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liquid hand soap refill pouch
34 fl. oz. pouches

sku# CT0001

With our assorted 3 pack, you can try all three liquid hand soap formulas — moisturizing, fragrance free, and antibacterial. It is the optimum consistency for our sensor pumps.

Soap refill pouches are an easier, more efficient way to buy soap. Why buy disposable pumps when you could buy a nicer pump (like ours!) and refill it with our easy-to-pour, resealable pouches. Very eco-friendly and economical.
10 reviews

the perfect soap
Specially formulated for our sensor pumps to dispense the correct amount at super-fast speeds — like blink-of-an-eye-instant-soap fast!
simple but effective
Sensible ingredients and nothing more — Sensible ingredients and nothing more — biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and contains no parabens or DEAs.
refill and reuse
Throwing away disposable plastic pumps over and over is hard on the environment — and your wallet. Our resealable soap pouches are a smarter way to buy soap.
never run out of soap with the simplehuman app
free shipping (and 10% off your first order)

eco-friendly packaging

Less plastic and less energy to manufacture than a conventional disposable bottle.

easy pour, easy store

Spill-free spout pours easily and reseals for convenient storage.


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Love it

by Gale A

this product if great, and nice scents, and one that is unscented. Highly recommend this product to everyone.

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The smell

by StefanieM

I have a few people tell me they don't like the smell they say it smells like dirt.

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Not so good...

by Dr. G. L. A

Seems like the dispensers were made to work best with only their soap. If I use other liquid soap (I already had), the dispensers don't seem to work as well. I don't like being forced to use your soap. If that was your marketing plan then you should have not made it a "secret" from you customers. Now I resent getting them. Also, if the dispensers are not in a certain location, it will dispense soap, unexpectedly, as you hand just moves by (i.e. just turning on a water faucet, etc.). Maybe moving the "eye" or re-directing it's directional range would help. I'm not a happy customer and, at this point, would not recommend the dispenser (we have 3) to friends or family. Dr. G

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. We have many customers who use other brands--and we do a lot of testing with numerous soap brands under different conditions. Some soaps clog more easily than others. This happens when the soap dries up easily due to the soap's viscosity or from changes in temperature. In most cases, the pump can be unclogged by pressing and holding down the plus button to force the clog out. We like our soap because it is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and contains no toxins or parabens. A product specialist as reached out to provide further assistance.

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Assorted liquid hand soap refill

by MelindaH

Love your product, easy, no-mess refill. Am a new customer and will repurchase!

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Touch free soap dispenser and soaps

by AnnetteC

Our family is enjoying the touch-free soap dispenser that can be regulated to give you just the amount you want and the liquid soaps that I purchased are easy on the hands and lather nicely.

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assorted liquid hand soap

by lisaS

very nice you feel your hand smooth you don"t need lotion if you don"t wont to thank you

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dispense soap

by shuwanG

Love the soaps clean without drying out the hands

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Liquid Hand Soap

by DonM

We purchased the 3 pouch assortment. All are good soaps and do as they are advertised.

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Great gift

by SharonW

The soap is very nice, and I gave it with the sensor soap dispenser as a gift last year. I just wish they had a way to designate something as a gift with a message and the sender's name.

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Liquid soap

by WesleyR

Excellent soap

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