can. If anything ever was to happen to my Garbage Can I would buy another in a heart beat BUT this can is made so well I don't see anything happening to it. Garbage bags are so strong and never a mess.

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