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30 litre
rectangular touch-bar can
fingerprint-proof stainless steel

sku# CW2015

Our unique touch-bar makes it easy to open the can from any angle. Just tap with your elbow, bump with your hip or nudge with your knee. And it stays open until you are ready to close it — ideal during food prep or while finishing up long chores.

Our code H liner fits this can perfectly — no bunching or slipping for a cleaner trash experience.
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easy open touch-bar

Our touch-bar is easy to open from any angle. If your hands are full, just tap with your elbow, bump with your hip or nudge with your knee — the possibilities are endless!

space-efficient hinge

Our specially shaped hinge is designed to move up and out of the way for the widest opening possible — without letting the lid hit the wall.

smooth and even

Unique dampers and precisely angled springs control the lid so it opens smoothly and evenly.

stay-open lid

The lid stays open for as long as you like — great during food prep or long chores.

lift-off lid

Lid lifts off easily for a quick bag change.

gentle slider discs

Nylon discs under the can make it easy to slide and gentle on your floors.

bucket park

For easy bag change, lift the inner bucket a few inches, tilt it toward you, then rest it in the bucket park position.

removable inner bucket

Durable inner bucket catches messy drips and lifts out for easy cleaning.


Fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep stainless steel shiny.

a simple promise

We use the best materials and solid engineering so our products will last for years.

custom fit liners

Our code H liners are designed to fit this can perfectly so they don't slip, and they stay completely hidden. Extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears.

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A great trash can

by michaelK

Our 30 litre rectangular kitchen trash can is absolutely perfect. It is the perfect height so there is no bending over to service the can or remove the bag. Very quality build and the touch bar is a dream and works every time. I would recommend this can to the world Thank you Simplyhuman, Mr. Michael Koretzka

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Quality unit that's easy to use.

by JohnK

I give it 4 stars ONLY because it's so $$$$$. It's very nice and the fitted bags rock.

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by NavaB

I actually thought I purchased the larger version of this trash can so when this one arrived I thought there was no way it would work out - but I was pleasantly wrong. The trash can is small and compact but surprisingly holds a lot and I am very impressed. I would definitely recommend purchasing this and the accompanying liners.

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Exactly what I needed

by PaulG

I was hesitant to pay so much for a garbage can but now appreciate it greatly. i live in a condo with a narrow waste chute so the design is perfect. the bags are narrow and long which fit perfidy into the chute but is large enough to hold more than a tiny waste can. highly recommended!

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30 Litre Stainless Steel Touch Bar Bin

by torquilM

Lid works well with the touch bar opening. More useful than the previous pedal it replaced. BUT, contrary to all the advertising, this bin is NOT fingerprint-proof! The lid (which you have to touch in order to close it), does mark even after one or two uses. You will not get a blemish-free bin, that it impervious to finger marking, which is a bit poor, considering the purchase price and the claim in the product title! Perhaps putting an area on the lid, for pressing it closed that didn't mark, I.E. another material, could have been incorporated, though it will also mark when you lift/move it by touching the body of the bin. Another irritation is the fact that the 30L liners supplied (and I purchased a bag of 50 additionally) fit too snugly and you really have to be very careful when replacing, to just have the minimum of the bag on the top of the bin, otherwise the bottom of the bag doesn't touch the bottom of the bin. It is as though the bags are too short. I do not want the rubbish hanging in mid-air, I expect the bag to be long enough so that it sits on the base of the bin. Some sort of mechanism that secures the top of the bin to the base would seem a good idea too. Can get knocked.

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Thank you for your feedback. A customer service agent will be in touch to provide further assistance.

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Great Product

by PaulaU

This is the perfect size for my space, not to big but just right. I like the fact that I can leave it open will I am cooking. The touch bar top is very convenient. I would highly recommend this product.

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A perfect compromise

by MarciaW

The size of the can fits just right next to my counter...a larger can would be to big & too tall. I love how attractive this can is, since it's right out there in view when you walk into the kitchen. Features: The touch-bar works easily, but is a also a personal preference. I like having the lid open for extended periods of time and put it down when I finish, so no fussing with auto closing. It works very smoothly, too. The finish: attractive, extremely print resistant and easy to clean. Overall quality: the can is sturdy and well made, but easy to move using the inset in the back. Changing the bag: Incredibly easy and our old can's bags fit just fine. Simple, Perfect.

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love it, but one complaint

by SusanW

I love this can , but I have one complaint. I looked in stores, and could not find it to check out the dimensions for our restricted space. Didn't see the dimensions on the website either, so I took a chance and ordered it. So here are the dimensions of the can: ca. 28" high, 13.3" wide and 11.4" deep. This was printed on the box when it came, but it would have been nice to have this info before ordering. Otherwise, it's great, and it does really resist fingerprints!

note from simplehuman

Thank you for your feedback. The dimensions of all of our products can be found by selecting the product and scrolling down past the "options" section, where the different size/color options are shown, and by clicking on the "dimensions" tab. This will allow you to view a diagram of the product with all of the dimensions listed. We hope this helps!

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Cannot be beat

by JS

An absolute 5 star trash can. If you cook as often as I do, you will appreciate the touch-bar top. This can really is fingerprint-proof. Very happy I bought this model and the 30 litre size is perfect. Since we compost and recycle, we only need to take out the trash once every couple of weeks or so.

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amazing apartment appeal

by dawnK

perfect for my apartment in its sleek look and fingerprint proof perfect easy open lid

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So far, soooooo good!

by MillieB

Right size; functions as described - stays open until you close it (great feature for me).

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The Little Can That Could!

by Frankie B

Don't know if my first review got sent properly... The little can that Could solve all our trash problems. is here.. in our home... The Bates in Shiner, TX... Could solve or Gracie getting into the trash, Gracie is our 10 Yr., old Malteese, that sneaks into our ould plastic trash and tips it over and has herself a Buffet...when we are gone... NOT ANY LONGER..Gracie is un-happy with our 30 Litre Can... that could and did stop her nightly raids... Thanks.. Frankie Bates Shiner, TX.

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The Little Can that Could !

by FrankieB

The Can that Could... Could solve our trash problems, Could solve the issue of our little Gracie, 10Yr old Malteese getting into the trash, Could be attractive and efficient, could get rave reviews from our guests and family.. All is well in the Bates Home... I'll be ordering another as soon as the re-model is completed. Thanks for a Kool Can... Frankie Bates, Shiner,TX...

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30 liter touch bar can

by SusanR

This is the perfect trash can for me. The bag doesn't show, it's slim and sleek, and fits well in my renovated stainless steel condo kitchen. The touch bar lid is easy to use and stays open. Bags are strong and fit well too. I had previously ordered another can from another company and returned it, because it was too bulky and not of good quality. Five stars.

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by SusanT

When working in the kitchen, we often toss trash from a few steps away so an open-lid can works better for us than a touchless type. But I also wanted to be able to close the can at other times. This can is taller and has a smaller footprint, perfect for smaller spaces and sleeker looking too. I had been looking for the right SS trash can for over a year, and I'm so glad I waited for SimpleHuman to come out with this model! It is perfect for our needs! This is our second SimpleHuman SS can, and I love their products. They are so well made, and you can tell by the way they package and ship their products that they care about what the consumer receives. External shipping boxes provide ample protection for the cans, so they don't arrive crushed or dented. (I'm in charge of shipping for our company, so I know good protective packaging when I see it!) I am a fan of SimpleHuman and also just ordered a shower caddy for a rental unit. It looks good and I trust that it will provide good service for a long time. SimpleHuman products may be a little more pricey with no discounting, but they are so worth it! I believe in supporting good products from a good company!

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Perfect choice for a small family/household!

by JacquelineG

Couldn't be happier with this purchase: I have very limited space for my kitchen garbage and don't like to hide it under the sink --- needs to be accessible and easy to use. This really fills the bill, and it's attractive on top of it all! Easy to open, remains open if you need it to and closes easily with fingertip touch. Bags are strong, hidden, and so easy to load. An excellent purchase and I highly recommend it!

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