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38 litre
rectangular step can
fingerprint-proof stainless steel

sku# CW1814

Our classic rectangular step can has an internal hinge and a space-efficient shape so you can place it directly against the wall and out of the way. The strong steel pedal is designed to last, and our patented lid shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close every time.

Our code J liner fits this can perfectly — no bunching or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.
76 reviews
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year warranty
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strong steel pedal

Our strong steel pedal is engineered to last over 150,000 steps — that's more than 20 steps a day for 20 years.

silent close lid

Our patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. When the pedal is depressed, opening the lid, the damper forces air out so the lid opens quickly, then uses resistance to slowly let air back in so the lid quietly closes.

internal hinge

Allows you to place this can right up against the wall.

stay-open lid

The lid stays open for as long as you like — perfect for longer chores.

non-skid base

Non-skid base has rubber pads that are gentle on floors and keep the can steady.

bucket park

For easy bag change, lift the inner bucket a few inches, tilt it toward you, then rest it in the bucket park position.

removable inner bucket

Durable inner bucket catches messy drips and lifts out for easy cleaning.

replacement bucket available

If your bucket gets messy over time, freshen up your can with an inexpensive replacement bucket.


Fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

custom fit liners

Our code J liners are designed to fit this can perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay completely hidden. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears.

  • 30 litre

  • 38 litre

  • 50 litre

  • 46 litre


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Perfect Trash Can

by SoniaB

This is the perfect size trash can and it looks beautiful. Love the soft close lid. The trash bags are excellent for a perfect fit, well worth the purchase. I would definitely recommend this SimpleHuman trash can and will never waste money on other brands.

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Excellent product!

by CMiller

Excellent product! Excellent company support! When my trash can lid hinge failed prematurely Simplehuman shipped a replacement immediately. This is a great trust builder between customer and corporation. I will purchase company products in the future.

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Great decorative trash can

by JeanneK

Simple Human has created a sturdy and attractive trash can. I liked my first one so much that I bought a second one.

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38 litre rectangular step can, fingerprint-proof stainless steel

by ChristopherB

The trash can was exactly as advertised. It looks grat in my kitchen, the bags that you can get to go with it work great and the step lid is wonderful. When it closes it closes quietly and efficiently. I would definetely recommend this trash can to all consumers wanting a high quality and attractive trash can.

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by DanaB

Perfection, well worth every penny. Hope the president has one :-)

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by PamelaS

I bought this version because of the stainless steel top. This trash can has to live outdoors on a deck, under an overhanging deck, in a marine environment, so envision salt air/ harsh climate. So far so good, time will tell. I like how the bag fits and is contained inside the unit. 5 stars.

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38litre step can

by BarbaraH

Quality product; great size; durable

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by BertN

One of those rare products made with quality all the way around!! Inside and out!! I bought a larger one for myself and was sooo impressed with the quality I bought a smaller one, (she has space restrictions) for my friend.

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by MattB

This is a well constructed, durable, nice looking product. It also seems to hold more trash in the same size bag we used with our previous trash can. Expensive but worth it !

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Love it!

by JackieS

So pleased with this purchase! The can is very well constructed, love the size because it fits beneath the extension we have on our countertop and doesn't hit the bottom of the countertop when it is fully open. Also the lid is so quiet. It will keep my husband from leaving the lid open on the trash can! Looks great with my new stainless steel appliances.

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Great Christmas Present

by DavidH

I have 2 children living at home that have made a contest out of who can first put fingerprints on the can and have them stay. The can is great! Finger prints do not stay, lid quietly closes, and it looks elegant in our kitchen.

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great trash can

by PatriciaT

I bought this for my daughter after enjoying mine for several years. The smudge free finish is great, it looks very neat, and it holds more than you would think. I use regular kitchen-sized bags and they also fit very nicely.

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A quality product

by AndrewJ

Durable design that should last much longer than the $20 plastic cans

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by AudreyH

Looks great, works well. Made well but it did dent after I dropped a frame on it. My fault.

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Nice Featured Can

by CharlesW

This can fits perfectly in a space we had designed for it and it opens within the space allowed very well. It looks classy next to our wine cooler and is out of the way. We really like it!

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Quality Product

by MichaelN

This proudct is well designed, functional, and looks great! We've used the product for over a year, and love it. We like the closing lid (great odor control and keeps the dog out), easy opening lid step, and the lid lock for relpacing the bag. I have no negative comments on this product, in fact I purchsed one, as a Christmas gift for my son.

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Love this trash can

by LynnS

Best trash can I have ever had. Good investment, even though it seemed a little pricey when I purchased it. Like the liner can that I can lift out and clean. Purchased 10 gallon size; 13 gallon tie bags from store fit great. Quiet. Closes tight. Sturdy/well made. Also holds more than other 10 gallon trash cans, because of its shape.

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luv it, luv it

by michelleG

love the shape & size, it is so well made and I love the fact that the lid comes slowly down, my mom bought a knock off and the lip just slams shut. this is the best ever I am so happy, well worth the money

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attractive but noisy

by SusanJ

Love the fact that it will open flush to wall that its up against, but it makes this very strange creaking- like noise when closing.

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by RitaN

This looks great in our kitchen. I had to be careful not to open it too fast or it hits the wall that it's up against.

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The Best of the Best

by BeritP

Sturdy, reliable, beautiful

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Love it

by CatherineC

I was hesitant to spend so much money on such a basic item, so I waited about a year before taking the plunge. It has been worth the wait. This replaced an ugly white plastic can, so it was going to be an improvement no matter what. The open/close mechanism is very smooth and quiet, and I like the lock open feature. I also really like the way the bag is secured inside the can, rather than hanging out over the edge. While I would not have thought that looks were that important in a garbage can, our kitchen layout is such that the garbage can has to be in a conspicuous place, so I'm so glad this one looks so much better than the old one. It quietly blends in, rather than calling attention to itself.

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Awesome can!

by SandyM

My favorite thing about this can is the lid. It keeps my cat out which is why I purchased a new can. It is quiet and operates smoothly. It's really incredible how it holds in smells. I never knew how bad my garbage smelled before!

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Best trash can on the planet!

by lauraJ

We bought this style trash can for our kitchen about 4 years ago and have loved everything about it - push pedal, slow-close lid, easy to clean, locks in odors when closed, holds A LOT including flattened cereal and pizza boxes. So we bought one for my husband's mother for Christmas this past December. She put it at the end of her island in front of a trash compactor that she doesn't use. She loves it! Everybody should own one!

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by mK

A great trash can--who knew it could make such a big difference. After these first 8 months, the foot pedal and quiet lid closing still operate flawlessly. Love the simple keep-open option. Fits very nicely and flush against the wall. Finish is good and construction seems very durable. For the 2 of us, 10 gallons is too big; I could have gone next smaller. Have never used the provided bags as it is simple to use a variety of other plastic shopping bags (Target, grocery store) too. Very easy to order from Simple Human. Great product!

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Satisfied overall

by JessicaD

Overall, I'm satisfied with the product. Two problems, however, but I'm not sure if they're related to me specifically. One is that it's not fingerprint-free. And the second is that a bag must have leaked in it once and there's a terrible plastic smell that won't go away - I've tried everything you can imagine with the plastic bin.

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Can of a Lifetime

by JenniferB

We love our new SimpleHuman trash can - the ease of stepping on a pedal to open the trash can makes it easy to cook and clean up at the same time, hands-free! It closes automatically, and keeps odors inside. It looks beautiful in our kitchen, matches our other stainless steel accents. SimpleHuman makes beautifully-designed, ergonomic, quality products. Will definitely buy again when we are ready to get a recycling can as well.

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At last... A real trash can

by TheresaK

After my first purchase for my small apt. I deciced to get two more for may farm house. One is used for burnables and the other for recycle. Everyting else is compost. This trash can is absolutlly perfect for keeping the sent of trash at bay in my apt. The big plus is the it look clean and stylish too! Great product!!

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Very Happy

by DawnB

I love this trash can. It is very well made and the perfect size. I will be making future purchases with Simplehuman.

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almost flawless

by SteveW

Much better than previously owned can. This one does not migrate against and mar the wall, looks good, takes up little space, easy to replace bags, quiet lid, nuff said.

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Love it!

by wendyR

We love this trash can. Sturdy and smooth operation, holds up well to my 3 small children.I like that the lid can be propped open and would like to see the addition of a couple additional holes to secure the bag.

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Handy, Hands-Free

by BrookeA

Hand's Free!

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trash can no longer and eyesore!

by DianeM

this is a sleek trashcan and functions perfectly. the only drawback that i didnt see was about the slowness of the "quiet" lid closure. its fine for people who know how it works (live in your house) but when visitors come, and they see how slowly it goes down, they think something is wrong and they try to "smash" it down. probably not a good thing for the trash can's life span. but overall very pleased with the product. i did get a small dent in the lid, but that was due to my cat jumping up on top of it...

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Love our Trash Can!

by MichelleH

Just an all around great trash can. Will never buy another kind. We like the fact that other trash bags will fit it, even though simple humans are the best.

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by WilliamG

Great Construction. Durable,beautiful and easy to clean!

thank you for your input

Perfect for composting

by AubreyB

We bought this trash can to use in our office as a compost bin, and we couldn't be happier. Composting can be challenging, balancing ease of use, unwanted smells and frequency of emptying. This Simplehuman can offered a perfect solution for our needs. The size allows us to compost more, but only needs emptied once a week. The inner can allows us to dump our compost easily, without worrying about the bio-bags degrading too soon. The delayed-close lid keeps noise down for cubicles near the kitchen. The stainless steel design is sleek and always looks clean. This was an excellent purchase, well worth the investment. Thanks for helping us be more green by making our composting easy, clean and efficient!

thank you for your input

Great can

by RobbM

This is the nicest trash can I've owned. I like the slow close. It's nice, too, because it's very simple, which means it's easy to clean. Our last one was automatic with a motion sensor (from another company), and it had so many gears and hinges and every thing else that were exposed, that it cluttered with gunk really easy, and was hard to clean. After a while the gunk made it not work as it should.

thank you for your input

it's "all that!"

by AnnB

This is the best garbage can we have ever owned. After being enticed by my sister's SimpleHuman garbage can, and many years of buying cheap cans that broke and required taping the liner to the outside of the can, I decided to splurge and go for a garbage can that will last and make our lives easier. This garbage can is very durable, a good size to fit where we needed to put it, and in using it every day, we are all enjoying it. Sometimes it's the simple things that make a difference, just reducing hassle and stress with a product that is designed well and does what it claims is refreshing. No more taping the liner to keep it from sliding in--the standard size tall kitchen bags work nicely, and the slack is held in place in the back opening at the top of the can liner. Recessed areas for your hands make it easy to lift out the liner for emptying, and the slider at the top keeps the lid fully open until you are done emptying and replacing the liner. When friends come over, we inevitably get comments and questions on this garbage can. It is worth the investment!

thank you for your input

simply the best

by BobF

This is the 6th can i have purchased for my dental office. It gets alot of use and is outstanding quality and looks great. No other companies product compares. Worth every penny.

thank you for your input

Most elegant and well-designed trash can I've owned

by BL

Like 99% of humanity I dislike taking out the trash and dread any odors coming from a plastic canister. This Simple Human trash can, crafted from stainless steel and designed for both beauty and function, has been a life-saver in this regard. My 3 favorite features: (1) the gorgeous, sleek, durable brushed stainless steel, which looks modern and professional, as well as the can's slim rectangular profile, which makes the can aesthetically pleasing but non-intrusive in the kitchen; (2) the sprightly opening action when you step on the pedal to lift the lid, and the delightful little "whoosh" you can almost hear as the lid slowly and gracefully descends (no more banging as the lid drops closed--such a nice design element); and (3) the easy ledge on the inner bottom that allows you to rest the removable interior can while switching out the garbage bags. Odors have been eliminated because the lid closes precisely. I confess that I have tested various trash cans from different manufacturers at upscale home furnishing stores before ordering directly from Simple Human--this one is a fantastic value given the excellent design behind it and is worth the investment.

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We're addicted to these cans

by DebS

This is our second identical can like this for the kitchen. The lid lifting mechanism on the last one broke after a couple of years--don't know why--which was a little disappointing. But we loved the can so much we bought another. We have other-sized Simple Humans throughout the house and they all work well.

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Best Trash Can Ever

by JaniceD

Looks nice and sleek being in an open kitchen. There are no fingerprints, which is a plus. The size is adequate. Delayed closing feature on the lid is good, as no more lid slamming. Another good feature, is where the lid is able to stay open by using a catch. The container is easy to remove from the bin. The trash can is well made and I recommend this product.

thank you for your input

Great investment!

by Kathy

This is my first official Simple Human product and although i felt silly spending this amount of money on a trash can... I can see it's going to be around for a long time, it has clean lines, great design and fits perfect in my small apartment. I love how the lid slowly shuts. Classic.

thank you for your input

Best trashcan ever!!!

by TammyM

I know it is ridiculous to get excited by a trash can, but this is really the best. It is worth every dime you spend on it. I'll never buy any other kind.

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Worth the Moolah

by SummerF

I'm not a fan of paying premium prices for a trash can, but really, this looks good, it's well made, it holds a lot, and it does everything it should do while fitting neatly in the corner. I'd buy it again--what else can you ask for?

thank you for your input


by johnC

Original shipment received for Christmas with concealed damage. Replacement is good.

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Quietest trash can ever

by BrianF

This is the quietest trash can ever. At first we would have to look to make sure the top was not stuck in the upright position. Well thought out design with bag retainer, shelf for holding liner up out of the can. And it looks good in our kitchen. Fits right up against the side of the counter.

thank you for your input

Absolutely the best trash can ever made

by RickT

We have never owned a trash can of this quality before. It is well made,works flawlessly every time. It is smooth, quiet and seals tightly. It also keeps our dog out of trouble !! Very easy to clean. Setup nicely for bag changes. Just very well thought out.

thank you for your input

Works well

by wendyC

The 10 gallon step can works great. The slow release closing of the top is useful when cooking. It really does not smudge either and is easy to maintain.

thank you for your input

Easy to use and Fashionable style.

by WesL

Nice looking, easy to use trash can.

thank you for your input

Greatest Trash Cans ever!!

by KendraC

This is our second simplehuman trash can and we love them both! This one we use in the kitchen. Very stylish and works great. The older one we use outside on our patio. Will never buy another brand.

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Most Beautiful and Amazing Trash Can to date!

by JenniferC

It's truly stylish with NO fingerprints, and it's the most functional trash can on the market to date.

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Great Trash Can!!!

by DonnaS

I have owned a rectangular simplehuman trash can for several years. I moved into a home that did not have a convenient place for me to put my I bought another rectangular and put one one each side of my kitchen island. One marked "trash", the other "recylce". No confusion, looks great and the entire family cooperates because it is "simple"

note from simplehuman

For recycling gurus such as yourself who have larger amounts of recyclables, we recommend using our recycling magnets with two of our larger steel bins. That way, you can make your own recycling system to suit your needs. Visit our recycling solutions page and check out our recycling magnets (in the grey box). - SH

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Love it!

by BrendaM

It looks great in the kitchen and I especially like that the lid has a delayed close.

thank you for your input

perfect trash bin

by williamM

I needed a trash bin for a small space that would open flush to the wall and iffer adequate capacity. This product was perfect. It's beautiful and works wonderfully. The close of the lid is quiet and simple and the stay open feature allows for easy bag removal. While the product is expensive, it is worth it if you want a good looking piece that is both pracrical and looks good.

thank you for your input


by BeverlyR

You don"t know what your missing till you try one of these... looks great, easy to empty, easy to put in new bags, bags fit perfectly. My old one was plastic and ugly...........this is a dream. Worth more then I paid. LOVE IT!

thank you for your input

Great can

by JayJ

I tried to get by with an economy step on stainless trash can from one of the big box stores and could not make it more than 2 weeks. I purchased this one online, it was delivered in 3 days and has been perfect. The shape holds more than the round one I had before and it is so easy to use in every way from filling it to emptying to replacing the bag. I have never been disappointed by one of your products.

thank you for your input

Meets Promise

by MR

Great looking, quiet, a winner!

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At the crossroads of function and beauty

by PhilipL

You will find this trash can. Very well thought out. You'll get compliments on your trash can!

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The BEST Trash Can Around

by MarcellaM

I shopped EVERYWHERE looking for a nice, stainless garbage can to match all my new Stainless appliances. My one critical requirement was that the lid didn't come crashing down after using it...and I preferred to have the anti-fingerprint, but it wasn't critical. So, I shopped at Lowe's, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, WalMart and other home stores thinking I would be able to find what I was looking for. It took using Google to search for the features and I found SimpleHuman. I had heard of it before, but forgot the name...their selection is awesome with all the shapes and sizes...and the features are great. These garbage cans are worth every cent!!! I love mine. It's quiet, clean and it's easy to change the bag. I would recommend this to EVERYONE!!! Love it!!

thank you for your input

Excellent and PRICEY

by Anne-MarieH

Hands down and lids up, the best waste an recycling can out there. It really does resist fingerprints. The lid's damping means it closes gradually but fast enough to keep kids and dogs out. Very sturdy, stays in place. The only downside is the $$$, but I suppose if you're going to have it for 10+ years, it's worth it.

thank you for your input

A Cool Can...

by KCP

I am extremely happy with this step can. I was a little hesitant about getting a step can in general as all the ones I have seen at friends places were always broken. This one is solid as a rock, smooth operating and not the loud clanky things I have run across in the past. The design is great... very nice clean lines. I cannot imagine any kitchen that this would not look good in. There is only one small issue I had with it; I used to buy the garbage bags with tie flaps... these proved to be a bit of a pain to use with this can. Switched bag style... costs a little more, but problem solved. Nice work folks!

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by ScottS

You get what you pay for...this is quality stuff. Solid functions as designed! Spent lots of $ over the years for lesser quality products and am glad to have invested in something that will last.

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Great Trash Can but Shocked to see it Priced lower at Home Goods

by LynnG

I was very happy with my purchase until I walked into Home Goods and saw the same trash can for 79.99 and I paid $129! I'm not happy about that at all and it was within a week of me ordering. I would really like a refund for the difference. This is a huge waste of my money.

note from simplehuman

Thanks for contacting us, but the deluxe 38L rectangular step can you purchased from us is one of our top of the line step cans—and it is not available at Home Goods. You may have seen another can there, but it is a model with fewer features which is why the price is lower. If you purchased the can on our website, you are more than welcome to return your can to us, and buy a less expensive model through our website or at Home Goods, just contact Thanks SH

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A great trash can

by JohnH

We are very pleased with our trash can. Our son has one and we were impressed that our can (the same model as our son) has been improved with the lid stop and the bag tightening hole.

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great product

by TeresaN

I thought this can was a little pricey, but after I have been using it for a few weeks, it was well worth the money. I have seen similar cans for more $$ and the quality doenst compare. Great investment.

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Love It!!

by AngelW

Sleek and stylish! I haven't found anything that I would change. Works perfectly.

thank you for your input


by JohnW

This is not only an attractive design for a fairly mundane product, but the stainless can is also durable and easy to clean.

thank you for your input

Buy One!

by gillianR

Who would believe that one's life could be improved by a trash can: it looks good, easy to operate, does the job well and price was fair for the quality.

thank you for your input

Trash lover now!

by SusanD

I really love this can! It's convenient and fits. The only thing I would mention is that the lid smacks the wall behind it, it goes back a little too far. I just place it slightly out from the wall, I keep the dustpan there to keep it spaced, so it works out. Otherwise, we're in heaven with our new can! Love it!

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Best trash can ever!

by SharonB

This has got to be the best trash can ever. It looks beautiful and works like a charm. The feature that holds open the top is especially nice. I'm so glad I spent the money on one great trash can rather than many trash cans that would be troublesome and break and look terrible. I have many other simplehuman products in my house that are just as wonderful. They make my life so much simpler.

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Best Trash Can Ever

by LindaL

My search for the perfect kitchen trash can is over.

thank you for your input

Great Trash Can

by DeannaC

I like my simple human trash can for the wonderful ease of use. I love the step, the slow closing feature and the feature that allows you to keep the lid open. I am not fond of the lid as it is so thin(somehow it bent a little already). Also, I bought the "finger-print proof" finish because I have several little children. The finish is not finger-print proof: it helps hide the visibility of finger-prints. If I could do it over, I'd buy the next size larger can. It seems to fill quickly, however, with a family of eight, that is understandable.

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My New Trashcan

by MarieA

I had a softtouch Simplehuman trashcan which I liked very much.Because of a broken spring and the fact that it was discontinued I chose the rectangular can. I love it!

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by ReginaldL

This is an excellent product; well crafted and durable. HOWEVER, I wish it came in a stainless steel / antique bronze-like finish. But still a great product.

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