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38 litre
rectangular step can
stainless steel

sku# CW1950

Our rectangular step can has an internal hinge and a space-efficient shape so you can place it directly against the wall and out of the way. The strong steel pedal and dent-proof plastic lid with patented lid shox technology ensure the can will function smoothly and quietly for years.

Our code J liner fits this can perfectly — no bunching or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.
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year warranty
liner size


strong steel pedal

Our strong steel pedal is engineered to last over 150,000 steps — that's more than 20 steps a day for 20 years.

silent close lid

Our patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. When the pedal is depressed, opening the lid, the damper forces air out so the lid opens quickly, then uses resistance to slowly let air back in so the lid quietly closes.

plastic lid

Won't show dirt or fingerprints.

internal hinge

Allows you to place this can right up against the wall.

stay-open lid

The lid stays open for as long as you like — perfect for longer chores.

non-skid base

Non-skid base has rubber pads that are gentle on floors and keep the can steady.

bucket park

For easy bag change, lift the inner bucket a few inches, tilt it toward you, then rest it in the bucket park position.

removable inner bucket

Durable inner bucket catches messy drips and lifts out for easy cleaning.

replacement bucket available

If your bucket gets messy over time, freshen up your can with an inexpensive replacement bucket.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

custom fit liners

Our code J liners are designed to fit this can perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay completely hidden. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears.

  • 30 litre

  • 50 litre

  • 38 litre


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Bin No 2

by AnnM

Excellent bin, it would be nice if the open lid retainer was not manual.

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worth it


a bit pricey, but in the long run will never need another trash can. worth the extra bucks. when i use up the liners i already had am switching to the custom J liners. fit perfect, strong, and easy to use

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Love this product

by TaylorD

I never thought I would see the day where I got excited about a trashcan, but here it is. I absolutely love my trash can. Growing up my mother always used simple human products so when I moved out I knew I had to get my own simple human trashcan. I have loved it since the day it was delivered.

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Great can!

by graphlabN

Nice, big step, love the plastic lid - much lighter than my old can's stainless steel lid, closes silently. The inside step is a nice feature, allowing a bag change without having to pull the inside bucket out. Just the right size. I did not buy the custom fit bags, have lots of 13 gallon bags left and they work just fine.

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Awesome Trash Can -- Until it Squeaks

by SusanZ

I received the 38 litre, rectangular step can as a Christmas present a year ago. It was the most amazing container I had ever seen. The entire family loved it. That is, until it began to squeak. (But it took almost a year for the noise to develop.) Simple Human sent me a replacement part to attempt to fix it. And when that didn't work, replaced the can. Very impressed with the customer service. I have had the new can for almost a month. So far, it is again the most amazing can I have ever had. I am hoping it will remain so.

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great product

by cA

simple human is super easy to use and clean. customer service is outstanding. high quality product is totally worth the price.

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Amazing Trash Can.

by MichaelG

Definitely the first and probably the last trash can I'll be proud of. amazing design, great features, I caught grief from a friend over my "hundred dollar trash can" til she came over last weekend to first her comment was "Nice and sturdy.. I like how it hides the bag..." then after a bit of cooking she says "Kind of a pain having to walk over and step on the pedal each time you need to throw something out" so I show her how to lock open the lid..Watching me change out a bag sold it though because then the next question was "Ok.. where'd you buy it?". Dog-proof, cat proof, easy to wipe down, looks great, well worth the $$ for turning your trash can into a touch of class in the kitchen.

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function and beauty trash can

by maryellenG

Using this trash can in a 3 to 5 year old Montessori classroom- gets a work out and stays beautiful and capable.

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Awesome Trash Can

by HilaryH

This trash can not only looks great with our stainless appliances, but the gently closing lid is by far the best I've seen/purchased of any on the market. Well constructed for daily use. Perfect size for a family. We purchased one for ourselves several years ago. Loved it so much, I bought one for my mom for Mother's Day - she loves it too!

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Great can

by TravC

Granted this is a $100 trash can, its well worth it. im definetly a thrift shopper, but this is well worth the $100. very sleek, and works great.

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Simpley the best

by JerryN

The exact size I needed. The option to hold the lid open while cooking is a great feature. Goes well with my kitchen.

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Why Did I Wait So Long?

by SharynH

I love this product because the bags slip out so easily! I use it numerous times a day. Surprising, the size is fine...plenty big!

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great design

by JoM

THe best thing about this bin is the fact that the mechanism for the pedal bin lid is within the bin itself and not poking out the back. My previous bin left scratch marks on the wall behind it. Also it is much easier to take out a full bin liner. Well worth the money

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Nice Can but needed some custom touches

by RayL

Had to buy this can because my new unschooled cat was getting into the garbage - along with everything else. Lid fits perfectly but needed tweaking of the stay open gizmo. Was hard to slide the red switch under the retention arm so I shortened and beveled some plastic and now can step on the pedal and one-handedly slide the switch. I also made a one inch hole in the lid so I can open the lid with one finger when I'm in an awkward position relative to the can. The hole also serves to let some air out so as relieve the concentration of odors in the can. It also allows for insertion of small waste items, ie: straws, coffee stirrers, plastic utensils, bits of paper, without opening the lid. But overall a good product, especially with the special liners.

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Best Trash Can Ever

by JimmieK

Love the easy closing lid, just glides down after use. Fits nicely in limited space in my kitchen and is sleek and clean.

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Love this trash can!

by ReneeV

My husband has a reputation as a "garbage can killer" and I worried about spending so much on a trash can that I was sure he would destroy!! This product is indestructible!!! It looks as good today as when it arrived!! I have a "fat cat" who likes to sit on the lid and watch what is going on in the kitchen... even he can't damage the lid!! I love how it sits right against the wall and the stainless steel looks elegant in the kitchen!! I would buy it again in a minute... but I don't think I will need to since this is one holding up to everything our house can offer!!

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best ever bin

by SharonN

Another brilliant product!Best bin l have had,size brilliant,and pedal works so well.Love the silent lid which closes itself so you do not need to touch anything and get contaminated.Best of all the opening is large so my teenager does not spill food on the floor or down the side of the bin.Bin bags excellent so it is a shame you charge postage and packaging,l had to buy them elsewhere.

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My handsome stainless steel bin

by ChiakaA

It's a simply styled bin and rectangular rather than cylindrical, which means it fits in well with the rest of the kitchen. It sits unobtrusively against the wall, but its size and good looks make it a feature of the kitchen.

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Sleek kitchen accessory

by ChristineP

It looks too good to be out of sight. I use it many times during the day. It's a good size for my kitchen. It seems to be well made and I love the pedal aspect and the soft close lid.

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Beautiful adddition to my kitchen

by Gale

Looks great, works fantastically. Lovely addition that provides a definate service to every home. Garbage never looked better.

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suspension lid making noise

by WillIamB

Trash can gets used every day but the lid as it is closing now makes a noise as the suspension system is lowering the lid.

note from simplehuman

We're sorry you're having trouble with your can making noise as it's closing. The can is designed to be very quiet as it closes, so this shouldn't be happening. Since all of our cans carry a warranty, we'd be happy to replace the broken part at our expense. Please contact our customer service team or visit the troubleshooting section of our website more information. Thank you.

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the best

by joseC

love it....i use it everyday. its a A+ product in my book.

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Great trash can

by MarkS

My favorite thing about this product is that everyone from the 3-year old and up has been able to figure out the can. We use it everyday because it is right in the kitchen pantry. The size is perfect because I only have to replace the trash bag twice per week. The only tricky thing about the trash can is that you need to be careful taking the bag out of the plastic liner because sometimes if you just yank it out there is a chance for the trash bag to rip. The can is well made and easy to keep looking new.

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what's not to love?

by LyndaS

simple: it's perfect.

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A Wonderful Addition to Our Kitchen

by BarbaraB

We are very happy with the appearance, size and convenience of this trash receptacle. As of this date, we have experienced no problems with the performance. The "No Show" bags are definately a PLUS! Thanks SimpleHuman

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Great Products

by RobM

As a fulltime caregiver for my paralyzed wife, I don't have time to repair and fiddle around with poorly constructed household items. Our trash can is one of those things I do not want to have to deal with... I just want it to do its job like I do mine. Our simplehuman trash can is one of those rare products that works perfectly all the time, looks great, and is well made... it's tough competition in the "man of the house" award category.

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great trash can

by sharonS

this is a beautiful trash can. love the step to raise lid feature. very durable use it several times a day. my favorite thing is that my dogs can't get in it.

thank you for your input

Fabulous Can

by SharonB

I was hesitant to spend the money for a higher end trash can but I am so glad I did. I love this trash can and the way it looks! It is well made and durable that will last for many many years. I would definitely buy it again.

thank you for your input


by MeganS

I never thought a trashcan was worth more than $20 or so, but this one definitely is! After cleaning up trash nearly everyday, we have finally found a way to keep the dog from making a mess. Worth every penny!

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super design

by MarcR

This is a well designed product. The inner hinges mean you can put it right next to the wall, or in our case a washing machine, and save a few inches of space. It also holds a lot if you smash the trash down occasionally. In our case, a whole weeks worth. It looks great and keeps out the flies in the summer.

thank you for your input

A Must-Have Trash Can!

by AmyD

I visited family who had this trash can and immediately ordered one for myself. I don't have cabinet space in my kitchen to

thank you for your input

Worth the money

by KarenG

First of all I'd like to say that I'm one of the more frugal people you'll ever meet. I had been using one of the old wooden garbage bins of the 80's. It was a pita to use, and I had to buy 30 gallon bags to fit in it, so it was quite unsightly to look at. A friend of mine had a similar garbage can as the Simple Human, and I liked the sleek design. I researched the internet, and found the Simple Human site. Picking out the can I wanted was not easy (it's $99.00 after all!), but I decided if I was going to spend money on a good garbage can, I wasn't going to settle for a smaller one just because of the price. I'm very pleased my choice, and love this garbage can! It fits snugly against my sink cabinet, is easy to use and looks great! I highly recommend the bags to go with it also. No unsightly looking bag hanging over the edge, and a joy to remove. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase.

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Great trash can

by CandaceS

I use two of these trash cans, side-by-side, one for trash and one for recycle. They look good, fit nicely under the lip of the countertop, and take up a minimum amount of space. Really like the step-on feature - it works great and closes silently. Very good product.

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Great Product

by JocelynC

I wish I had bought one of these years ago they are worth every penny. I had been turned off by the price, but I expect to have this trash can for years to come. I use regular trash bags and they work pretty well. I am pleased with all of the features and it looks great. Best feature is the dogs can't knock it over or open the lid!!

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by pattyA

its super duper

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Better than any big box store product

by BobD

Don't be fooled by the cheap trash cans available from Wal***t, HD, Tar** and other big box stores. They might be OK, but this product is heads and shoulders better. You just have to see it, touch it and see it in operation to understand. We had a can from Wal****, but after getting it home and seeing it in operation....back it went. Simplehuman products are the best.

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Perfect Trash Can

by MarkC

I'm an engineer and I appreciate good design. The features of this thing were very well though-out. Specifically: > Plastic inner can is smooth so the bag slides out easily without getting caught on anything or tearing. > The plastic inner can is removable so it can be carried outdoors for dumping the contents and cleaning as necessary. > The lid is plastic so it doesn't dent > The lid is damped so it doesn't slam shut. It is perfectly silent. > The lid opens a full 90 degrees vertical so the bag or inner can can be easily removed. Very pleased with my purchase. Cost twice as much as a similar product I bought, but I ended up discarding that one in frustration because it was impossible to get a full bag out of it without tearing the bag. If you can get past the price, you won't be disappointed with the purchase.

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Great trash can but...

by RyanF

The fit, finish, function, and even packaging were excellent. However, the can already makes an annoying sound while it pneumatically closes. This is the one thing that makes this product just short of perfect. Is there something I can do (oil something) to make this go away?

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great trash can

by janellS

I went though so many trash cans, but this can is the best no problems. Thanks !!

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Perfect but for 1 thing

by RJJ

Perfect.. The lid sits flush so young children can't pick up the lid & dig !! Sturdy & smart. Only complaint is the lid comes down slowly as designed to so no slamming but recently it makes an annoying groan noise as the lid decends. Really makes you realize how often it is used !

note from simplehuman

You can fix the sound by simply lightly oiling the damper. Just call customer service for specific instructions. If that doesn't work, we're more than happy to replace the damper at no charge. Thanks for your feedback! - SH

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by JaneP

This is worth the money if you are looking for a quiet, easy solution for your garbage.

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