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38 litre
steel bar step can
fingerprint-proof stainless steel

sku# CW2000

Our steel bar step can is inspired by the clean, refined aesthetics of modern commercial-grade kitchens. The expansive reinforced steel bar pedal easily opens the lid wherever you step, and our patented lid shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close every time. Integrated natural charcoal odorsorb filters help keep garbage odors under control.

Our code N liner fits this can perfectly — no bunching or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.
45 reviews
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year warranty
liner size

steel bar pedal

Reinforced steel bar pedal is engineered to last and wraps around the front of the can to create an expansive step area.

silent close lid

Our patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. When the pedal is depressed, opening the lid, the damper forces air out so the lid opens quickly, then uses resistance to slowly let air back in so the lid quietly closes.

odorsorb filter

Natural charcoal filter is integrated into the lid to absorb odors.

internal hinge

Allows you to place this can right up against the wall.

stay-open lid

The lid stays open for as long as you like — perfect for longer chores.

non-skid base

Non-skid base has rubber pads that are gentle on floors and keep the can steady.

bucket park

For easy bag change, lift the inner bucket a few inches, tilt it toward you, then rest it in the bucket park position.

removable inner bucket

Durable inner bucket catches messy drips and lifts out for easy cleaning.

replacement bucket available

If your bucket gets messy over time, freshen up your can with an inexpensive replacement bucket.


Fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

custom fit liners

Our code N liners are designed to fit this can perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay completely hidden. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears.

  • 38 litre

  • 48 litre recycler


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Excellent Trash Can

by VargheseA

This thing is great. Solid construction, the N bags, can be replaced with standard 13 gallon kitchen bags at a cost saving. The one thing I personally would change about the design would be to the put the simple human logo on the back of the unit as opposed to the from. But truth be told, I rarely notice it. My only qualm, is the fact that the simple's price match policy is a hoax. The fact that SimpleHuman doesn't match the 20% off coupon that BedBath&Beyond continually offers is somewhat ridiculous. The only way that I purchased my original SimpleHuman was because of that coupon, and when the warranty replaced my slightly less expensive corner discontinued unit, Bed Bath & Beyond was still offering the coupon for all its items, including the CW2000. The impressive thing is that I bet BB&B would have taken back this time if it had not been at the SimpleHuman warehouse getting authorized as defective. So I'm telling you that if you have the money, buy this unit, but buy it at BB&B and save yourself at least $40 bucks.

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Very satisfied

by DonaldH

We bought this product 6years ago. When we had n issue with the lift mechanism, Simplyhuman replaced the entire unit. Fabulous warranty. They really support their products. They're well made and last through six children and hard use. Great support. Great product.

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great product

by brendaW

i love classy in so smoothly

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Good looking, dependable trash disposal

by Shannon H

My husband and I decided on this model after viewing floor models at the container store. We like the charcoal filter, the size, and the soft close lid. My husband likes having the complete trash can in stainless steel without black trims. Having the foot bar wrap around the front is very nice. It allows you to open the trash can without having to walk around to the very front of the trash can. This can fits perfectly at the end of our kitchen counter next to the patio door. We would definitely recommend this model to anyone.

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Expensive but woth the price

by EdS

The size of this trash can is good for two people. Looks great in my kitchen which is open to my living area in a loft style condo. I think that is is very well made. The exterior is easy to keep clean. I like the charcoal filter. It really works!

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Very nice trash can

by BillC

Works just fine. Nicely built with a sturdy feel! A slight annoyance at first since you cannot lift the lid with the back of your hand to do a quick drop--you have to step on the bar. But I have gotten used to this and I realize that it is more hygenic if I do not touch the garbage can while I am cooking. :-)

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Just what we were looking for!!

by MichaelR

We moved into our new house in November and purchased a new garbage can for the kitchen. By July, with the help of our 2 year old twins, the lid mechanism had broken. We really liked the "R2D2" bathroom garbage can we had purchased earlier, so we decided to try this garbage can in the kitchen. I'm a firm believer in form follows function. But I have to start off by bringing up how GOOD this can looks!! The pedal mechanism is heavy duty. I love the park feature when emptying the can and the fact that the can liners cannot be seen. The one thing my wife misses from the old can is having to use the foot pedal and not being able to lift the lid by hand. Small gripe to be sure. All in all, we're very happy with this product and will keep SimpleHuman in mind for our next garbage can purchase!!

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Best Looking Trash Can

by CathyF

It looks nice on my kitchen. I use it everyday.

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World's Best Trash Can!

by neokuji.

We love the full steel bar step, quite operation and brushed appearance of our 38 litre steel bar step can used multiple times daily in our busy home. The 38 litre steel bar step can is well made, durable, convienient/efficient, and its size is just right for family's needs. The brushed finish looks great with our stainless steel motif goin' on in our home (kitchen & bath).

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best trash can ever

by RitaC

The best thing about this trash can is that you can open it from any angle. You don't have to be standing in front of it to push the lever with your foot. The next best thing is the inside container that hides the trash bag and helps keep the trash can clean. I never thought I would ever, ever pay this much for a trash can but I needed something that would look attractive because it had to be in such a visible place. It was worth every penny.

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by jamesM

Very well built, use in our medical office, very impressed.

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Measure first!

by MamaK

After months and months of debating I finally broke down and purchased this trash can. It arrived in a HUGE box and was bigger than I expected (my fault for not measuring first). I like the foot step - as a mother of two young boys - it seems very sturdy. I'm not sure the "no fingerprint" feature works as well as advertised and the charcoal filter doesn't seem to do much. However, if you're looking for something nice in a high traffic area that will stand up to LOTS of company - and kids - look no further.

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by DannyS

I like the design of the step can and its over sized capacity. However, the lid is supposed to close slowly after releasing petal. My lid almost slams shut. It is not gradual and disappointing.

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Best Garbage Can!

by RobL

I absolutely love this product, It's the best looking, functioning, and perfect size garbage can I have ever owned or seen around! My family is extremely rough on everything and I am amazed that this has held up and not scratched or dented yet... Knock on wood... Highly recommend this to anyone considering it..

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Worth the wait

by DebbieW

I never thought I would say that I love a trash can but I do. It is sleek and so pretty and easy to use. No bags showing and no garbage smells either and NO fingerprints. Easy to remove trash, not too big or small. Love it. Worth every penny.

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by LindaH

This is the BEST trash can I have ever purchased, stylish, user friendly, looks great in my home and I am looking forward to purchasing the cannister set, and the one that hold's dog food..Thank You Simple Human.

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Trash Can is Awesome

by patriciaH

It's so good looking I have it displayed in the kitchen, close to the sink. I use it many times daily and absolutely love the way the lid closes so slowly and silently. Being smudeproof, it maintains it easily maintains a clean, spotless look. The company is a delight to work with as well

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very nice trash can

by kenD

nice looking, practical hands free operation, easy bag instalation.

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Looks great. Works.

by GregoryC

I had a white plastic trash can in my kitchen for 5 years. In order to open the lid I had to touch it, many times with dirty hands. If you have been there, you don't need to know any more. Now I have a clean, stainless steel trash can in my kitchen I open with my foot. Why did it take me so long?

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Best Company Ever

by marcG

This was my second one of these, the first can I had broke after 3 years of use. I have two young kids - who knows how it broke. Then my wife pointed out they have a 10 year warranty. Bingo - 2 days later they sent me a brand new garabage can. It is a great garabage can too and it is built by an even better company

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Very Nice Trash Can

by DanielD

I couldn't believe I was actually spending $200 for a trash can when I bought it, but after owning it for a couple of months now I'm entirely happy with the purchase. I purchased the Steel Bar to replace a plastic Rubbermaid trash bin, and since our kitchen is such that we have to keep the trash can out in plain view, the nice appearance of this trash can has actually turned out to be an asset to our kitchen. It always gets noticed and draws favorable comments by visitors. The build quality seems excellent so far. The can is sturdy without being heavy, and is easy to move around. While I purchased a package of the proprietary bags with it, standard trash bags work just fine. The step rest makes it easy to change bags, and it doesn't require any special products to keep it clean and looking like new, just water and a soft clean cloth. I would (and actually have) recommend this can to friends.

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very handsome

by MargieJ

this trash can is listed as a 10 gallon product which added to the appeal for me as I already had numerous size J (10 gal) Simple Human bags. I buy in bulk. When the trash can arrived, it came with size N (12 gal) bags. My J bags are too small. Now I'm stuck with all these J's! I had to order N's! I do love the trash can even though it's a little larger than I thought I was ordering. I've never been disappointed with Simple Human before.

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Worth it!

by FrancineG

Love my 38 liter steel bar trash can. Worth the money. It does all the things you need it to, holds trash, looks good, fights odors...only one small complaint. The "bag tuck" in the plastic bucket is a round hole that doesn't have any method of holding the "excess bag" to keep it from sliding out of the hole. I had been mistakenly shipped a sensor can that had slots in the hole to grab the excess bag, but this one seems to be missing that feature. Otherwise the product is awesome!

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Absolutely dog proof !

by CatherineB

I have a German Shepherd who is very creative when it comes to getting into cabinets, opening doors, raiding trash cans, etc. I had a 'touch' trash can that presented no problems to her at all. This Simple Human trash can has her stymied. It also seems very odor-proof, and is easy to clean. The surface doesn't show fingerprints or other marks very easily, so that's also a plus. It seems very sturdy, and I am very happy with this product.

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Get what you pay for!

by ScottP

And I mean that in a good way. The price is a little steep but you couldn't ask for a better trash can. The non-finger print finish has been great with our two little boys. I also love that the lit closes flush with the top so that our 18 month old can't pry open the lid and go digging around. However the foot lever works great so that our 3 year old can easily toss items in the trash.

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Love it!

by JeanB

Works great! Love the wide bar at the bottom (foot pedal) and that you can use any 13 gallon kitchen trash bags.

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Great Trash Can

by AaronA

Nice design. Solid construction. Love the foot pedal to open it. A little leery of the plastic switch used to hold the lid open (will it last?). Overall a great product.

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Excellent design and function

by ArdenD

The quality of design and function cannot be beat. The inclusion of the charcoal filter in the lid is good design thinking and seems to work very well. The included bags and ease of replacement and availability from manufacturer is wonderful. The offered different sizes of container is good marketing. The design and manufacturing detail is excellent and attactive and I would expect with normal household use this trash receptacle will last for a long time. If it fails, I'll order another one. Upon putting the first one in service at home, I immediately ordered another for our vacation home. I already have and will continue to recommend them to friends, a number of which have remarked as to the great appearance of ours in our kitchen not hidden from sight in a cabinet or such. Definitely a five star product!

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by LindaK

Takes up more space than my old butterfly-lid can but actually holds less garbage.

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You get what you pay for...

by JenR

After going through a trash can a year and sometimes more, we opted to buy this high-end can. Just as the cheaper ones, some made by simple human as well, had flaws that seemed easy enough to fix, with a fragile plastic part right where a metal one would have made the difference between built to fail and quality, this can is completely overbuilt to outlast it's owners. It is quiet and elegant, a testament to durability. I'm hoping that it's the last trash can we ever buy.

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The Best!

by josephR

The best trashcan I've ever owned. Period.

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You can fall in love with a trash can!

by B.P

The look is outstanding, the no hand functionality is great. Unless you are changing the inner liner, you never have to touch the trash can. Since I don't have children I suppose the machanics should last a very long time.

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Highest Quality Trash Can

by KathyT

Highest quality and best looking trash can that I have ever seen. Perfect size and very easy to maintain. Would recommend it to everyone.

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Dog proof!

by rebeccaW

I am totally pleased with the purchase of this trash can. Not only does it look great in my kitchen, my three dogs are unable to knock it over and get into the trash while I am at work.

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by AnthonyZ

We love the simplehuman can. It is just what we expected. We have six children and a very busy house for this can to endure.

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Five Stars - Top Shelf

by AidanW

There are many things about this product that I like. Convenience, ease of use, sturdy steel foot pedal, quiet with measured lid closing, odorless with charcoal pad, easy to clean, extremely durable, excellent sizing for a kitchen with lots of cooking and traffic. This container gets a full workout 24 /7. And, needless to say - it has great visual appearance. The superb look of the brushed stainless steel is a show stopper. The functionality of this product combined with its appearance make it an excellent product. Simplehuman makes an excellent product - and I made an excellent choice.

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Excellent Quality

by FrankB

This is by far the BEST and WELL made Stainless trash recepticle I have ever seen. I am so very happy that I found this at Simplehuman. I have nothing but good things to say about this product and have recommended to friends, neighbors and family.

thank you for your input

The Best

by CyndiS

I love the way this trash can looks and functions. The rectangular shape fits compactly at the back door of my kitchen and snug against the wall. It is the perfect size and I empty it only once a week (for my family of four). It is perfect and was totally worth the price I paid. It closes silently, is the ideal size, and is attractive and durable. Several people have asked me how they could get one. Even my children's friends have told their parents to buy this trash can.

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Great Trash Can

by ChrisC

This is a great trash can. It opens and closes with great ease. I have had this product for about 4 months and I love it.

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simply the best

by DonS

great product,all i can say is get one and you'll love it like i do,hands free operation,bought this one and a Dyson the same day,only way to go.step on the can ,pick up the dyson,touch one button to empty, its almost robotic,way cool

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Best trash can ever!

by mrs. GailK

This trash can is beautiful to look at, but it really works like it's suppose to work. Lid releases easily to open for trash and closes slowly, Pedal is good size and sturdy. I went through many trash cans including other Simple Human trash cans and this is the only one I'll buy again. I have one and plan to buy another to put recyles in. Bags go into the trash can easily and stay put. You can use the ones that come with it, but I just use bags from Costco. They work just fine. I think the filter the trash can has actually works too. I've never smelled any trash inside of this can. Easy to change filter. Just a great trash can and it is beautiful too. I could have paid for many of these trash cans if I'd just bought the best one first. It's a great trash can.

thank you for your input

Love this trash can!

by SuzanneE

This is the best trash can ever! No problem with finger prints like I had with my last stainless steel trash can. Also like that the lid does not slam shut - closes noiselessly. Excellent quality!

thank you for your input

simplehuman steel bar rectangular step can – 38L / 10 gallon brushed stainless steel

by LafayetteM

I like the way it looks the best. Packaging of this product was excellent. Great size: not a dinky thing you have to empty often. Quality materials and great design. Looks great in the kitchen.

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Classic Design

by DouglasL

I had eyed Simplehuman cans for quite some time but none really grabbed me until I saw the steel bar rectangular can. It is truly striking in appearance and is a real addition to my kitchen. The design is flawless, as expected, and your "P" bags (I bought 400 of them) are the perfect compliment to a superlative product.

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Great Trashcan

by JasonA

Clean lines and dimensions. I can place it flush against a wall which is nice. Had it for a few months with no trouble.

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