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30 litre
semi-round step can
fingerprint-proof stainless steel

sku# CW1825

Our semi-round step can has a flat back for easy placement against the wall and out of the way. Its more compact size makes it ideal for smaller living environments, like apartments. The strong steel pedal is built to last, and lid shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close every time.

Our code H liner fits this can perfectly — no bunching or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.
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strong steel pedal

Our strong steel pedal is engineered to last over 150,000 steps — that's more than 20 steps a day for 20 years.

silent close lid

Our patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close. When the pedal is depressed, opening the lid, the damper forces air out so the lid opens quickly, then uses resistance to slowly let air back in so the lid quietly closes.

semi-round shape

Space-efficient semi-round shape is great for high-traffic areas.

slim profile hinge

Slimmer than traditional hinge designs, it allows you to place the can closer to the wall.

stay-open lid

The lid stays open for as long as you like — perfect for longer chores.

non-skid base

Non-skid base has rubber pads that are gentle on floors and keep the can steady.

bucket park

For easy bag change, lift the inner bucket a few inches, tilt it toward you, then rest it in the bucket park position.

removable inner bucket

Durable inner bucket catches messy drips and lifts out for easy cleaning.


Fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

custom fit liners

Our code H liners are designed to fit this can perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay completely hidden. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears.

  • 30 litre

  • 40 litre

  • 40 litre


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The best trash can ever

by CarolJ

If you have a kitchen that doesn't have a hidden drawer for trash like me, I highly recommend the Simplehuman trash can. It's very clean, easy to wipe down. The garbage does not have an odor and it looks nice. This is the most sanitary trash can you can buy. It's definitely worth the money.

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happy customer

by KrisC

I love the can. When we renovated our kitchen, I couldn't wait to buy a new garbage can. My hubby thought I was crazy to spend so much on a can when a plastic $15 can did the same thing. Now....he is the first one to say he is glad we have it. It is a great can, works perfect and looks nice. Totally worth the higher price tag. I agree with a previous reviewer that said it is worth getting the proper bags for it.

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Great Bin

by JohnA

An excellent bin which fits beautifully in our new kitchen. We were limited for space so chose the semi-round bin. It does the job, looks very good and saves space. Well worth the money we paid. Also, worth getting the bags designed to fit this bin as they fit exactly.

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In general, like it.

by KarenA

In general, we like this. It is sleek and has the removable bucket, which we think is essential. The cover does not always self-close, perhaps due to a heavy step on the pedal? This is our only complaint. I would buy it again.

note from simplehuman

Thanks for your feedback! To keep the lid in the open position, simply push the lid back past 90 degrees. Also, if the pedal is pressed to quickly and firmly the lid will go past the 90 degrees from force causing the lid to stay in the open mode. To remedy this, use a smooth even step when pressing on the pedal. To close the lid once in the stay open mode, tap gently on the lid and the lid will continue to close slowly on it's own.

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by marianC

I just love the can and absolutely love the custom made trash can liners. I am very pleased the company stands behind their product and would definitely buy more products in the future.

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Love It

by JackieT

I love this trash can, it is easy to use when your hands of full of trash. I bought it to use in my K9 Boarding Kennel. It keeps the dogs out and the trash in. The bags fit perfectly and are strong enough to hold a week's worth of trash.

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Worth It

by PeggyS

I have a small bathroom and hate open waste baskets. This fits a narrow, tall spot in the bathroom...something smaller would have been just wrong. I love this waste can. It is large enough visually for the space and large enough for my emptying needs. It works perfectly. Highly recommended!!!

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Perfectly Elegant Addition

by KayP

Beautiful. Elegant. Nice size. Easy to clean. Doesn't get fingerprints easily. Fits against the wall in my VERY small kitchen. Closes QUIETLY, unlike my old one. This product was well worth the investment in making trash a less intrusive part of my new kitchen.

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Trash can exceeds expectations

by CarolL

Well made. Looks good in kitchen. Great feature is that it closes quietly.

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Attractive and well made

by PatriciaA

I was not happy when I found out my new kitchen did not have any cabinet space large enough to hold a can for recyclables. I was sure anything that sat out on the floor would be too ugly and ruin the appearance of my kitchen. When I saw this can, I changed my mind. It looks very classy and fits in a small space. I couldn't be more pleased.

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kitchen step-can

by MaryAnneF

It is the right size, streamline, functional and looks great in the kitchen.

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Great Trash Can

by JanF

Looks nice and very functional

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great product

by stephenP

Excellent product. The special coating on the bin really works - no fingerprints.

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Great garbage can

by JillG

It was the perfect size for my space, love the stainless look and soft closing feature.

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Awesome Trash Can!

by JennaS

This is the perfect size for my kitchen. I love the semi-round design because I can put against the wall without taking up much floor space. Very durable, aesthetically appealing, the seal on the lid really does contain odors and the brushed steel conceals fingerprints! Definitely a great purchase!

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by KathrineH

Perfect size. Like the flat back. Takes up less room. Looks nice.

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Wonderful bin

by StephanosK

Bin is a practical size has a wonderfully smooth mechanism and looks great. I bought this as i need more bin space in my current small kitchen, its slim design doesnt take up too much room and it is made beautifully and the fingerprint proof finish is also fantastic. Mechanism is super smooth and compared to all other brands this is superior in design, form and function. Its just a bin but its the best bin ive ever seen !

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Great trash can

by MargaretS

I purchased this trash can for our kitchen. The design is great and it takes very little space. It is a nice compliment to our kitchen decor and the finish does not fingerprint!!!!

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cool soft-touch lid closure

by BelilndaV

I've had very good luck with Simple Human products and customer service. My new all stainless trash can has a cool soft touch lid closure for silent opening and closing. The products are well worth the price!

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We Love It

by LorettaF

Our appliances are stainless steel so this trash can fits in perfectly but best of all, it does not show finger prints and it is very easy to keep clean. We've had several comments about how nice it looks in our kitchen. The Simple Human Trash Can is well made and I like the fact the lid closes very slow therefore if our dogs happen to stick their noses in while the lid is up, they won't get their noses slammed. We are very happy with our purchase and would highly recommend buying this product. It is well worth the money.

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Works Great

by Mary EllenM

I would recommend this trash can to anyone looking for one that frees your hands to throw out kitchen garbage. I purchased it because a friend had one, and I'm not sorry. Prior to owning this one, I used a cheapie that "traveled" across the floor every time I threw something out; it also "grabbed" onto the bag and wouldn't let go until it ripped when I took it out of the can. But this SimpleHuman can behaves and works very well, is well made and looks good.

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Good Looking & Compact

by NancyE

Great little garbage can that looks as nice as it works. Only problem is finding the bags that actually fit this half circle can. BB&B sell bags, but haven't found this one yet.

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Excellent trash can

by LauraD

Only problem with this trash can is that it needs a couple inches behind it so that it has room to open. It operates easily: opens and smoothly closes itself which is great. The inner can is really helpful, keeps the bags tucked in.

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Simple Human is only trash can to have

by EmiliaJ

This is our second Simple Human trash can. And I LOVE it! I bought this can to fit a specific space. It holds gallon milk jugs and more! And my 5-year-old daughter's fingerprints don't show up. The liners are great, too! Simple Human is the only trash can I'd ever buy!

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I like it

by nancyE

It's nice looking, fits well in my kitchen (I really like the 1/2 moon shape)and is stable so that my cat can't knock it over. Plus it keeps garbage smells sealed tight in the can.

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Almost Perfect Kitchen Trash Can

by JosephG

I love the look and quality of this trash can. The only design improvement I would suggest is that the black handle on the back should be deeper, so that it would act as a spacer between the can and the wall so the lid when raised won't hit against the wall. To test my idea, I sanded down two black rubber cane tips until they were a little over 1/2" thick and secured one on each side of the black plastic handle with epoxy glue. Now I can easily place the can firmly against the wall in just the right position, and the lid doesn't hit the wall when it raises. My modification looks okay, but it would better if the handle were already the right thickness so the spacers would be unnecessary.

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Great desgin/looks

by victoriaD

Its clean, simple, and great looking in our kitchen. Love the touch free style. Only wish that it could sit closer to the wall without banging.

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It was a gift--they love it!

by KarenJ

I thought this was perhaps kind of a strange gift, I mean, a trash can! However, my son and daughter-in-law love it! It's very nice looking and just what they needed. They have dogs who were constantly getting into every other trash can they had. Thanks for the great product.

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Clean Lines

by DeborahM

Very attractive and functional. Just wish it had a little more interior space.

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Expensive...but a step above the rest

by TonyS

It is kind of expensive, but you get what you paid for. It is very good looking and has been working great so far...I only have it in use for about 2 months...have to wait and see how it holds up far it is great...if it does not break down, it will be an excellent buy.

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love it...

by cC

Debated about the size but its perfect. Not too big or small. Looks clean and modern. Just for 1 person it hold a weeks worth of trash.

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Classy Trash

by LaurieB

Love this trash can! I have it sitting out in my kitchen and it looks great, not to mention it's good quality and functions well too. It closes softly and quietly, and the insert holds the trash bag in place. I did not get the bags made to fit the can, but use biobags and they work. I get compliments on this trash can!

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